Crew's Bio

Personal Information

Name: Cameron Crewe
Bio crewe.jpg

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Race: Human
Birthplace: Cardiff, Wales, Earth
Hair Colour: Brown, Copper highlights
Eye Colour: Brown
Physical Build: Cameron stands 5'10" tall and is of average build.


Academy Major: Biology & Xenobiology

Academy Minor: Genetics

Service Record

USS Alejandro, Cadet Cruise
Starfleet Medical Academy, Medical Student
USS Nobel, Medical Resident
USS Seawolf, Medical Officer
USS Everclear, Medical Officer
Madigan Medical Center, Medical Officer
USS Heron, Chief Medical Officer
USS Wolverine, Chief Medical Officer

Family & Background

Owain Crewe - father (55, Civilian Doctor)
Anwen Crewe - mother (52 Civilian Nurse)
Brynn Crewe - sister/twin (36, Starfleet Engineer)
Tijal Patel - brother-in-law (42, Starfleet JAG)
Rhea Patel - niece (10)
Eirwen Crewe - "niece" (10)


Cameron Evan Crewe was born one of a pair of twins to Owain and Anwen Crewe on March 8th in Cardiff, Wales on Earth. She was the eldest of the twins, her younger sister was named Brynn, and the two girls were the only children that the couple ever had. Though they were born in Wales, the family moved around a lot. The Crewe family moved between Earth and Federation colonies up until the girls started high school, which was early as they both excelled at academics and were well ahead by the time the family settled back onto Earth, San Francisco to be exact. Her parents had always thought that it was important for the girls to spend time with them in the lab or taking notes as they shadowed their parents.

Cameron was accepted into Starfleet Academy early, which was both fulfilling and exciting. She'd had a backup plan, but Cameron was excited to take the route that she'd set her sights on. Working hard, she found that the general education and standard Starfleet classes to be a breeze. She majored in biology and xenobiology with a minor in genetics. Cameron found genetics to be extremely interesting and for a time, she pondered the idea of diverting her plan and staying in San Francisco to pursue study at Starfleet Medical Academy. Cameron was certain that she would be able to get in between her high marks and the recommendations she could get from her instructors. But the Dominion War was raging on and she felt like she would do a lot more good out there on a ship or an outpost rather than being in a lab or behind a desk.

For her cadet cruise she was assigned to the USS Alejandro. She worked in Sickbay as a nurse's aid, which was run by Lt. Commander Elizabeth Cherenzhenko. She saw much during her time on the Alejandro during the war. By the end of her cadet cruise, she decided with the war now over that she really would do more good as a doctor.

She was able to gain admittance to Starfleet Medical Academy and pursued genetics heavily since it had been something she'd enjoyed. Her parents were extremely proud of her decision to go back and become a doctor. Cameron dedicated all of her time to her studies and spent little time outside of Starfleet Medical Academy and home (which was still close enough for her to visit often). It was odd going home during that time since Brynn was assigned to a ship, but she talked to her twin often.

Taking a medical residency on the medical ship, USS Nobel, Cameron found that she felt even more confidant in her abilities. Everything felt right and she began to relax and become more social with her peers. Working on the medical ship also gave her a wide variety of tasks that she was able to focus on, which included giving her time working on some genetics projects she'd been working on for some time.

During her residency, Cameron fell in love and in a relationship with one of the other doctors on board. Hale Rowan was a surgeon and though it wasn't a department that she spent much time in, they had decided to keep things quiet. It was some time later that Cam found out that Hale was married, she broke off the relationship immediately. It wasn't long after that she was pregnant. She reluctantly told him and was relieved when he told her that he didn't want anything to do with the child since he'd been able to hide the relationship from his wife, since she'd been back on Earth.

Not ready to be a mother, though, Cam hid her pregnancy from her parents, but not from her sister. It was hard for her, but she managed to finish her residency and upon talking to the counselor at Starfleet Medical Academy upon exit, she was able to get her assignment delayed because of medical reasons. She'd explained her plan for the child and her plan for her future in Starfleet.

The last couple of months of her pregnancy was spent with her twin. Even though Cam was a little worried about how their plan was going to impact Brynn's life, her twin had insisted that it was the best option for them all. It hadn't been an easy decision for Cameron, but she kept thinking of what would be best for her child. She would still be able to be in her child's life, but she just wouldn't be in the role of mother. Since she and Brynn were twins, it would also be easy to pass it off genetically, though Cameron didn't think that that was really something they needed to worry about. There was some solace in it just the same.

When the child was finally born, Cameron and Brynn named her together. Eirwen Victoria Crewe was born to Cameron, but they had already made arrangements early on for custody be given to Brynn and for things to be kept quiet. Not even their parents knew, they had just assumed that the twins had kept Brynn's pregnancy a secret and that was why Cameron had gone to stay with her twin. Their parents didn't get upset because they were too excited to be grandparents. Cameron having to say goodbye to Eirwen was so much harder than she'd told herself before.

Cameron was deployed to work as a medical officer on the USS Seawolf, and she decided that this was her fresh start. No one knew her there and she had space from Brynn and Eirwen, but she could still easily keep in contact with her twin. It was nice being back doing something that she loved and gave her purpose. She kept busy and she attended regular counseling sessions.

Later reassigned to the USS Everclear and though she continued attending counseling, she was slowly finding that there was more to life besides medicine and work. Slowly, she made friends and became more social outside of Sickbay. However, she did keep her distance from romantic relationships. She just didn't find herself ready for such heartbreak again.

It was during her time at the Madigan Medical Center, located in a Federation colony near Betazed, that she could found that she could really talk to her family again. It was hard, but also a happy time for her when Brynn broke the news that she was going to marry the man that she'd been dating. Apparently he had a daughter who got along quite well with Eirwen and was even the same age. Brynn's marriage spurred on Cam's reconnecting with her entire family in person and though they still had secrets, it made things better. Cameron found herself happier and somehow even better than she had been because of her reconnection with her family and her continuing to pursue social relationships with crewmates.

Promoted to chief medical officer, Cameron found herself requested to the USS Heron under the command of a familiar face.

Psychological Profile

Miriam Ingles, Starfleet Academy Counselor
Cameron is a strong woman who understands the commitment she's made to Starfleet. She's shown the want to help those affected by the war and need to serve. She has thus shown great fortitude when it comes to her academic ventures and assignments. She is close with her family, especially with her twin sister.

Clark El, Starfleet Medical Academy Counselor
Starfleet and medicine is everything to her and though she'll do things by the book, she is a person who is able to be flexible and open minded. She understands the need to be able to handle people of different personalities and temperament, more than just for her position as a medical doctor.

However, I am concerned with Cameron's current situation and how her plan to give up her child to her twin will mentally affect her. She seems clear-headed and like she is trying to detach herself emotionally. She has voiced that she does not feel like she is ready to be a mother and that this is the decision that she's made and that she plans on focusing on her career. I recommend that she receives counseling upon returning from her medical leave and on her new assignment to ensure that she is emotionally coping with giving up her child.

James Miller, Madigan Medical Center Counselor
Cameron has begun a closer relationship with her family, which hasn't been present for many years. We have discussed the importance of balance between work, family, and socializing. She still worries about a romantic entanglement in the future, but feels that she has learned much from her experience in the past.

She has shown excellent leadership and encouraging within the medical center. Cameron has been innovative with procedures and treatment when it has been needed. She has shown everything that you would expect of a doctor and more. Would recommend for a chief position.