Crew's Bio

Personal Information

Name: Cobon Vois (nee Ris)
Cobon vois.jpg

Rank: Ensign
Position: Chief Science Officer
Gender: Male
Age: 40 (Cobon) 190 (Vois Symbiote)
Race: Trill (joined)
Birthplace: Trill
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Physical Build: 1.8 meters, Medium build, 80 kg


Academy Major: Chemistry

Academy Minor: Pilot

Service Record

USS Berlin - Cadet Cruise

USS Wolverine - Chief Science Officer (permanent placement contingent)

Family & Background

Hanha Ris - Mother
Miron Ris - Father
Liali Beil - Ex-lover


Cobon Ris (pre-Joining) -

Cobon was born to Hanha and Miron Ris on the planet Trill, the only child of the two unjoined Trill. From an early age, Cobon excelled in several of his studies, giving his parents hope their son might be the first in their family to be joined. In particular, Cobon loved to pilot small shuttles, had a great gift for music and excelled in mathematics.

Hanha and Miron took a strict approach to raising Cobon to increase his chances of selection by the symbiosis commission. This, however, clashed with Cobon's carefree lifestyle. Often he would be caught shirking his studies in favor of shuttles races or performing at concerts, which he found to be much more enjoyable. It wasn't until his teen years that he got serious about applying to be joined, but even then, he would frequently find time to 'explore his passions' as he put it. Since he could complete his tasks for the commission, they looked the other way with regards to his extracurricular activities but making note of them in the interest of telling perspective symbiotes.

He completed the selection process at the age of twenty-two and returned home to wait for a prospective match. Two months after his twenty-sixth birthday, he was called back to the commission to be evaluated for the Vois symbiote.. At first, Keesra Vois rejected Cobon, wanting nothing to do with what she called a 'reckless background', however, in the middle of a heated argument between the two, Cobon showed Vois presented a unique perspective to a troubling chemistry equation that allowed her to solve the problem. As a result, Vois started to warm up to the young man and the two eventually agreed to be joined.

Cobon Vois (post Joining)-

For the next eight years after being joined, Cobon Vois worked as a highly respected Trill chemist and biologist, dabbling in a few other sciences such as astrophysics and botany. Cobon would admit the latter two were little more than hobbies. Cobon's carefree personality had an even more significant impact on Vois' personality, however. Vois had a newfound interest in music, humming tunes that Cobon had written and performed before the joining, and piloting, despite giving up the dangerous races in which Cobon used to compete.

Although he had many female Trill interested in a bonding relationship, Cobon was reluctant to enter into any relationships for fear it would compromise his work. That changed, however, when he met Liali Beil. Tolo Vois had been previously married to Hesra Beil over a hundred and fifty years ago before the latter's host had been fatally wounded in a lab accident. Hesra's death had been particularly hard on Tolo and when he passed the symbiote onto Keesra, that same pain was immediately felt.

Cobon was instantly attracted to Liali, a host who was fourteen years his junior, and despite the taboo of reassociation, the two started to grow closer. Eventually, it blossomed into a full romantic relationship that the two were desperate to keep hidden. Just over a year later, however, the relationship was discovered and the two were tried, convicted and exiled.

The conviction was devastating to both, knowing that their current hosts were the last they would ever have, but on some levels, it was a relief to not have to hide anymore. For the first year, they made the most of their final lifetime together, traveling the Alpha quadrant, meeting scientists from other cultures and contributing to their work. Over time, however, Liali came to regret their decision and two years after they had been exiled, she left Cobon explaining that if she were to atone for their crime, she must respect the traditions of the Trill and 'find new experiences with the hope one day the Beil symbiote might be allowed to return home.'

For a second time, Cobon was destroyed and decided that he too needed a fresh start. This fresh start came in the form of applying to Starfleet Academy. Despite being one of the oldest students not even considering his symbiote, he was undeterred and easily completed a degree in Chemistry and Biology. He also qualified as a starship pilot.

When he completed his cadet cruise on the USS Berlin, he was given temporary assignment on the USS Wolverine while awaiting a more permanent posting. Cobin jumped on the opportunity as the ship had no active Trill crew members.

Vois Symbiote -

The Vois symbiote is 190 years old and has had three previous hosts:

Neba Vois (Joined for 29 years, Host died at 48 years old) - Female - Biologist and Botanist on the Trill homeworld - Never married.

Tolo Vois (Joined for 72 years, Host died at 97 years old) - Male - Combat Engineer on the Trill homeworld - Married to Hesra Beil until her death, never remarried - No children

Keesra Vois (Joined for 75 years, Host died at 101 years old) - Female - High education Science Teacher and Chemist - Married to Urjol Kor until Kessra's death - Two daughters - Alo and Sulle.

Cobon Vois (14 years to date) - Male

Psychological Profile

Cobon is a fun, energetic, and friendly individual in spite of his recent past. Instead of becoming despondent over his exile, he has embraced life and is eager to experience as many new things as possible, traits that appear inherited from the host than the symbiote. He is extremely intelligent and his personality borders on boastful, but he does know when to pull it back and be humble before he steps over the line.

One thing I did notice is a concerning anger towards the Trill people. He seems to have a deep resentment for his exile with no remorse for reassociation and no desire to return home. In fact, he has openly stated his desire to be posted to a ship with no Trill aboard.

-Chief Counselor, Starfleet Headquarters


Cobon loves to fly, study scientific journals and if you catch him at the right time, you can listen to him play one of many stringed instruments and singing.