Crew's Bio

Personal Information

Name: Elizabeth "Lily" Cherenzhenko
Elizabeth Cherenzhenko.jpg

Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer
Gender: Female
Age: 57 (Terran Years)
Race: Human
Birthplace: Earth; Lawton Oklahoma
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Hazel
Physical Build: Height 5'7", Weight 137 lbs. Lily is of pretty average build and she carries her years well; with her high features and clear skin, she doesn't look 55 +. She's very fit but the fact she's a mother is evident.


  • Cameron University: Bachelors of Science / Doctorate of Medicine
  • Starfleet Academy: Major - Physiology / Biology & Xenobiology
  • Starfleet Academy: Minor - Pilot
  • Specialist Skills - Specialized in exotic diseases and emergency medicine / disaster relief. Advanced Command training.

Service Record

  • USS Venture - Cadet Cruise
  • USS Epsilon - Medical Officer
  • USS Alejandro - Assist. Chief Medical Officer
  • USS Alejandro - Chief Medical Officer
  • Humanitarian mission of mercy in Dominion space
  • USS Nikitinov - Chief Medical Officer
  • USS Nikitinov - Acting Captain
  • USS Wolverine - First Officer
  • USS Wolverine - Captain

Ct.jpg Azeri Fleet Command Training Completed

Missions Completed for Azeri Fleet


Lily Cherenzhenko (pronounced 'sharon-SHANE-ko') was born Elizabeth Anne Spencer to Kelly and Kathryn Spencer of Lawton Oklahoma on Earth. She's the oldest of four children. Growing up her younger siblings couldn't pronounce her name correctly, calling her "Lilabeth." Her parents shortened that to "Lily" but even after the children were grown the nickname stuck and now she only uses her given name on legal records.

Lily was a homebody growing up. She spent all of her schooling either in Lawton itself and neighboring suburbs. She loved medicine so after finishing her Bachelors she went straight into med school and graduated with her Doctorate very soon after. She was significantly older than what's considered "standard" when she joined Starfleet - she'd spent her internship and residency at Comanche County Memorial Hospital and then decided to enroll in the Academy in the hopes of becoming an instructor at Starfleet Medical. Because of her extensive prior education, her training within the Academy was swift and was also pivotal in changing the direction of her career. She'd had no desire to serve in any other capacity than at Starfleet Medical, but while at the Academy she met a young Commander named Richard Cherenzhenko and they became fast friends; she showed him the powers to heal and he showed her the stars. She was surprised to find that she was quite skilled as a pilot and she took her minor there alongside her medical degree.

Ultimately Lily and Rick fell in love and they married just after Lily's graduation. He encouraged her to take her skills into the Federation and she spent her Cadet cruise aboard the USS Venture. As an Ensign she was stationed in medical on the USS Epsilon and it was after she was transferred to act as Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Alejandro that she and Rick became pregnant and she gave birth to a boy, Zachary David. She enjoyed a decorated service on the Alejandro for several years, eventually becoming Chief Medical Officer and achieving a rank of Lt. Cmdr. Towards the end of her tour Zach decided he wanted to follow Rick's father's love of archaeology and went back to Earth to live with his grandparents to finish school.

As the Dominion war raged, Lily decided to help with humanitarian efforts and was sent into Dominion occupied territory on a mission of mercy to treat and extract abandoned prisoners of war. The mission went bad when word of the team's presence on the last planet was leaked to the enemy. They were ambushed and when efforts to locate them failed, everyone was presumed killed. Four weeks later the team stunned Starfleet Command by returning alive to a Federation outpost. Investigations into the incident revealed that Lily had conceived a radical method of treatment, mixing the Ketracel-white of dead Jem'Hadar soldiers with certain plants on the planet to stop bleeding and halt infection, saving the lives of members of the team that had been wounded in the initial attack. She was promoted to Cmdr. and with the war escalating placed as Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Nikitinov, a flagship vessel on the front lines where she remained for another several years. Rick was stationed there as well, allowing them to serve together for that time.

During the Federation's final assault on the Dominion, the Nikitinov was struck by direct fire following a loss of shield integrity and the Captain and First and Second Officers were killed. As the only functional ranking officer left, Lily took command. The battle was devastating, and she suffered personally; Rick had been the Nikitinov's Second Officer. Lily served as Acting Captain for weeks during the aftermath as the ship was returned to a state spaceworthy enough to see them home. When the war ended she returned to Earth to spend an extended leave of absence with Zachary to let them both have the necessary time to properly deal with Rick's death. Her leadership aboard the Nikitinov and reports regarding the incident on Yadera Prime hadn't been forgotten and when she returned to duty she was offered a position within Azeri Fleet as First Officer aboard the USS Wolverine.

Her first year in this position was spent stranded on a small planet on the outskirts of Federation space, when the Wolverine was attacked and then crash landed. Upon returning 12 months later, Captain Morgan faced an inquiry as events that led to the crash and her leadership were thrown into question. The result of the inquest saw Morgan lose her command when it was decided that investigations needed to be taken further. With a promotion to Captain, command of the Wolverine was given to Lily.

Psychological Profile

Captain Cherenzhenko is a gifted physician and an extraordinarily centered officer. She knows when it is appropriate as well as vital to let her emotions sway her decisions and when to keep her distance. She's seen and experienced horrific things and she's able to keep a clear presence of mind when dealing with difficult situations. She is collected under fire, diplomatic in the face of upheaval, and able to reason through most problems with a calm and methodical logic. This dual professionalism, however useful, comes at a price - if a situation involves contradicting medical and command decisions, she's not always able to look at it as objectively as is due. She has a tendency to let her compassion lead her, and she takes failures in this context very hard regardless of whether whatever decision made was professionally the better one.

Her disposition is gentle but fierce. She's very kind, very genuine and exceptionally personable. Her temper is mild though if it does flash it is expressed in a quiet controlled anger which, according to colleagues who have witnessed it, can be more frightening than were she to lose it explosively. This soft-spoken exterior is deceptive. Lily will counter injustices quickly and vehemently and has shown in the past that she will go to any lengths necessary to uphold the oaths she took both as a physician and an officer. She is powerfully loyal and will fight dearly to protect those who serve under her.

Lily's family is very important to her. She keeps in regular contact with her own and her husband's parents and though she can't be with him continually, stays involved in her son's life. She and Zachary are extremely close. She's had to be both mother and father and consciously or not believes fault for his father's death lies with her; she denies to a degree that there was nothing she could've done, and guilt for saving the lives of the crew of the Nikitinov over Richard is still strong.

Starfleet Medical CNS's Notes
Her husband's death affected Lily more deeply than even she understands by simple virtue of its circumstances. She didn't witness it, but stumbled upon it when the medical emergency call other bridge officers made was issued. However, she was not able to deal with it straight away as she was forced to assume command immediately after discovering the command staff dead; emotion was a luxury the ongoing battle and its aftermath could not afford her. She wasn't able to indulge in the scope of the tragedy until months later, and the ramifications of such a profound delay in grieving manifested strongly for several years.

There's no question that she operates astonishingly well amidst adversity, but her ability to actually manage such strain personally is poor. She's treated frequently for insomnia and occasionally suffers migraines when under heavy stress, and she has admitted to nightmares. She will opt for sleep aids and analgesics to help, but there is opinion among some professionals that this is merely a "quick fix" avoidance tactic of sorts and is directly related to the Nikitinov, citing the fact that this type of temporary coping mechanism was all she had available to be able to shoulder the reality of Rick's death emotionally and psychologically enough to functionally assume command of the ship.

Dr. Charles Nimzicki's (CNS, Azeri Base) Notes
While her husband's death still affects her to some degree and in certain situations, over the years served on the Wolverine she has, through some unconventional 'therapy', at last properly dealt with its circumstances. She no longer appears to carry blame for Richard's death upon herself, and has, if rumors are to be believed, opened herself again to intimate relationships and has now remarried.


She craves the moments she can take to keep herself well-rounded. If she's in her quarters she enjoys pottery or tending to live plants, and loves Yoga. In the Holodecks she'll gravitate to anything free spirited and natural, and it's common to find her on horseback or even, oddly enough, fishing.


Unique quirks: Lily was born and raised in the southern states of North America. When she talks about home, or is riled up emotionally in some manner (excited, angry, upset, stressed etc), a little southern accent will sneak out.

Years of Service in Azeri Fleet

10 Year Ribbon

Character Awards

The Purple Heart
Issued to characters who are injured during combat missions.

2007 December
Science Discovery Award
Awarded when a character, most likely science, makes a scientific breakthrough that helps carry out a mission.

2014 December
Medical Award
Awarded when a character does great work in the field of medicine.

2013 September
T'Pol Commendation
Awarded to a character who consistently supports the crew.

2008 March
2008 September
Janeway Medal of Honour
Awarded to an exemplary CO character who has served in such a capacity for more than 1 year.

2009 July
2011 March
2011 September
Riker Medal of Honour
Aw c riker.jpg

Awarded to an exemplary FO character who has served in such a capacity for more than 6 months.

2008 June
Spock Medal of Service
For significant creativity in advancing the goals of Star Fleet. This medal is handed out for worthy contributories across all fields. It can be used for recognition of a brave deed or for an ingenious twist that saves the day, the steady work in a field that doesn’t find recognition otherwise.

2008 September

Player Awards

Azeri Fleet Command Training
This is to certify that this player has completed the Azeri Fleet Command Training successfully.

Nog Award
Encouragement to players whose efforts have been noted.

2015 September
Dax Award
Awarded to a player who has continuously helped with the flow of the "standard mission" when splits and inconsistencies have occurred, together with making new players feel welcome on their arrival.

2011 June
Harry Kim Award
Awarded to a player who takes an active role in creative areas within the "standard mission".

2007 March
Allegiance Award
Awarded to a player who has shown dedication, to their ship, or the fleet.

2007 June
2008 June
2008 September
2008 December
Valour Award
Awarded to a player who has provided additional work for the ship, crew or Fleet.

2010 March
Azeri Commendation
Awarded to a player who has gone above and beyond his/her duties as a member of the Fleet by participating in off-game aspects of the ship's life.

2008 March
Azeri Citation
Awarded for excellent service as a command player (Ship GM / CO or Asst. GM / XO) of an existing unit by being instrumental in making the ship an active unit within the Fleet.

2007 September
2007 December
Azeri Cluster
For excellent service as a veteran command player of a unit.

2010 September
Azeri Shield
Awarded to a Ship GM / CO who continually works as the Commanding Officer of a unit to ensure the unit is active.

2008 September
2008 December
2009 June
2011 June
2013 March
Medal of Achievement
Awarded to players who consistently participates in their ship and who better the ship in some manner. It could be through recruiting, providing opportunities for fellow players to get involved more within the game, increases the quality of posting from other crew member, or for exceptional writing themselves.

2007 June
2007 December
2009 March
Fleet Commendation
Awarded to a player who has distinguished himself / herself by outstanding meritorious service to the Fleet.

2008 March
2008 June
2008 September
2009 September
2010 June
2011 December
2012 December
2014 September

Special Awards

Aw special.jpg
Shatner Award - Meritorious Anger/Rage/Fury Post
2008 June - "Montana: Meltdown" - #15661
2008 December - "Sticks and stones" - #16631
2009 September – "Oh yeah, she's mental" – #18363
2011 June - "And the thunder rolls" - (Garry / Haili) #22131
2011 September - "Operation: Battering Ram" - (Robin / Haili) #22690
2013 June - "The master plan" (Robin/Haili) #24865
2014 June - "Fallout" series (Robin/Haili) #25974-25976
2015 December - "Your Sickbay, MY ship" (Brenda/Haili) #27469

Stewart Award - Meritorious Technical Post
2008 June - "What more can a girl ask for?" - (Therese / Haili) #15605
2009 March - "Well, that explains SOME things ... damnit" - (MarcAndre / Haili) #17545
2011 September - "Briefing Pt. 1-3" - (Shipwide) #22805-22807
2013 June - "The master plan" (Robin/Haili) #24865
2014 June - "Fallout" series (Robin/Haili) #25974-25976

Brooks Award - Meritorious Plot Twist Post
2008 March - "Murphy strikes" - (Jenn / Haili / Garry) #15018
2011 March - "Darkness looming" - (Haili / Therese / Josephine / Kayla) #21856
2012 June - "And Moses said 'Let my people go' " (Brenda/Haili) #23823
2013 March - "There you have it. Fun huh?" (Haili) #24482
2014 March - "He's an ass, a big one" (Haili) #25653

Mulgrew Award - Meritorious Creative Subject Heading
2007 December - "It's okay, we're fluent in 'to-hell-in-a-handbasket'" - (Marc-Andre / Haili) #14813
2009 June - "Party crashers, and they broke our stereo!" - #17797
2009 December - "Blah blah blah, yackitty schmackitty" - # 19023
2011 June - "One fish, two fish, three fish, d'oh!" - #22220
2013 September - "Brass-ass-ness" (Haili) #25098
2013 December - "Hailing the USS Taxi Cap" (Haili) #25295
2015 June - "Subspace gumshoe" (Kayla/Haili) #27018

Bakula Award - Meritorious Comical Post
2009 March - "Intruder, go to cute alert!" - #17290

Braga Award - Meritorious Action Post
2007 December - "This wasn't in our mission orders...was it?" - (Haili / Jenn) #14795
2008 September - "Ladies night fight club" - (Jenn / Haili) #16101
2009 June - "Who invited THEM?!" - (Garry / Haili) #17921
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2015 June - "Exit stage left" (Garry/Robin/Haili) #27091
2014 June - "Blink" (Robin/Margaret/Marc-Andre/Garry/Therese/Haili) #25870

Berman Award - Meritorious Arrival by a Character
2007 December - "He started it" - [Series] #14745 - 14750

Troi Award - Meritorious Emotional Post
2009 September - "There must always be darkness before you know light" - #18560
2009 December - "Finality" - #18725
2010 June - "My how you've grown. Hey, you too!" - (Haili / Kayla) 3 posts beginning #19742
2014 March - "Scary but worth it" (Robin/Haili) #25662
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Kira Award - Meritorious Adventure Post
2007 December - "Tick Tock" - (Marc-Andre / Haili) #14817
2011 September - "Devil in hiding" - (Garry / Therese / Robin / Haili) #22581
2012 March - "It's shake-n-bake..and I helped" (Haili/Cyd) #23399

Chakotay Award - Meritorious Descriptive Post
2011 December - "8.39 degrees of crazy" - (Haili / Cyd) #23179
2013 December - "In the eye of the beholder" (Garry/Robin/Brenda/Haili) #25519
2014 September - "They're good, we're better" (Kayla/Haili) #26336
2014 December - "Bubble-tat" (Haili / Therese) #26621
2015 January - "Not the friendliest welcome but at least we're not dead" (Haili) #26850

Roddenberry Award - Outstanding Post Award
2008 March - "Home, as they say, is where the heart is" - #15365
2008 June - "Montana" - Series beginning #15657
2010 December - "Something wicked this way comes" - (Therese / Garry / Josephine / Kayla / Haili) 3 posts beginning #21446
2011 September - "Greater love hath no man" (Garry / Robin / Haili) #22589
2012 March - "Paths" (Dee/Haili) #23309
2012 September - "To sleep, perchance to drink" (Robin/Haili) #24044
2015 December - "Failed negotiations" (Brenda/Helen/Marc-Andre/Haili/Robin) #27421

Okuda Award - Exceptional Joint Post (JP) Award
2007 December - "Who Says Big Girls Don't Cry" - (Haili / Jenn) #14838
2008 March - "Descent into determination" - (Therese / Haili) #15024
2008 June - "Inquest" - (Ship-wide) Series beginning #15521
2010 March - "Can we say miscommunicado?" - #19348
2012 December - "Time and Eternity" (Garry/Therese/Robin/Brenda/Haili) #24310
2013 March - "Hashing it out" (Shipwide) #24658
2014 March - "Up to speed" (Shipwide) #25637
2015 June - "Regroup, rethink" (Shipwide) #27083
2015 September - "The Parting Glass" (Haili/Robin) #27271

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