Mission Summary

Mission 026 - I Think Therefore I Am

TO: Captain Cherenzhenko - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - I Think Therefore I Am
STARDATE: 38.0211

Captain Cherenzhenko,

Observatory satellites around Apria 9 near the Neutral Zone have detected an object that was not present on the prior high-level surface scan. It cannot be fully identified as it appears to be deep beneath the surface prohibiting more detailed scans. Furthermore, the surface of the planet itself does not appear to have changed in any measurable way.

Of additional concern is the proximity Apria 9 to the Romulan border. Increased activity on the Romulan side of the neutral zone strongly suggests the Romulans might also be aware of this anomalous object. They may attempt to cross the neutral zone and enter Federation space to investigate, violating treaty restrictions. Therefore, the Wolverine is being tasked with this assignment over a dedicated science vessel.

High Command has asked that the Wolverine make haste for Apria 9 and ascertain what this object is, its point of origin, to whom it may belong, and, if possible, its purpose.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2018 February

With shore leave on it’s end, some crewmembers are still spending some time with family members. Commander Cole welcomed to the Wolverine agent Stibbs’s goddaughter, Ensign Darcy Zorell.

Lt. Crewe informed Counselor o’Broin of her desire not to be her patient, telling her she felt Sige violated the patient/doctor confidentiality by having a talk with ensign Kenz about her. Sige didn’t agree with Cameron’s assessment of the situation but complied with her request. She later went to see Lily to ger the Captain’s opinion on the matter.

While on the station, Commander Cole was unaware that a mysterious figure was tailing him. Meanwhile, Ensign Kenz believed she might have found the reason why the other Wolverine’s was destroyed and they survived during their last mission. She shared her theory with Dr. Crewe.

Mission order’s finaly came in. Captain Cherenzhenko ordered all the crew back to the ship as the Wolverine is to leave Azeri base for the Neutral zone. The crew is tasked to investigate a mysterious object that had appeared out of nowhere on a small inhabited world. Considering the proximity to the Romulan border, Starfleet is expecting their rival to show up and try to seized the object for themselves. The Wolverine is to make sure the object doesn’t fall into enemy hands and learn more about it’s nature.

Considering the potential for battle, Captain Cherenzhenko ordered the families to be evacuated from the ship. Following the mission briefing, all the department heads are getting ready to go, reviewing their new recruits and giving their own orders before the ship leave. Commander Beliveau received a friendly warning before the ship left, making him understand he must make no mistakes in their next mission.

2018 March

With it’s mission orders given, the USS Wolverine and her crew are preparing to get underway to Apria 9. Considering the risk of a confrontation with the Romulans, Commander Cole made some research about the high ranking Romulan officers serving at the border. He was mostly intrigued by Admiral Bardat, a Dominion war veteran.

Having reached the Apria system, Captain Cherenzhenko orders the ship to yellow alert as they approach the ninth planet, keeping an eye out for any signs of the Romulans. Commanders Beliveau and Cole beamed down with an away team to the planet to investigate the mysterious object. Meanwhile, Commander Barrett and Ensign McCann are investigating a malfonctionning Kaneda fighter.

2018 April

With the Wolverine having arrived in the Apria system, they now kept their eyes opened for any Romulan presence. Meanwhile, an away team lead by Commanders Beliveau and Cole beamed down to the planet and travelled to the location of the mysterious object. To reach it, they had to climb down underground tunnels. To facilitate travelling to the object’s location, the away team installed transporter relays, allowing for transporter activity. Commander Barrett supervised the engineering team’s work from the Wolverine.

Convinced the location was safe, Commander Cole gave clearance for more Wolverine officers to beam down and investigate the object. With Ensign Kenz still on the ship, Commander Beliveau supervised the science officers. First observation indicated the object seemed to absorb light and slightly interfered with electrical equipment. The scene being safe for the moment, counselor o’Broin was allowed to beam down. While taking a tour of the mysterious temple were the sphere is, Sige felt strangely drawn to the object. Thankfully, Darius made sure she didn’t touch it.

Detecting activity from the Romulan side of the Neutral zone, Commander Cole guessed, correctly, that they were seeing what the Romulans wanted them to see. Soon after, the Romulans revealed themselves and contacted Captain Cherenzhenko. To the Captain’s surprise, they found out that the Romulans had sent their old acquaintance, Commander Kaylara, to investigate the mysterious object on Apria 9 and possibly deal with the Federation.

Kaylara informed Captain Cherenzhenko that they had arrived a few days before the Wolverine, following a team of Romulan scientists who had crossed the border without authorization from the Romulan government. Now that they had revealed themselves, both the Romulan commander and the Starfleet Captain agreed they should join forces to investigate the sphere.

2018 May


While the Romulans and Federation are working side by side in the caves of Apria 9, they are surprised when one member of the away team disappears, seeming to enter the mysterious sphere. Both crew evacuates the area, waiting for answers.

Commanders Cole and Beliveau, Sige and all the other Wolverine officers present at the dig site were beamed into a quarantine section of sickbay. To make sure they weren’t exposed to anything that could harm the rest of the crew, Dr. Crewe isolated the crewmen to run some test on them. Meanwhile, the missing Romulan reappeared on the surface of Apria 9. He was beamed over the Romulan ship with the promise that the federation crew would have access to him and all of their data on the incident.

With the Romulan medic found, Captain Cherenzhenko and Dr. Crewe released the officers in quarantine and authorized an away team to return and cautiously study the sphere. The Romulans also sent officers back down to the planet. Soon after their return, Commander Cole noticed one of the Romulans collapsing. Scans from the medic who came to assist revealed the Romulan that had collapsed seemed to suffer from a very rare degenerative disease, Datlarian syndrome, normally associated with old age in vulcanoids. Cole informs the Captain of his discovery.

Fascinated by the sphere, Counselor o’Broin searched other sources to find clues of it’s origin or any other mentions of similar object or symbols in other cultures. Meanwhile, Captain Cherenzhenko enlist the help of her son Zach via subspace communications to help them investigating the sphere.

Reviewing the medical scans from the returned Romulan, Dr. Crewe discovers that the man is also suffering from Datlarian syndrome.

Back on the surface, Commander Cole is approached by Ro’Val, Commander Kaylara’s chief of security. The man confides in Cole, informing him that the entire crew of the Talok seemed to have developed Datlarian syndrome. While both men have their chat, one of the Wolverine’s security officer disappeared. He is however soon recovered and sent back to the Wolverine to be examined by Dr. Crewe.

The Wolverine’s chief medical officer found nothing wrong with ensign Greshenko. Following his return, a series of engineering anomalies affected the Wolverine, making wedding dresses and groom suit materialised every time someone used the ship’s replicator. Finding no apparent reasons for the replicators malfunction, Commander Barrett could offer no explanation to the Captain.

Determined to see the sphere for herself (and convinced it was safe based on evidence of those taken before we're returned unhurt), Captain Cherenzhenko ordered Lieutenant Coulder to build a device that will allow her son to see what she see as she will beam down to the planet.. After losing the argument to prevent Lily from beaming down, both Commanders Cole and Barrett swore to do everything on their power to keep jet safe..

2018 June

After a few minutes into the cave hosting the mysterious sphere, both the Captain and Commander Barrett disappeared into the object, leaving Wolverine crewmen to panic.

Reemerging soon after, both Wolverine’s senior officers were beamed back to the ship. Cole tried to calm down Lily’s son, who had witnessed his mother’s entering the sphere while being linked via video communication.

Although Commander Barrett awoke from her ordeal with no apparent after effects, the same thing couldn’t be said about their Captain.. Her eyes pitch black, Lily regained consciousness and fought her way out of sickbay, using some newly discovered telekinetic talents. Not responding to anybody’s call and seemingly possessed, Lily continued rampaging her way through the corridors of the ship until she was stopped by the bullets of the assistant chief of security’s archaic guns.

Put into isolation, Dr. Crewe worked hard to find what had happened to the Captain and to make sure she survived after being shot. After ‘Lily’ regained consciousness again, counselor o’Broin visited the possessed Captain. Sige made contact with the entity inhabiting her friend’s body, trying to understand what had happened. However, even though there was a force field between them, the entity was still able to send an electrical wave to the counselor, knocking her out.

Following the incident with the counselor, Commanders Cole and Beliveau both tried to obtain answers from the entity but to no avail. Dr. Crewe continued to work to better understand the entity living inside Lily’s body. Unconscious, Sige was processing new information she had. She had received the information through the wave of energy given to her by the entity. She learned that more on its origin and why it was imprisoned inside the sphere. Regaining consciousness, Sige asked Dr. Crewe to gather all those who had spoken to the possessed Lily. It was time to compare notes.

A second warbird entered the Apria system, hailing the Wolverine. The commanding officer, Admiral Bardat, informed Commander Cole that he had crossed the border with his ship to come to the assistance of the Talok, crippled with a sick crew.

2018 July

Facing two Romulan warbirds and having to deal with an alien possessed Captain, Commander Beliveau summoned Admiral Bardat for a meeting. Determined not to lose any ground to the Romulans, Beliveau is surprised by Bardat’s attitude. The veteran Romulan officer tells the XO he has no intention to follow any directives given by the Starfleet officer. He also reveals that he had dealt with a similar situation in the past and that it had not ended well for the possessed officer.

During the meeting, Commander Cole received orders to leave the Apria system at once, and that, even if two Romulan ships were still in Federation space.

On their way back to Azeri base, Counselor o’Broin gather all the officers who had any experiences with the sphere or talking to the entity. They compare notes, trying to find a way to free their Captain from the entity’s grasp.

Convinced to be on the right track after making significant progress communicating with the entity, the Wolverine’s trip home is interrupted when an Starfleet Intelligence ship intercepted them. The USS Penitent ordered the Wolverine to drop out of warp and without any invitation, boarded the Akira class ship. A small boarding team invaded sickbay and handed over a PADD with orders for the medical officers to follow.

Conflicted with the orders given to them, Dr. Jin and other medical officers tried to object. Their objections were met with violence by the agent in charge, Flak. They managed to subject the possessed Captain Cherenzhenko to a dose of lethal nerve gas, killing off Lily and knocking out the entity. With plans to revive Lily at a later date, the small team was about to leave when Commander Cole arrived and stopped them. Until they could clear things out, Commander Beliveau ordered Flak and his men to be detained and Lily put into stasis as he confirmed the orders with the highest echelon of Starfleet Command.

Commander Beliveau was horrified to learn that the orders were legit. Initially refusing to follow those orders, the Wolverine’s XO finally agreed when the admiral he was talking to threatened to have all Starfleet ships in the area on intercept course with orders to destroy the USS Wolverine on sight. Following the instructions of a living will of the Captain ordering her crew to put the safety of the ship first, Commander Beliveau reluctantly ordered Lily to be released to the Penitent along with their boarding party with the exception of Flak. A few days later, Commander Cole commanded the Wolverine inside Azeri base, where it would be subjected to a Baryon sweep in the morning, forcing all the crew to evacuate the ship.

Upon arrival, counselor o’Broin was summoned to a meeting with a mysterious bureau named Department 17. Still shaken by the events that had transpired in her sickbay, Dr. Crewe felt the need to escape and go back home, on Earth. At her parent’s house, the doctor reconnected with her family. Commander Cole, wanting to help Lily as much as he could, sent a message to his friend Jakes, hoping the man could once again use his knowledge of the not-so-clean world to help the Wolverine Captain.

Commander Barrett reconnected with one of her academy friend, Lieutenant Allen Quinn from the USS Pegasus.

2018 August

Shoreleave for the crew of the Wolverine continues on. Commander Beliveau relocates to temporary quarters on Azeri Base with his daughter's bobcat in tow while a baryon sweep of the Wolverine is being conducted. Ensign McCann heads off of base in order to enjoy some much needed Shoreleave. Ensign Coulder spends time on Earth with her family.

Lt. Commander Barrett receives an invite for dinner from an old friend, Allen Quinn (currently assigned to the Pegasus). The two meet up and do some reminiscing of the past. The two spend time together on Barrett's homestead, enjoying each other's company and catching up.

Counselor o'Broin goes to Department 17 on Azeri Base to ask her some questions about what had happened on the Wolverine on its previous mission. They discuss Agent Flak, Leiu, and Captain Cherenzhenko. After her meeting, o'Broin meets with her husband, Lt. Commander Darius Cole, and the two head for Dawson Colony - a place where Cole grew up. Cole runs into a lot of old acquaintances and does some catching up. Sige continues to have nightmares about Lily and Leiu.

Doctor Crewe continues her time on Earth with her family. A call into Admiral Branson, Cam's former CO, not only helps her work through family things, but she also brings up Lily (even if it's not something she's supposed to disclose). The secret of Cam's daughter is revealed to her entire family (though mainly only a surprise to her mother). Commander Beliveau approved Doctor Crewe's request to bring her daughter on board and granted her larger quarters to ensure that they were comfortable when Shoreleave was okay. Cam's daughter, Eirwen, decides she really does want to go back to the Wolverine with her. Arrangements are started for them and Cam's sister's family to leave Earth.

In an unknown location, Agent Flak is determined to get information from Leiu. Captain Cherenzhenko comes to the surface, memories of her final moments on the Wolverine surfacing, and everything she believes happens (even with what Flak tells her doesn't make sense) she holds to her truth. Flak tries for over a week to extract the information he wants from Lily, but with no avail. Changing tactics, he moves to talking to Lieu instead. He tries to convince Leiu to work for him as an operative. Though Flak tortures Cherenzhenko's body, it does not affect Leiu, only Lily herself. Flak continues to use experimental torture on Lily, meanwhile Leiu stays in control before demonstrating the ability to let Lily come forward and show for herself that she is not conscious of what goes on when Leiu is in control. Flak continues to believe that Lily can fight Leiu and be able to get access to what he needs as far as answers go.

2018 September

Shoreleave continues for the crew of the Wolverine and after the events of the previous mission, there are a few members of the senior staff that are having a hard time putting on the uniform once more. Commander Beliveau is made acting CO while Lt Commander Cole is made acting XO to keep things from being too shaken up with the loss of their captain. Thomas meets his temporary chief science officer, Cobon Vois. Ensign Coulder and her family return back to the ship.

Lt Commander Cole and Counselor o'Broin continue their time at Dawson Colony and meet up with a familiar face, Zach Cherenzhenko. Even under orders of not telling anyone about what happened to Captain Cherenzhenko, Zach is told what happened to his mother (and he must be the one to tell Eman). Darius swears to bring Lily home to Zach and Eman. Darius and Sige return to the Wolverine and starting making rounds meeting the new faces and checking in with others. Sige meets Eirwen Crewe and talks to Cam about what had happened with Lily and if Starfleet was where she really wanted to continue. Lt Commander Barrett returns to the Wolverine, she gets her gear settled into her quarters before heading for engineering.

Doctor Crewe returns to Azeri Base and the Wolverine with her daughter, Eirwen, and tortoise, Agatha, and set to work in making the switch to larger quarters. Cam and Eirwen try to find some things on the promenade that might help to brighten up their quarters and make them feel more like home. Cam has a hard time being in Sickbay, sections of it causing her to flashback to what had happened to Lily there. Cameron continues to have a hard time with the idea of wearing her uniform after everything that has happened. Doctor Wing returns from Shoreleave and he and Cam sort of a moment when he realizes that she's having a hard time and he's the first person that Cam tells that Eirwen is her daughter.

Ensign Cobon Vois is assigned to the Wolverine as its new temporary chief science officer. The new science officer reports in for his preliminary physical with Doctor Crewe and immediately gets an off feeling with the crew. He bumps into Lt Commander Barrett on Deck 4, chatting over things not being good enough for either of them. While on Azeri Base, Cobon runs into Counselor o'Broin and chats about his life a bit before running into Lt Commander Cole on the ship. He goes over some unease within the science department with his methods and expectations being something different than the officers under him are used to.