Crew's Bio

Personal Information

Name: Patrick O'Riley
Patrick 2.jpg

Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Position: Chief Flight Control Officer
Gender: Male
Age: 31 (Terran Years)
Race: Human
Birthplace: Mars Base
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Physical Build: 6'2" 220 pounds -Athletic build with hair cut short.


Academy Major: Helm and Navigation

Academy Minor: Tactics: Space

Specialist Skills: First Aid

Service Record

Cadet Cruise: USS Ticonderoga

Other Ships Served:

USS Alaska, Helm;

USS Stardust, Helm

USS Neptune, Helm

USS Wolverine, Chief Flight Officer


Patrick grew up on Mars Base with his parents Erin (Father) and Elysia (Mother). His father was a Shuttle Pilot and his mother was a Doctor, both members of StarFleet. Erin made sure the Patrick was flying everything they could get their hands on, and or get simulations for, as well as studying all of the great ship battles of history. In hopes that he would still find a career in science or medicine worthwhile, Elysia made sure Patrick didn't neglect his other studies like science, biology, and xenobiology.

Patrick also spent a lot of time (about 4-5 months a year) with his grandparents back on Earth. Noah (grandfather) and Ciara (grandmother) were never members of Star Fleet, but both were successful in their own right. They ran their own farm in western North Dakota, growing crops and raising animals for sale and as part of a petting zoo. There were still some people on Earth that preferred fresh food over replicators, and that's where Noah and Ciara came in. Ciara was an expert veterinarian while Noah had a green thumb and could grow nearly any crop. Much of Patrick's time with them was spent helping with the farm (getting his hands dirty in physical labor), helping with the animals (giving shots, feeding them, or playing with them) or out camping. This is where, after living for months inside the tube sand tunnels of Mars Base, Patrick gained his love of the outdoors.

When it came time to join the Academy, Patrick was eager to do it. He saw the respect that his parents had on Mars Base, and though he enjoyed the wide-open spaces of Earth, he knew that Space was where the true excitement was. Patrick chose to follow in his father's footsteps and focused on Piloting and Tactics when he entered the Academy. His mother, though a bit disappointed, simply wished her son the best. Patrick excelled at all of the physical tasks and trials that the cadets were put through. As expected, he received high marks for his Piloting skills.

When the War with the Dominion started, with his skill at the helm, Patrick was sent to the front lines. He was assigned to the helm of the Defiant Class Ship Alaska. After several notable encounters, the Alaska soon became a welcomed sight, thanks to its cohesive and skilled crew,of which Patrick was a proud part. If the Alaska had possessed a cloaking device like its fellow Defiant class ship, there was little doubt that she would have been included in covert operations behind Dominion Lines. Patrick received numerous citations for skill and bravery as a helmsman.

Patrick continued in Starfleet after the war with two postings, the first aboard the USS Stardust and the second, the USS Neptune. Over the course of the two assignments, there were many missions that required the skills Patrick had accumulated over the years, including some harrowing shuttle flights to the surface of several planets, but nothing that compared to his experiences in the war. Which is probably for the best.

Psychological Profile

The war left its mark on Patrick. Before the war, he was a very outgoing and friendly person, making friends easily. By the end of the war, with the loss of many friends, he had built walls. If he didn't let people get close, he wouldn't have to worry about losing them. Patrick remained attentive and responsive while on-duty but kept largely kept to himself off-duty. After the war had ended, Patrick took some suggested leave. Post leave, though he still experienced the occasional flashback, usually as infrequent nightmares, according to StarFleet Medical, Patrick’s mental state was suitable for a return to duty

He spent his next assignments as the helmsman of the USS Stardust and the USS Neptune wondering if Star Fleet was still the right place for him.. The contrast between the war and peace was greater than he had expected. Sure, he wanted to make a difference, but Patrick started to feel like he could do more with some Mercenary outfit as a pilot for hire. He could go back to school and become the doctor his mother had wanted him to be. He could even go back to Earth and help on his grand parent's farm.

When a posting aboard the USS Wolverine became available, Patrick was willing to give Starfleet one more chance. Though not a Defiant-class ship, the Wolverine was an Akira. The Akira's were built as a deep-space defense ship and included fighters aboard. Reading up on past missions of the Wolverine, this ship and its Captain held promise towards satisfying Patrick's sense of purpose, to make a difference.


Mountain Climbing, Horseback Riding, Hiking,sports, and anything outdoors related.