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Academy Minor:  Neurology
Academy Minor:  Neurology
Specialist Skills:  Xenobiology; Counseling (the level that all doctors are required);  
Specialist Skills:  Xenobiology; Counseling (the level that all doctors are required); Combat Training (with Betazed Peacekeepers)
                            Combat Training (with Betazed Peacekeepers)
|ServiceRecord=University of Betazed  
|ServiceRecord=University of Betazed  

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Personal Information

Name: Aurania “Rani” Lee Cavanaugh James

Rank: Lieutenant
Gender: Female
Age: 25 (Terran Years)
Race: Human/Betazoid
Birthplace: USS Aurora (Raised in Savannah, Ga)
Hair Colour: Sandy Blonde
Eye Colour: Betazoid Black
Physical Build: Rani is 1.6 meters tall (5’3”) and weighs in at 58Kg (128lb). She is petite and slender and wears her long hair pinned up while on duty and loose whenever she is off the clock. She wears minimal makeup, preferring a natural look unless she is going somewhere special.


Academy Major: General Medicine

Academy Minor: Neurology

Specialist Skills: Xenobiology; Counseling (the level that all doctors are required); Combat Training (with Betazed Peacekeepers)

Service Record

University of Betazed

OCS @ Starfleet Academy

Cadet Cruise: USS Prometheus [Ensign – Medical Officer]

USS Prometheus [Ensign – ACMO]

USS Horatio Nelson [LTJG – CMO]

USS Winlock [LTJG - CMO]

USS Wolverine [LT - CMO]

Family & Background

Marital Status/Spouse : Widow/ Commander Laurence T. James (deceased)
Mother: Orlanthe Cavanaugh (SF Psychology Ph.D/M.D. S.F. Acad. Prof.)
Father: Alexander Cavanaugh (Retired Starship Captain/ Landholder)
Siblings: [Sisters] Myarra, Shelley, Dianthe, Lori, Jessica
[Brothers] Kynan, Paul
[Brother-in-law] CMD Patrick Olsen *(husband of Myarra)
Nephew: Jeremiah Olsen *(son of Myarra)
Niece: Cena Olsen *(daughter of Myarra)
Step-Child/Dependent: Jorge Philip James [13] (son of late husband)


Aurania Lee Cavanaugh was the child born at the end of her father’s Starfleet Career as a Captain aboard the USS Aurora. By the time Aurania was one years of age, her father had left Starfleet to become a gentleman farmer in Savannah, Georgia, (due to medical reasons unknown by his children). Aurania better known as “Rani” was the seventh child of eight. Her mother, a woman of Betazoid nobility, was a well-known counselor in the field of both psychology and psychiatry with a Ph.D. and an M.D. besides. While the older children in the family adjusted to having their feet on land, Rani and later her younger brother developed a love of the great outdoors.

Rani grew up with a deep interest in her mother’s field of study and an even deeper interest in the so-called “family curse” and subsequently her brother Kynan and her cousin André. While her mother’s interests lie in helping the “sufferers” to cope, Rani was more interested in a cure. This caused her to step away from counseling and move deeper into the medical aspects.

Like her older sister, Lori, Rani would be found to be gifted in the Academic realm and breezed through primary and secondary school, graduating high school at the young age of fourteen. But when it came to furthering her education she requested to go to the University of Betazed and was sent to her mother’s family for the rest of her education. She spent five years at the university moving from one subject to another in the realm of medicine. She absorbed Betazoid culture and took an interest in their meditations and their method of communication. Being only half Betazoid she is an empath, but capable of communicating with those who are telepathic. {And yet it is important to note that she is also very adept at blocking herself from emotional reception and tends to do so unless involved in the care of a patient or in cases where a person is projecting “loudly”.}

Two years into her education at the University of Betazed, Rani took training with the Peacekeepers. It was at that point that she had made up her mind to enter Starfleet as a medical doctor once her education concluded and she did not want to find herself in a situation where she was sent to help with the wounded (whether on a war-related battlefield or simply the outcome of a mission gone wrong) and couldn’t defend herself and them if necessary. She is proficient with a phaser and phaser rifle and trained in hand to hand self-defense and the use of the akai (Betazoid collapsible fighting baton). She is not, at heart, the security type and prefers to rely on those with such proficiency when they are present but is not helpless when she is alone.

During her last year at the University of Betazed, she met and became acquainted with an officer who was deeply ingrained in the Intel community. His name was Laurence T. James and he was raising a little boy all by himself. Rani soon became that little boy’s sitter and guardian whenever his father was away and at some point Laurence, for legal reasons, asked Rani prior to a mission if she would consent to become his wife. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be coming back and he wanted to know that his son, Jorge, was going to be well looked after. It was a difficult request for him to make and with it he assured her that they could annul the arrangement if things went well and he did return. Rani accepted his proposal and the pair had a quiet wedding. Unfortunately, Laurence was right in his ‘feelings’ and he never returned. Although she was told that he died, a body was never presented. Rani is legally a widow in the eyes of the Federation but she’s not entirely sure that Laurence is gone. She has kept his name in the event that he should look for her and for the sake of his son whom she now considers to be her own.

When Rani completed her degree at the University of Betazed, she entered the Federation through Officer’s Candidacy School (OCS) at Starfleet Academy and became a commissioned officer. While she underwent her cadet cruise on the USS Prometheus, Jorge stayed with her aunt’s family on Betazed. After that year was up, Rani brought Jorge to the ship with her where they stayed for another year.

Following her tour on the USS Prometheus, Rani was asked to transfer to the USS Horatio Nelson to be the Chief Medical Officer. She accepted the transfer and took some time off for the transition in order to spend time with family and introduce Jorge to her parents. After two years of service on the USS Horatio Nelson, Rani received a transfer to the USS Winlock. She served on the Winlock for a brief time but when an opportunity arose to transfer to the fleet where her Betazoid family were serving, Rani took it. Jorge, now 13 years old, seriously needed some male interaction and mentoring. For that reason, Rani accepted a transfer to the USS Wolverine.

Psychological Profile

Rani has a very impulsive personality. If something feels right she just does it, without giving it much thought. She’s outspoken and can talk a person’s ear off and she is often thought of as downright nosey. She believes herself to have the best interest of those around her at heart, but quite often she is confident she knows what those “best interests” are. Most of the time she seems to be right… but there are those times when she is so far wrong. (Not that that discovery ever seems to discourage her.) She does mean well. Out of the eight children in her family, she and her sister Shelley are the only ones who feel comfortable enough around their gruff father to speak to him frankly. The others are intimidated by his authoritative personality. Shelley, however, has the tact born of years… while Rani’s frankness can sometimes put people off.

Carefree, fun-loving... rarely in a bad mood but when it happens stand aside. Emotionally intense persona without the sensitive nature. She can take it as well as dish it out and is not easily offended.

Subject: Aurania Cavanaugh James

RE: Psychological Evaluation

Attending: Dr. Charles Feinstein

The children of psychoanalytical professionals are often difficult to read and Aurania is no exception. She appears well balanced, happy, and upbeat and as I have no reason outside of instinct to say otherwise I would have to conclude that she is as perceived. Her self confidence borders on arrogance and she adapts well to whatever is thrown her way in the course of action. Her temperament borders between choleric and sanguine, often leaning more toward the choleric. If Aurania is in the immediate area, she is impossible to overlook. Her passionate personality can easily consume the more phlegmatic and melancholic personalities in her vicinity. This, however, I'm pleased to note, is something she is aware of and actively seeking to improve upon. It should be said that Aurania can take criticism especially when it is given in open honesty with plain speech. (Never play mind games with the child of a counselor. They are often too well equipped to see through them. Side note: she likes a good argument.)

It is my firm belief that Aurania can be an asset to any ship's manifest. As a medical professional she is nurturing and compassionate though I wouldn't put it past her to tie any unwilling patient in need to the nearest biobed. That said, she is deeply knowledgeable, capable of thinking outside the box, and dogmatic when it comes to getting to the root of any illness or injury. In spite of that, she has learned over time to listen, an added benefit of raising an 'old soul'. Jorge James, in this doctor's opinion, has been a huge asset in the maturity and growth of one Aurania Cavanaugh James, whom he calls "mam". It is my professional opinion that each has been good for the other.

Federation Child Services has voiced concerns regarding Jorge James being raised by a woman who is only thirteen years his senior. The wishes of the late Laurence James, however, are quite clear and there is no reason to remove the child who is content in Aurania's care. FCS has, however, mandated check-ins with a registered counselor to insure that Jorge James continues to be well cared for and to thrive. To begin with, these were weekly check-ins but over the years they were reduced to the current twice annually. As Jorge James has successfully been in Aurania's care for seven years, I see little chance that will change.