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Personal Information

Name: Darius Cole
Darius Cole.jpg

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Executive Officer
Gender: Male
Age: 53 (Terran Years)
Race: Human
Birthplace: Tanis Colony, near Klingon Neutral Zone
Hair Colour: Dark Blond
Eye Colour: Blue
Physical Build: Darius is quite short in stature and yet well muscled. On first impressions his short blond hair, rugged looks and ready smile draw you in ... right up until you actually get a good look into those big blue eyes, then you realize that it is all a charade. Darius occasionally has the 1000 yard stare that some seasoned groundpounder officers and soldiers gain after years in the trenches, but only when he is given time to brood about the men he has lost and the death of his wife. He moves with an easy grace that some have likened to a big cat and his reflexes are second to none, honed through years of fighting to keep himself alive.


  • Starfleet Academy: Major - Tactical Strategies
  • Starfleet Academy: Minor - History
  • Specialist Skills - Sniper & Marksman, Unarmed Combat, Explosives, Leadership & small unit tactics

Service Record

  • USS Vixon - Cadet Cruise
  • Starfleet Marine Corp - 1st Battalion
  • USS Wolverine - Chief Security Officer
  • USS Wolverine - Second Officer
  • USS Wolverine - Executive Officer

Missions Completed for Azeri Fleet


Darius was born to Ryan and Megan Cole, a pair of miners at the out of the way Dawson Colony. Darius grew up dirty, scruffy, bruised, battered and happy. His parents loved him dearly and he returned that love 100%. Their lives weren't pretty, long work shifts and short daylight hours slowly wore down Ryan and Megan, and yet they always made time for their son. The Colony was established by an Earth side mining concern who's geological readings of the moon showed heavy traces of Trilithium. As it turned out the readings were wrong. Only surface quantities of the mineral were discovered and yet refusing to admit that they had got it wrong, the mining company continued to finance the failing Colony in the hopes that if they dug deeper they would find the Trilithium they wanted.

At the age of 10, Darius began to hang around with the understaffed Security department stationed on the moon. It was made up of a retired Starfleet Security officer, or so he maintained, and half a dozen other rough and ready men and women. Riding roughshod over miners was never going to be easy and the failing bottom line of the Colony only made peoples attitudes worse. Darius became something of a mascot for the overstretched security personnel and they actual enjoyed having him around the office. This was the young Cole's first exposure to any kind of security and it was quite an eyeopener. Rules and regs were in a book used to keep shut the broken toilet door and procedure became whatever the Security Chief deemed necessary. Many a night Darius watched drunk miners being hauled in and thrown into the cells, many with bruises and cuts earned from fighting security rather than other miners or from falling over on the rough, rocky ground of the colony.

At 12 Darius's parents decided to ship him to earth where his fathers parents lived. Finally realizing that no matter how much they loved their son this wasn't the right environment to bring up a young child. Ryan and Megan waved a tearful goodbye to Darius as he left Dawson's Colony for the last time aboard a company freighter bound for earth. The boy was not happy at leaving his home and his friends, despite the bleak life that the colony presented to him for a future, however after arriving at his Grandparents home in the county of Suffolk in England his attitude changed. For the first time he saw blue sky rather than dark grey clouds, and he saw tree's and grass. Clean, fresh air and the room to run and explore gave him a freedom he had never known on Dawson and opened his mind to new challenges and adventures. Unfortunately not all of his previous life was expunged by his move to earth. Constant fighting with other children and even some older teenagers caused his Grandparents no end of trouble. Darius's abrasive manner, which had been a survival trait on the colony where he was born, turned out to be burden to him on earth and he was slow to change.

Hoping to direct this energy and bad attitude into something more constructive, Patrick and Hayley Cole, Darius's grandparents, enrolled him into a local cadet corp. It was run by Malcolm Frasier, a retired Sergeant from the Starfleet Marine Corp. At 56, Mal, as he was known to his few friends, was a mean and hard task master and his cadets soon learned to hate him. However this was his goal, while they were hating him they were not fighting among themselves, or at least not as much. He put the kids, both boys and girls, through a watered down version of his Marine Corp training, breaking them down with insults and harsh discipline, undermining their overblown superiority complexes, before slowly building them back up into a person who would function in society and even benefit the planet they lived on. They gained pride in themselves and a respect for other beings they came in contact with. By the time Darius left at the age of 18, he was a changed man. His aggression was still there, but he had learned to use it rather than let it use him, it was now a finely honed weapon he could call on when needed. He was focused, disciplined and clear about what he wanted to do with his life. A year later he enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corp, passed through boot camp at the top of his class and was assigned to the 1st Marine Battalion as a PFC.

Knowing he would never have the smarts to be an officer and having been impressed by the stories Mal had told him and his other cadets about his years as an enlisted soldier, Darius was more than happy to serve as a GroPo (GroundPounder). Now his youth in the mines and harsh environment of Dawson's Colony actually paid dividends as the life of a Marine wasn't as clean and tidy as that of their brethren in Starfleet. Marines spent most of their time training, up to their necks in mud, or running combat courses where minor injuries such as broken limbs and deep cuts were not uncommon. Even the occasional accidental death was not unheard of, but it was accepted. The men in the Starfleet Marine Corp thought of themselves as the best warriors in the Federation, if not the entire Alpha Quadrant, and that title came with a price. However soon enough this pride in themselves would be tested in the crucible of a war which almost destroyed the very Federation itself.

In early 2371 the order was given for a steady build up in military forces within the Federation as a new threat from the Gamma Quadrant began to emerge, the Dominion. So far little to nothing was known of what kind of military this Dominion had at its disposal and despite the idea of full scale war being abhorrent to all, the Marines found that they were actually eager to test themselves against this new foe. In late 2372 full blown war erupted between the Federation and Klingon Empire over the Federations refusal to recognize the Klingons claim to the Archanis sector, further helping the Dominions goals. During this time Darius Cole was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. His straightforward commonsense approach to fighting and unit tactics had kept most of his men alive during the short lived war and he had gained the respect of his CO, Lieutenant Harrison, who now saw him as an indispensable aid and the two became fast friends.

Also during these war torn years a brighter light shone for Darius in the form of PFC Maria Ramsey. Although relationships between soldiers was frowned on, and even restricted if they served in the same unit, Darius and Maria slowly fell in love. They managed to keep it quiet for a short period of time but nothing remains secret when you fight with the same people and depend on them for your very survival. Although against regs, Darius's CO and friend, Lieutenant Harrison, turned a blind eye.

During these short few months however Darius's personal life also took a heavy blow to offset his happiness in finding Maria. Dawson's Colony, his home and birthplace, being on the border of Klingon space, was mistakenly believed by the Klingons to house a listening post for Starfleet. A small attack wing of starships was sent by the Klingons to destroy this post and it wasn't until every building had been leveled by orbital bombardment that the mistake was uncovered, by which time it was to late for the residence of the Colony. In total 79 of the colonies civilian population were killed including Darius's mother and father. Lieutenant Harrison gave the news to his Sergeant and offered the man a temporary LOA which Darius refused. He simply left his CO's office and went back to killing Klingons taking what little revenge this offered him.

After the Dominion War started in 2373 it raged along the Federation-Cardassian border. Many worlds were at the forefront of this inferno and many innocent lives were lost as the rampaging Dominion forces fought battle after battle against the harassed Federation troops, both in space and on the ground. As losses mounted the Marine Corp was reorganized time and again to fill spaces left in its ranks due to fatalities. One such reassignment had Maria Ramsey being transferred to another Marine Battalion. Before she shipped out Darius proposed to her. In the ruins of a war torn planet in the old Cardassian neutral zone, Darius Cole and Maria Ramsey were married by their units Chaplain with their CO, Lieutenant Harrison as Darius's best man. They knew they may never see each other again, but Darius had managed to convince Maria that this was the right decision, that their love would get them both through the rest of this war and they would meet again on the other side.

During an assault on the Ceres 4 supply depot by the Jem'Hadar they found it being held by Marines of the 1st Battalion under Major Kemp. Lieutenant Harrison and his 1st Sergeant, Darius Cole, were there to meet these ferocious warriors and the battle soon descended into vicious hand to hand fighting as the Jem'Hadar penetrated the depots defenses. Eventually they were driven off, but it was a pyrrhic victory for the Marines. Their casualties ran to around 67% of their men dead and another 10% injured, including Lieutenant Harrison. Major Kemp gave Darius a battlefield promotion to Lieutenant as he was short on officers and knew that the 1st Battalion's remaining soldiers needed familiar faces to lead them. Gathering their dead the Marines evac'ed from Ceres 4 and blew the depot so it could not fall into enemy hands.

Once more in the thick of the fighting during 2374, Lieutenant Cole was walking a fine line of training new recruits even as he led them into heated face to face battles with the hated Jem'Hadar. The casual brutality with which the Dominion soldiers treated the Marine and Starfleet wounded and captured only made the Marines fight all the harder and Cole watched 18-19 year old boys turn into haggard weary old men inside a few months of fighting. Added to his worries was the news toward the middle of 2375 that a transport ship with his wife aboard had gone missing in the bad lands during a supposedly sneak attack on Dominion interests there. Starfleet listed the ship and crew as KIA as no survivors made it back and all ships in the convoy were reported destroyed. Racked by guilt, Darius descended even further into the quagmire of depression around him. All he had to live for now was his men, and the need to kill as many of the Jem'Hadar as he could before he joined his dead wife.

Throughout the galaxy battles were still being fought over ground that was no longer strategically important however. Wars unto themselves now, these battles were just as bloody as the ones being fought on the shrinking frontlines around the Cardassian homeworlds. Late in 2375 the Alliance finally defeated the Dominion forces at Cardassia Prime after the Cardassian military turned on their former allies and sided with the Alliance in one of the biggest naval battles of the war. However even as the Dominion signed the peace accord on DS9 a few days later and a ceasefire was in effect throughout the galaxy, in one small corner the battle raged on.

Late 2375, after the peace accords had finally been signed on DS9, found Kalas V a small forgotten class M moon in a system bordering Cardassian space still being disputed by both sides as it had been for most of the war. As forces had been withdrawn for more important engagements elsewhere the Federation soldiers fell under the command of Major John Kemp. Darius Cole, still under the Majors command and now a Captain, fought on with his depleted units as the Jem'Hadar held their positions no matter what the Marines threw at them. Darius was actually in the command bunker when a flash transmission from Sector HQ came in. Standing beside Major Kemp he read the content at the same time as his CO and a smile grew on his face. Ceasefire. The war was over, they had won. Against all hope he and his men had survived the war. Expecting Kemp to turn and tell the gathered command staff the good news, Darius was amazed when the man deleted the transmission and discarded the datapad turning instead to the holographic strategy map of Kalas V. Calling his Captain over, the Major began outlining a new offensive to him ignoring Darius's attempts to talk to him about the ceasefire.

Kemp had been fighting since the outbreak of war, a decorated hero in many campaigns and a brilliant strategist, Cole assumed Kemp would be as eager for the end of hostilities as he, but Kemp had been fighting for this moon for the last seven months and had lost a lot of men. It had grown in his mind to blind himself to all other issues. He would not stop until he had broken the Jem'Hadar garrison here and won. Kemp and Cole began to argue loudly as Darius tried to convince the men around him that the war was over, they need not continue to fight and die. However with no proof to back up his allegations no one believed him. Placed under arrest by Kemp when he refused to take his men into battle once more, Darius remained in the command bunker under guard as Major Kemp himself took field command and led the surviving Marines in a frontal assault of the Dominion defensive positions. It was a massacre. The Jem'Hadar, having also received their own message of the end of hostilities decided to go out in a suicidal resistance. Both sides fought until none remained on their feet. Sickened by the slaughter, Darius fell apart as this last whim of fate at the very end of the war killed his spirit.

During the weeks and months following his court martial and dishonorable discharge Darius fought over what to do with his future. Kemp had been at fault, and yet Darius had disobeyed a direct order during a battle. The court had no other option considering the circumstances but to find him guilty as charged. Still Cole's anger at what Kemp had done was mitigated by the knowledge the man had broken under the constant strain of the war. Darius had been under Kemps command for years and knew the Major had once been a man of honor and integrity, someone who would have never risked his men so stupidly as he had on Kalas V. None the less at 35, Cole wondered if it was not good fortune that had thrown him out the Marines. The war had taken his wife, his friends, and most of the men he had joined the Corp with. It held nothing for him now.

However fate had decided to step in once again and change Darius Cole's life, this time in the shape of Rear Admiral Jacob De'Story. Orders were cut that required Darius to be at Starfleet Command in San Francisco, Earth. Upon arriving he was directed to the Offices of the Chief of Starfleet Security. It turned out that Admiral De'Story's son had served under Cole during the Dominion War and had written to his father about his CO. The boy swore the only reason he had survived was due to Cole's training and leadership. In payment of this debt, De'Story offered Cole a chance to redeem his career and possibly start a new life. He would transfer to Starfleet Security, attend the Academy's command course so he could serve aboard a starship as tactical/security officer and then .... then they would both see what would happen next. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Darius Cole accepted.

Psychological Profile

Darius has become a quiet, introverted person after his time in the war. Although he doesn't go out the way to avoid gatherings and parties, he finds his own company more bearable now a days. Kind, warm, focused and intense would all describe him in everyday although he tries his hardest to prevent himself becoming attached to his colleagues, he does not want to feel the hurt of losing anyone close to him ever again. In most positions aboard a starship this philosophy could be detrimental, Doctor or Counselor for example, but Darius believes it actually helps him perform his duties in Security with a more professional air. On duty he is focused on the job at hand, no matter what that might be. From a pitched battle or boarding action to normal routine aboard ship, to Darius it's one and the same. Off duty you can find him either listening to music and reading horror stories or ancient history books in his quarters or sitting quietly in the ships bar staring into space making the one drink last all night.

Hobbies: Darius likes horror stories (his favorite authors being Stephen King and HP Lovecraft), Ancient warfare (Greeks, Romans, Egyptians,etc), classical music and country and western, exercising and training (he finds he can think better when working out), poker and fast food.

Years of Service in Azeri Fleet

5 Year Ribbon

Character Awards

The Purple Heart
Issued to characters who are injured during combat missions.

2008 September
Medal of Honour
Issued to characters who have died in the line of duty.

2015 June
Diplomatic Advance Ribbon
Awarded to characters who improves a diplomatic situation.

2013 September
Original Thinking Medal
Awarded to characters for original thinking during a mission. This can be in battle, during a scientific mission or engineering related.

2014 June
Security Award
Awarded when a character does great work in the field of security.

2013 March
Spock Medal of Service
For significant creativity in advancing the goals of Star Fleet. This medal is handed out for worthy contributories across all fields. It can be used for recognition of a brave deed or for an ingenious twist that saves the day, the steady work in a field that doesn’t find recognition otherwise.

2012 June

Player Awards

Rookie Award
For a promising new player. Must be awarded during the players first mission.

2008 March
Harry Kim Award
Awarded to a player who takes an active role in creative areas within the "standard mission".

2012 December
Odo Award
Awarded to a player who brings life to the game and whose influence boosts the creativity of other players in the unit they play on.

2012 September
2013 June
2013 September
2014 June
2015 June
Honour Award
Awarded to a player who has distinguished themself by meritorious participation in the Fleet over a period of six (6) months.

2008 September
2013 December
Allegiance Award
Awarded to a player who has shown dedication, to their ship, or the fleet.

2013 June
2013 September
2014 March
2015 March
Azeri Commendation
Awarded to a player who has gone above and beyond his/her duties as a member of the Fleet by participating in off-game aspects of the ship's life.

2008 June
2013 March
Azeri Cluster
For excellent service as a veteran command player of a unit.

2011 December
Medal of Achievement
Awarded to players who consistently participates in their ship and who better the ship in some manner. It could be through recruiting, providing opportunities for fellow players to get involved more within the game, increases the quality of posting from other crew member, or for exceptional writing themselves.

2012 March
2012 June
2014 December

Special Awards

Aw special.jpg
Shatner Award - Meritorious Anger/Rage/Fury Post
2014 June - "After Action" (Garry) #29584
2015 March - "Confession is good for the soul" (Garry)#26713

Stewart Award - Meritorious Technical Post
2013 June - "Never a knitting needle around when you want one" (Haili/Garry) #24854
2014 June - "The Final Countdown" (Dee/Haili/Garry/Cyd/Brenda/Jaedan/Evan) #26067

Brooks Award - Meritorious Plot Twist Post
2008 March - "Murphy strikes" - (Jenn / Haili / Garry) #15018
2008 June - "Q & A" - (Garry / Tom / Sharon) #15884
2011 December - "Nightmare spelunking" - (Robin / Naya / Dawson / Garry) #23079
2012 March - "Take down" (Therese/Garry/Cyd)" #23508
2014 June - "Brass in glass houses" (Robin/Garry) #26110
2014 December - "Radio Ga-Ga" (Garry) #26451
2014 December - "The Dragon's Maw" (Garry) #26521
2015 March - "Fading Optimism" (Garry/Robin) #26974

Mulgrew Award - Meritorious Creative Subject Heading
2008 March - "How many Engineers does it take to shift a buoy ... there's a joke in there somewhere" - #15018
2008 September - "The adventures of Robin Cole...I mean Darius Hood...I mean Robin Hood!" #16288
2012 March - "I'll meet your plea for permission and raise you a Vulcan" (Garry) #23533
2012 December - "The old ball and chain" (Garry) #24371
2013 March - "What if "what if" had already "What if'd"?" (Garry) #24458
2014 March - "We've been jammed, and it ain't raspberry!" (Therese/Garry) #25699
2014 September - "Something stinks, and it isn't my aftershave!" (Garry) #26305
2015 June - "Potatoes, Toilets or Plasma Injectors" (Garry/Dee) #27050

Bakula Award - Meritorious Comical Post
2008 June - "P..A..R..T..Y? Because I gotta!" #15411
2012 March - "Anyone for mud wrestling?" (Josephine/Therese/Brenda/Garry) #23416
2013 June - "Quick! Put your foot in the door!" (Garry)#24783
2013 December - "D&D, a social experiment" (Garry) #25259
2014 June - "Who Ya Gonna Call" (Garry) #26147
2014 December - "Ashcroft shaped spanner in the works" (Amanda/Garry) #26499
2014 December - "Isn't he cute! Can I have one??" (Garry) #26469

Braga Award - Meritorious Action Post
2009 June - "Who invited THEM?!" - (Garry / Haili) #17921
2013 March - "London Calling"- (Garry) #24700
2013 September - "I can has explosions" (Dee/Garry/Haili/Brenda/Luke)#25113
2014 March - "Shock and Awe" (Dee/Garry/Cyd/Evan) #25781
2014 March - "Life after death" (Garry) #25645
2014 June - "Blink" (Robin/Margaret/Marc-Andre/Garry/Therese/Haili) #25870
2015 June - "Exit stage left" (Garry/Robin/Haili) #27091

Troi Award - Meritorious Emotional Post
2008 March - "Reflections and regrets of a marooned security officer" #15018
2012 March - "Ghost of darkest memory" (Garry) #23419
2014 June - "Home Truths" (Garry) #26116
2014 June - "The Straw that Broke" (Garry/Robin) #25927
2014 September - "Confession" (Garry) #26229
2015 June - "Ryley's Farewell" (Dee/Garry) #27094

Kira Award - Meritorious Adventure Post
2008 June - "Three hundred and one" - #15540
2008 September - "Probing by fire?" - #16157
2012 June - "Aladdin's cave it ain't" (Brenda/Therese/Josephine/Garry) #23655
2015 March - "A visit to the folks" (Garry/Haili/Evan)#26902

Chakotay Award - Meritorious Descriptive Post
2013 December - "In the eye of the beholder" (Garry/Robin/Brenda/Haili) #25519
2014 September - "Ironing out the details" (Cyd/Garry) #26374

Roddenberry Award - Outstanding Post Award
2008 September - "Aryens run" - (Garry / Sharon) #16352
2013 March - "A Secret Weapon" (Dee/Garry) #24587
2013 June - "I'll take interrogation for 10 points?" (Garry) #24794
2013 September - "How the Hell Was He Doing That?" (Garry/Cyd) #24980

Okuda Award - Exceptional Joint Post (JP) Award
2008 June - "Inquest" (Ship-wide) Series beginning #15521
2011 December - "Poke the Tiger, get the claws" - (Robin / Garry) JP Series #22935 - #22963
2012 September - "Smooth as a snakes belly, and twice as dangerous" (Garry/Cyd) #23429
2012 December - "Time and Eternity" (Garry/Therese/Robin/Brenda/Haili) #24310
2013 March - "Expecting someone?" (Dee/Garry/Luke/Cyd/Jai/Brenda) #24606
2013 March - "Hashing it out" (Ship-wide) #24658
2013 June - "The crazy cop - normal cop routine" (Luke/Garry) #24903
2013 September - "Time to face the music...and dance" (Garry/Robin)#25140
2013 December - "On the USS CreepyAsHell" (Garry/Haili) #25506
2013 December - "The end to a perfect evening" (Garry/Robin) #25281
2014 March - "Time to Go!" (Garry/Cyd) #25737
2014 March - "Up to speed" (Shipwide) #25637
2014 June - "It's Good to Be Back" (Dee/Cyd/Garry/Haili/Evan/Jaedan/Brenda) #26086
2014 December - "Ducks in a row...ish" (Shipwide) #26512
2015 March - "A little more time" (Garry/Robin) #26797
2015 June - "Regroup, rethink" (Shipwide) #27083

Player Participation Commendation

Aw p participation.jpg
Awarded each month to a player who contributes a post weekly for the entire month.

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