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Personal Information

Name: Kaeserin Myrsk

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Engineering Officer
Gender: Female
Age: 40
Race: Trill (unjoined)
Birthplace: Trill
Hair Colour: Auburn Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Physical Build: Kaeserin is taller than the average human female standing at 70 inches tall. She hides her muscles well with her lithe body frame allowing for people to underestimate her strength. A pair of brown-bluish spots run down from her hair line to her eyebrows to her toes. Her hair when down is naturally wavy and sits dusting the top of her shoulders. She usually wears it in a French braid or two.


  • Starfleet Academy - Engineering School - Engineer - Mechanical with Warp
  • Starfleet Enlisted School - Mechanic
  • Speciality Training - Damage Control, Armoury: Photon Torpedoes, General Maintenance Operations, Armoury: Phasers, Armoury: Starship Phasers, Electronics: Deflector Shields, Electronics: Life Support, and Ship Mechanics.
  • Trill Symbiosis Training School

Service Record

  • USS Wolverine - Chief Engineering Officer (Lieutenant)
  • USS Orion - Chief Engineering Officer (Lieutenant JG)
  • USS Florence - Acting Chief Engineering Officer (Lieutenant JG)
  • USS Florence - Assistant Chief Engineering Officer (Ensign)
  • Starfleet Engineering Corps, Engineering Battalion, Squad 562 - Combat Engineer (Ensign)
  • Starfleet Engineering Corps, Engineering Battalion, Squad 531 - Engineer Assistant (Ensign)
  • USS Mississippi - Ordnance Operations Officer (Ensign)
  • USS Mississippi - Cadet Cruise (Cadet)
  • Starfleet Academy - School of Engineering
  • USS Torrant - Main Engineering (Chief Petty Officer)
  • USS Torrant - Main Engineering Beta Shift (Petty Officer)
  • USS Torrant - Torpedo Room Alpha Shift (Crewman 1st Class)
  • USS Bering - Maintenance Team Gamma Shift (Crewman 2nd Class)
  • USS Bering - Damage Control Beta Shift (Crewman 3rd Class)


As the only child of Taeryn and Nyala (Cobbs) Myrsk, Kaeserin had everything she pretty much wanted until she became an adult. That’s when her universe started to crash down around her. Originally, she was her family’s hope to carry on the legacy of the women of her family to host a symbiont. She spent the entirety of the latter teenage years grooming herself to get through the commission to be granted a symbiont; it was everything she wanted. That didn’t happen; she was not chosen by the Symbiosis Commission for selection. Heartbroken was an understatement for her. She flunked out the rest of her studies as everything she had trained for was pulled out from underneath her. While she had proven herself in the field exams, she had been far too distracted with the fact that she did not gain a symbiont that she failed her classroom exams. Due to the lower grades from Trill, and poor performance during Academy entrance exams, she was also denied her backup option of Starfleet Academy.

Dejected, she was about to return to Trill when one of the professors pulled her aside. He told her to join as an enlisted to show her performance and adept skills to the Academy. He had recognized her raw talent and realized that she had been working through some personal issues which caused her the distraction to fall below the minimum entrance requirements. Reluctantly, she realized that it was her only option to proceed towards one of her goals, without having to return home to Trill a complete failure; she joined the enlisted ranks.

After going through a small jaunt at the Enlisted School, she started as a Crewman 3rd Class, doing damage control. As enlisted member’s fill positions when needed, she started the moving around between different specialities and various shifts with ever increasing responsibilities; she was still unsure what she wanted to do and where she wanted to be. Once she became a Petty Officer, she had a pretty good idea that she wanted to become a Chief Engineering Officer. Knowing that it would take more than her lackluster performance when she originally applied, she started studying hard and learning how to pass the exams while making sure the chips of her failures that rested on her shoulders were kept in check. She learned slowly over time to not regret failing to join a symbiont and failing to get into Starfleet Academy only to realize now that she had worked herself up through the ranks.

Once she made it into Starfleet Academy with the help of her Chief Engineering Officer’s glowing recommendation, she had only been there a year when the Battle of Wolf 359 happened. This had changed everything for her and she was able to get on the accelerated program due to her prior experience. As well, she had been able to prove herself and earn a spot in the top three percent of the graduating class. She took an Ordnance Operations Officer position on the same ship that she had spent her cadet cruise on. Here she worked through her Armoury specialities mastering the various ship weapons. When the Dominion War broke out, the USS Mississippi was destroyed in 2372. Evacuating on escape pods, they were picked up by USS Majestic. Before they could be absorbed into the Majestic’s crew, the Mississippi’s engineers were pulled by the Engineering Corp to front line action; she went from fleet operations to ground operations in the blink of an eye. She found herself on the front line as a combat engineer assistant. In this position, she aided the chief combat engineer with shoring up defenses on front line colonies that were under the line of attack from the Dominion. Here, she watched her combat engineer die during an attack on their foothold. Without skipping a beat, she quickly finished what he had been working on while under fire.

The remnants of their unit was absorbed into the 562nd Battalion where she was field promoted to Combat Engineer. She finished out the Dominion War as part of the 562nd going to damaged colonies and helped rebuild them. After the war, she was retained on until the Engineering Corps released her back to Fleet Operations. She quickly found a position on the USS Florence, as the Assistant to the Chief of Engineering. Her new found dreams of becoming a chief engineer finally sunk in. She stayed here for a couple of years before her Chief Engineer fell ill and died during a long deep space assignment. She was promoted to be Acting Chief Engineer until they returned back to the Federation. Upon returning to the Federation, she was granted a promotion to Chief Engineer on the USS Orion, after Starfleet denied her application to stay on as the Florence’s Chief Engineer. She stayed here for a couple of months before Starfleet again re-assigned her to the USS Wolverine shortly after when the Orion was decommissioned.

Psychological Profile

Kaeserin had a rough start to her career. In what she thought that everything that could go wrong, went wrong. She keeps her strengths and weaknesses close to the chest as she has turned very driven to achieving her goals, working from the bottom of the enlisted ranks to Chief Engineer. She does have a very bubbly personality once she opens up to her crewmates. It took time and a lot of energy, but she finally figured out once she put her mind to something, that she was capable of achieving it. Failure had a tendency of knocking the wind out of her from time to time when she received the hard knocks. Now that she had has therapy and in field coaching, she has learned to not allow the knocks to set her back.

Of her strengths, she is quite determined when she puts her mind to something, but with training she has learned to be open minded and flexible most of the time. Her quick thinking has gotten her out of many tough spots over the years. On the flip side, her weaknesses revolve around her historical failures of not blending with a symbiont and getting into the academy initially. Her stubbornness has also gotten her in trouble with her superiors from time to time.

Her hobbies have grown over the years as she has grown as an individual. She’s an avid swimmer and rock climber enjoying anything outside she can. She came to learn to love the outdoors as she had always been a student trying to become joined with a symbiont. If joined, she had to make sure to be careful in the outdoors as the symbiont is highly allergic to insect bites. Through her journeys, she came to appreciate multicultural music and art. Martial Arts became her latest greatest hobby as she learned in the field from the troops on how to better defend herself against the attacking Jem’Hadar waves.

“At the initial on-board physical, the physical joining profile was run against Kaeserin Myrsk to determine her capability of hosting a symbiont should something happen to either of the joined Trill on board. She is a successful physical candidate for joining. However, her mental aptitude and distaste for the Symbiosis Commission would make her re-applying for joining highly unlikely. This information has been sealed in her record for her knowledge, if she so asks for it. Until then, she remains unaware that she is physically capable of joining with a symbiont. Knowledge of this could be detrimental to the hard work she has done in progressing past being denied by the Commission.” ~ Chief Medical Officer Torrna, USS Orion.

Player Awards

Rookie Award
For a promising new player. Must be awarded during the players first mission.

2004 December
Nog Award
Encouragement to players whose efforts have been noted.

2015 September
Odo Award
Awarded to a player who brings life to the game and whose influence boosts the creativity of other players in the unit they play on.

2006 March
Allegiance Award
Awarded to a player who has shown dedication, to their ship, or the fleet.

2006 September
2008 September
2011 December
2012 March
2015 January
Valour Award
Awarded to a player who has provided additional work for the ship, crew or Fleet.

2011 September
2014 September
Fleet Commendation
Awarded to a player who has distinguished himself / herself by outstanding meritorious service to the Fleet.

2007 December
2011 June

Special Awards

Aw special.jpg
Stewart Award - Meritorious Technical Post
2004 December - "Connecting the Consoles, one-by-one" - #5948
2005 December - "Breaking through the Barrier" - #9495
2006 September - "Head Aches, Bond Graphs, and Damaging Particles...Does it Ever End??" - #12176
2006 December - "Visit and Discussion" - (Josephine / Therese) #14918
2008 March - "Success in the Shadow of Failure" - #15358
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2012 March - "Chitty Chitty bang BOOM" (Therese/Brenda) #24565
2013 June - "Geeks and Nerds Unite!" (Therese/Brenda) #24858
2014 September - "Flyboy versus Flygirl" (Darren/Therese) #26216
2015 January - "Mad scientist:Engineering style" (Therese) #26977

Brooks Award - Meritorious Plot Twist Post
2011 March - "Darkness looming" - (Haili / Therese / Josephine / Kayla) #21856
2011 June - "Being the Ace Again..." - #22237
2012 March - "Take down" (Therese/Garry/Cyd)" #23508

Mulgrew Award - Meritorious Creative Subject Heading
2010 June - "Tense, nervous headache? Take a CSO and call me in the morning" - (Therese / Garry) #20078
2014 March - "We've been jammed, and it ain't raspberry!" (Therese/Garry) #25699

Bakula Award - Meritorious Comical Post
2010 December - "Unorthodoxicity" - #21370
2012 March - "Anyone for mud wrestling?" (Josephine/Therese/Brenda/Garry) #23416

Braga Award - Meritorious Action Post
2007 September - "Racing in the Nebula?" - (Josephine / Therese) #14068
2014 June - "Blink" (Robin/Margaret/Marc-Andre/Garry/Therese/Haili) #25870

Kira Award - Meritorious Adventure Post
2011 June - "Not Much of a Choice" - #22053
2011 September - "Devil in hiding" (Garry / Therese / Robin / Haili) #22581
2011 December - "Going Down..." - (Dee / Therese / Josephine / Kayla) #23143

Chakotay Award - Meritorious Descriptive Post
2014 December - "Bubble-tat" (Haili / Therese) #26621

Roddenberry Award - Outstanding Post Award
2006 March - "To Fool the Computer, or Break the Black Box" - #10766
2007 December - "Late Night Catching Up" - (Therese / Tom) #14668
2008 June - "Inquest" - (Ship-wide) Series beginning #15521
2010 December - "Something wicked this way comes" - (Therese / Garry / Josephine / Kayla / Haili) 3 posts beginning #21446
2011 March - "Fried Isolinear Chips with a side of Snozberries" - #21554

Okuda Award - Exceptional Joint Post (JP) Award
2004 December - "Cutting the Wrong Wire" - (Vince / Therese) #5935
2007 March - "One Windy Day" - (Therese / Jenn) #12962
2008 March - "Descent into determination" - (Therese / Haili) #15024
2012 December - "Time and Eternity" (Garry/Therese/Robin/Brenda/Haili) #24310
2013 March - "Hashing it out" (Ship-wide) #24658
2013 June - "Prelude to a rescue" (Marc-Andre/Robin/Brenda/Therese/Kayla) 2 part beginning #24911

Player Participation Commendation

Aw p participation.jpg
Awarded each month to a player who contributes a post weekly for the entire month.

2007 May
2007 July
2007 October
2008 June
2008 July
2008 August
2008 September
2008 October
2008 November
2009 July
2009 August
2010 August
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