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Personal Information

Name: Kalar Tovas

Rank: Ensign
Position: Chief Science Officer
Gender: Male
Age: 28 (Terran Years)
Race: Bajoran
Birthplace: {{{Birthplace}}}
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Physical Build: Tall, slight of build, purposeful stride and gaze


Academy Major: Physics and Astrophysics

Academy Minor: Chemistry

Service Record

Cadet Cruise: USS Dionysis

Outpost 121, Stellar Cartography

USS Bristol, Science Officer

USS Churchill, Science Officer

USS T'Varas, Assistant Chief Science Officer

USS Wolverine, Chief Science Officer


A product of post-Occupation Bajor, Kalar Tovas does not display the psychological scars that many of his parents' generation of Bajorans do. That said, he is cognizant and respectful of his peoples' recent history.

Enjoying a rural, simple upbringing, Tovas gained a multi-faceted personality and interests from the agrarian lifestyle his parents embraced for the family. An insatiable curiosity kept him engaged in many intellectual pursuits, and his parents fostered all of his emergent passions. Believing fully in the opportunities for the youth of Bajor in the post-caste and post-occupation world, they encouraged Tovas to explore all opportunities that arose.

Attuned to his environment and very observational, Tovas enjoyed studies in several disciplines during his formative years. Engineering and mechanical proficiency, biology, and biodiversity studies, and the physics of the cosmos were all passions he fostered to some degree or another. The latter interest proved to be his strongest draw, and Tovas attended the University of Bajor to become a graduate in Astrophysics. Thus smitten by the stars, and with his parent's understanding and support, Tovas chose a career with Starfleet shortly after his post-secondary homeworld schooling as a means to further his professional and personal interests.

Kalar accepted several postings in the early part of his career, more out of personal interest for the scientific opportunities than for career aspirations. On his most recent posting, the Nova-class USS T'Varas, Tovas was instrumental in helping to chart the Dethrak Nebula, which earned him an assistant departmental head position.

Like most Bajorans, Kalar Tovas does not like or appreciate individuals referring to him by his given name, Tovas. Of course, the Bajoran naming convention leads to confusion among many of the Federation member races, and he has grown a thicker skin over the inadvertent use of his given name instead of his family name during the nascent part of his Starfleet career.

Psychological Profile

Kalar Tovas is an industrious individual, and it is not uncommon for others to interpret him as aloof or indifferent when in fact he is lost in thought or processing information. Mr. Kalar readily admits that he prefers to mull over ideas in his mind rather than be more collaborative in his thought processes, but he also knows that collaboration is a large part of Starfleet life and is committed to improving this skill.

Mr. Kalar considers himself of an 'enlightened' generation of Bajorans, and bristles when compared to previous generations of emotionally scarred and psychologically fragile kinsfolk. However, I have also noted that some of the Bajoran recent cultural norms are still present, such as a very slight intolerance for Cardassians and a belief of victim identity for the Bajorans as a whole. This is not surprising, for a culture does not heal in a generation or two, but it could be disingenuous for Mr. Kalar to assert they do not exist in him when they still do, even to a diminished degree.

Religion is a large cornerstone of Mr. Kalar's sense of identity, though it is not pervasive through all facets of his personality. Rather, it is a personal conviction that does not appear to spill over into or affect his professional abilities or judgment.


Kalar Tovas is a vociferous reader and collector of literature and will collect and read tomes from as many cultures as he can find translated and readily available. He is especially fond of fiction. He also enjoys holodeck simulations, especially those that portray exotic locales.