Crew's Bio

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Personal Information

Name: Keshan si’Grae

Rank: Civilian
Position: Counselor
Gender: Male
Age: 72
Race: Nerusian
Birthplace: Nerus IV: Sival - SI’Tok
Hair Colour: Pale Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Physical Build: Six foot (1.8m); 168 lbs (72 kg); Tall and slender. Eyes are the most remarkable feature, palest blue, they catch the light and almost seem to hold it captive. Hair dark as midnight and often quite deliberately ruffled. Possesses a natural air of serenity, quiet confidence that generally puts people at ease.


  • SI’Tok Center of Learning
  • Apprenticed to Ath’ketor Kostoi yn’Rei
  • Satellite Courses Provided by San Fran Acad
 Federation Racial Studies
 Federation Law
 Federation Xenopsychology
 Starfleet Protocol
  • “Residency” at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital; Earth
 under Dr. Raymond Hughes, PhD, MD

Service Record

  • Served in the yn’Kai Medical Center
  • Joined Master’s Program at SI’Tok Center of Learning
  • Court appointed Advisor
  • Appointed Nerusian Representative in UFP/Nerusian Exchange Program
  • Residency Program @ Walter Reed Memorial Hospital, Earth
  • Assigned to USS Wolverine as Counselor


Keshan was born in the small province of SI’Tok under the jurisdiction of the Mahre’Tok. He is the only child of Eloi yn’Grae and Sashyn si’Grae. On his third birthday he contracted a virulent strain of pneumonia that nearly took his life. His permanently scarred lungs were only kept functional by the intervention of his mother’s athuane. Keshan would grow up physically sheltered and home schooled by a set of overprotective parents. When Keshan turned thirteen he was given his first Nerus cat as a service animal. Dewa Pet, called ‘Dew’ for short, gave Keshan more freedom to explore the world around him and finally gave his parents the peace to relax and let him go a little bit.

Like all “cooped up” children set free, Keshan had to see everything. It was during this time that his social skills finally had the chance to grow but with a late start he found it difficult to connect with children his age and spent far more time with the community elders and quite often found a way to get involved with his parents’ work. Keshan’s father was a tradesman and his mother a skilled Ath’Ketor (healer). It was the time he spent at the medical center that he enjoyed the most. Helping people was a natural high for Keshan and it would lead him to the desire to follow in his mother’s footsteps.

At sixteen Keshan entered the SI’Tok Center of Learning where he began his education as Ath’ketor, a Nerusian healer. At twenty-one he was apprenticed to an Ath’ketor by the name of Kostoi yn’Rei. Keshan would serve under Kostoi for ten years before he was granted the title Ath’ketor at the age of thirty-one. He would serve the local community at the yn’Kai Medical Center for the next ten years before returning to the SI’Tok Center of Learning at the age of forty-one to join the Master’s program. He would take on five apprentices for the next ten years. One of his apprentices, Lei yn’Khepri, was a relative of the ruling Tekourra’Kai. It was through that connection that Keshan found himself pulled into Court Life.

[Note: Everywhere Keshan went he was accompanied by a Nerus cat. When Dewa Pet passed at the age of thirty-five, Keshan was seven years into the apprenticeship program. He was forced to take six months off as he was transitioned to a new athuane, Nathifa “Nathi” Ieb. His current Nerus cat, Gahiji “Ji” Rek, has only been with Keshan for a year.]

Keshan (51) served as Court Ath’Ketor. He got to know the Tekourra’Kai’s Advisor, a Ka’hemsi (priest) by the name of Anais yn’Lael, on a personal level. It was through Anais that Keshan learned Ta’muhl (the ancient art of deep meditation), Nashwa (the art of hypnotism), Astamae (the art of listening), and Ea’Sab (the art of therapeutic massage). As he looked after the Tekourra’Kai, he also looked after the Ka’hemsi serving in the temple. Years later he would be on hand when the first Federation diplomats arrived, encouraged by the Tekourra’Kai’s connection with a human woman. Nerus IV, was “courted” not only by the UFP but also the Romulans and a few others. (see note at the bottom)

Two and a half years ago Keshan (69) began preparation to cross over, following the Nerusian Athuane Commission’s exchange program, to serve in an exchange officer position. He studied intently about Federation races, Xenopsychology, law, and Starfleet protocol. A year into the process he was interrupted by the passing of his athuane and the transitioning to a new athuane. As a result, the Federation officer taking his position at court arrived six months before Keshan could leave. Then three months later Nerus IV, was struck by a series of earthquakes. Keshan assisted with the recovery and watched in gratitude as the Federation sent in aide and volunteers came to help. It was thought that his journey to Azeri Base would be postponed but the Court insisted he go and so he and Gahiji Rek packed up and headed out.

[Note: Nerus IV, possesses advanced transportation technology (far reaching transporters) and are rumored to possess “gate technology” and the ability to manipulate time though the latter two have never been confirmed. At the same time their population is failing as infant mortality is on the rise and children do not often make it past their third birthday. Their own Ath’ketor have not been able to stop the mysterious illness and the people are desperate for an answer forcing the government to reach out for outside aide. Nerus IV, has been open for peaceful medical intervention and there are many who have come to the planet to help. (Some for the possibility of reward that grows bigger with each telling and others just out of a sense of compassion.)]

Psychological Profile

Sefoi yn’Darq; Tekourra’Kai:

Ath’Ketor Keshan si’Grae has served in my court for a little over two decades. He is quick witted, clever of tongue, and not easily swayed from the course when he has someone for which he feels concern. He may seem quiet or withdrawn from the start but do not be fooled. When he gets to know someone well enough to determine whether his idle chatter is acceptable he can be incessant though I must admit that I find him an enjoyable conversationalist.


Arol es’Quille; Ath’Ketor, Nerusian Tepey Council:

Keshan si’Grae possesses a strong character and steadfast spirit. He has fought long and hard to learn everything he possibly could in preparation for this assignment and we believe him to be completely ready. Although his heart is at home with the latest national tragedy, he is determined to do his people proud and represent us all in the best possible light.


Schandeya Commons; M.D., Ph.D; Federation Exchange Program Committee:

Meeting with Ath’Ketor Keshan si’Grae has been a pleasure. Keshan possesses a natural charisma and quiet grace that makes him easy to converse with and his answers to all questions have been well thought out and equally well spoken. His knowledge of Federation races and cultures is exceptional and he has an open spirit and willingness to learn. I believe he will do an excellent job in the position of counselor and be an asset on any ship command chooses to place him on.


Clay sculpting, Finger Weaving, Storytelling, Exploration (all kinds), Reading (cultural)

Other: Keshan is accompanied by his Nerusian athuane, Gahiji Rek. The feline is often referred to as “Ji”. Ji is not only a healer’s aide but in Keshan’s case is also a service animal. The cat is knee high, weighs about fifty-five pounds, and is well trained. He moves almost in perfect conjunction with Keshan in a “heel stance” and when he’s not needed will fade into the background. Definitely not an attention seeker, half the time people are almost not aware of his presence. He is trained not to react to people unless Keshan gives him the “ok”.