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<div class="bio-award">2017 August</div>
<div class="bio-award">2017 August</div>
<div class="bio-award">2018 September</div>
<div class="bio-award">2018 September</div>
<div class="bio-award">2019 June</div>
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On the edge of the Azeri Sector, carrying on the tradition of Starfleet exploration, the USS Wolverine continues to push the boundaries of the unknown, moving fiercely into the great beyond.

Known to French-Canadian's as the carcajou, the wolverine on Earth is a stout and heavyset creature that will do anything to survive, including the ingestion of carrion in absence of live prey. It is withthe quality of endurance, steadfast determination, and brilliant resolve that the crew of the Wolverine achieve their ongoing missions.

Moving together through the indefinite spectrum of the universe; the crew of the Wolverine blazes into the darkness, pushing the limits of human creativity. What you write, is where we go. Join us in writing her future.

Ship Awards


Unit Posting Commendations'
Awarded to a unit which has all 'active' players post the expected number of quality posts in a month.

2004 March
2004 April
2004 May
2004 June
2004 July
2004 September
2004 October
2007 March
2007 July
2007 August
2008 January
2008 April
2008 May
2008 June
2008 July
2008 August
2008 September
2010 June
2010 July
2010 August
2010 December
2011 August
2011 September
2011 November
2011 December
2014 February
2015 May
2016 November
2017 March
2017 August
2018 September
2019 June

Unit Fleet Commendation

Unit Fleet Commendation
Awarded to a unit which has distinguished itself by meritorious service in the service of the United Federation of Planets over a period of twelve (12) months.

2005 May
2006 September
2007 September

Unit Mission Commendation

Unit Mission Commendation
Awarded for outstanding performance in the service of the Fleet during a single mission that sets an example for the fleet.

2008 May - "Stranded"
2009 March - "Identity"