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{{Crew|CSciO|Cobon Vois}}
{{Crew|CSciO|Cobon Vois}}
{{Crew|CMO|Cameron Crewe}}
{{Crew|CMO|Cameron Crewe}}
{{Crew|CNS|Keshan si’Grae}}

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Position Rank Name Gender Race
CO Comm captain.jpg Elizabeth Cherenzhenko Female Human
XO Comm lt commander.jpg Darius Cole Male Human
FCO Comm ensign.jpg - - -
COPs Se ensign.jpg - - -
CSO Se lieutenant jg.jpg Wheatleigh Stowe Female Human
CEO Se lieutenant.jpg Kaeserin Myrsk Female Trill (unjoined)
CSciO Sm ensign.jpg Cobon Vois Male Trill (joined)
CMO Sm lieutenant.jpg Cameron Crewe Female Human
CNS Sm blank.jpg Keshan si’Grae Male Nerusian