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Mission 002 - The Wormhole

TO: Captain McGroll - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - The Wormhole
STARDATE: 24.0508

Captain McGroll,

Firstly, let me congratulate you on your promotion to the rank of Captain.

Secondly, your mission orders ... we have information at hand that leads us to believe there is a wormhole in sector B-016; a stable wormhole. The sighting has been reported by several civilian ships and we have no reason not to believe those reports.

Your orders are to investigate this wormhole.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2004 - May

After completing their Mission on Palie IV, the Wolverine went on shore leave where it had an engine refit. During the shore leave, Commander McGroll is promoted to Captain, and Ensigns McCall and Carrington are promoted to Lieutenant JG.

When shore leave was over, the Wolverine got its mission orders to investigate reports of a wormhole in deep space sector B-016. It is a 60 day journey from Azeri Base to the sector of the alleged worm hole.

Upon arriving at the site of the wormhole the Wolverine comes up empty, until a wormhole opens, and an alien ship comes through, heavily damaged. Following the aliens through the wormhole is a Borg sphere. The alien ship is unable to communicate with the crew of the Wolverine, where the CSciO , Ensign Taluk, is given the task in establishing communications. The aliens engage the Borg, and Captain McGroll orders for the Wolverine to aid the aliens.

During the battle, all three ships are damaged, where the Wolverine retreats. The alien ship makes repairs, and the Borg sphere quickly repairs it self, and moves in on the Wolverine. Captain McGroll informs Star Fleet HQ about the situation and on her trip back to the bridge, the Borg attack the Wolverine, where the Captain is knocked unconscious. Commander Cuomo takes command, but does not have much success. During the second part of the battle between the Wolverine and the sphere, many are injured, and Ensign Taluk is one of the casualties. The new CNS, Ensign Simmons, takes on the task of the communication with the aliens, and he establishes full communications taking on where Ensign Taluk left off.

The Wolverine is caught by the Borg sphere in a tractor beam, and cannot escape. Lt. Carrington comes up with the idea to bombard the sphere with a subspace pulse, disrupting the communication the Borg depend on to have their single mind. The Wolverine sends the subspace pulse at the Borg sphere, and the Borg are disabled. Captain McGroll orders for 10 torpedoes to be beamed into the sphere, where they are detonated and the sphere is destroyed. As the sphere is destroyed, the Borg manages to send out a probe through the wormhole. Captain McGroll orders for the Wolverine to pull back to a solar system.

Still waiting for a response form Star Fleet HQ, the Wolverine waits for orders on the new situation it finds itself in.

2004 - June

Sensors on the other side of the wormhole pick up transwarp signatures, and later they pick up a Borg cube heading straight to the worm hole. Meanwhile, the Wolverine is retreating to a solar system while they wait for orders from Star Fleet HQ. While in hiding, an away team is sent to the Kereel ship, where they find communication between them extremely difficult. The Kereel need an compound to fix their ship on a planet near the wormhole, and after a misunderstanding, the Kereel head to the planet with the away team on board. Captain McGroll orders to follow, and bring the away team back to the Wolverine. Sensors have also picked up the Borg have gone through the worm hole and they are investigating the wreckage of the previous battle. Captain McGroll decided to hide the Wolverine in a nebula while they wait for reinforcements.

While the Wolverine is hiding in the Nebula, the Captain comes up with a plan to distract the Borg while they wait for help. McGroll gives the task of forming five teams to destroy the five probes that the Borg have launched, to Dr. Simmons and Lt. Mazil. The two officers work together to create the teams, and Commander Cuomo and Ensign Taluk work together to come up with a plan to destroy the probes.

Finally the day has come for the first team to go and destroy a probe. The away team leaves on a shuttle, where the Wolverine will not help out, it will only monitor.

Notes: Ensign Zel Sirran is in route to the Wolverines coordinates, he will be the Wolverines OPS officer. Lt. Cmdr. Cuomo was promoted to Commander.

2004 - July

Hiding in a Nebula, the Wolverine launches a series of small team assaults on the Borg probes. The results are mixed as some are successful and some failures. Surprisingly the Borg does not search for the Wolverine, and eventually help arrives in the form of a Sovereign and a Prometheus ship. Receiving orders from Star Fleet HQ to attack the Borg Cube, the three ships attack the cube. With surprising ease, the Cube is destroyed. It turns out the arrival of USS Voyager from the Delta quadrant disrupted Borg communications and they were weakened as a result. After they defeat the Cube, Star Fleet sends orders for the Wolverine to report to Star Base 632, while a taskforce is being sent to the wormhole for further exploration. Arriving at Star Base 632, the Wolverine undergoes restocking and repairs. The crew is given shore leave.

During shore leave, old friends are reunited, along with some old enemies. Doctor McCall with the help of her friend Doctor Tamsin reveals the crimes of their old foe Garfield Torrington. Also during the shore leave, there is a ceremony held for those lost in their recent encounter with the Borg.

Notes: Remeti Mazil is promoted from Lieutenant Junior Grade to Full Lieutenant.

2004 - August

Shore leave continues, during which a memorial service is given in remembrance of those that were lost in the Wolverine's recent battle with the Borg. After which, orders are received from star fleet for all senior officers to undergo basic training in flying fighters. The intolerable Commander Rabb frays nerves, rubs people the wrong way. After what felt like an eternity back in boot camp, the captain kicks Rabb off the ship so that the Wolverine can start its new mission.