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Mission 004 - Crash Landing

TO: Captain McGroll - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Crash Landing
STARDATE: 24.1017

Captain McGroll,

Within the Sector of B-009, two warp capable cultures, the Fyliner and the Tjoolerins, have been at war with each other since the Federation has known them. Neither race has shown any interest in joining the Federation and, the fact of the matter is, the Federation is not willing to have them join while they use prohibited weapons such as bio weapons and subspace rippers. However, this does mean that the Federation is unable to interfere or get involved. To date, their war has not escaped the sector, thankfully.

Now, between the two warring cultures lies a Neutral zone which the Federation Scientists are keen to observe. This planet, labeled as Alpha 3452 Zelda, is classed as a primitive planet, not yet warp capable. This planet is of no interest to the Fyliner or the Tjoolerins.

Unfortunately though, its occupants have been involved in their own planetary, internal war involving nuclear weapons, similar to the of Earth's World War III, and it is this situation in which the Federation is interested. Both the Fyliner and the Tjoolerins have agreed to permit the Federation enter their neutral zone under the proviso they do not interfere with them.

Captain McGroll, your orders are to make your way to B-010 to collect four (4) scientists.

- Dr Ramstedt: Specialty is alien physics
- Professor Haag: Specialty is Environmental issues
- Dr Guntenfield: A psychiatrist whose specialty is cultural structures and behaviors.
- Dr Lithman: Specialty is plants and wildlife.

You are then to transport these scientists to sector B-009 so they may observe the effects of a post-nuclear war in the hope that information found will help understand what happened to Earth directly after their World War III.

I cannot express the importance of following the Prime Directive. These scientists are to make their observations only from as close as a low orbit and under no circumstances is anyone to visit the surface of Alpha 3452 Zelda due to the high levels of radiation still present.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2004 - October

Shore leave cancelled. The Wolverine is ordered to escort a group of scientists on a study of a world recovering from a world-wide military action that used atomic weapons. The world to be studied is situated between two warring and highly paranoid worlds that are noted for using subspace weapons, but have agreed to allow Starfleet to send a vessel for the mission. While most of the senior crew is concerned about the potential dangers of the mission, Commander Cuomo has proven to be spending more time worrying about the fact that his encounter on Azeri Base was with his new chief of operations. During the voyage out, Captain McGroll and Ensign Shahra entered into a mind meld, and discovered a mutual physical interest in the same person. Both have begun exhibiting signs of the other's personalities, suggesting a potential problem in the future.

2004 - November

En route to Alpha 3452 Zelda, the Wolverine has its first contact with the Fyliners and Tjoolerians. Due to constantly changing battle grounds, the neutral zone is not the safe zone it was once thought to be and the Wolverine experiences the power of a subspace ripper. The battle ends, but not with out the Wolverine receiving damage. Repairs were made, and the Wolverine continued to Alpha 3452 Zelda.

Upon entering the planets system, the Wolverine detects a satellite system orbiting the planet, and doesn't enter orbit until a way can be found to enter orbit with out being detected by the planets natives. While working on this minor problem, a missile is launched at the Wolverine. The origin of the missile is unknown but it appears to have been launched from the planets moon. The Wolverine starts to loose power. Also the missile releases lethal doses of radiation. In a split second decision, Commander Cuomo tries to get the Wolverine into orbit before all power is lost, but it was unsuccessful and the Wolverine crash lands in a desert part of the planet.

After the crash, the crew makes its way out of the Wolverine. Scout teams are sent out to survey the area for necessities while the shuttle bay is prepared as a shelter for the night. The scouts return to report that the natives, (the Wiggians) have surrounded the Wolverine, and seem to be observing them. With the first nightfall, Captain McGroll orders that guards be set up because the intentions of the natives are unknown.

First contact is made with the Wiggians, and their leader Pal wants to talk to the Captain. Captain McGroll goes with them and returns early the next morning, exhibiting strange behavior. Shahra because of her mindmeld with the Captain feels that something strange is going on, and with the help of Cuomo, she sneaks into her tent.

2004 - December

It turns out that the Captain had been replaced with an imposter, and the real Captain was being held in a Wiggian stronghold. The Wiggians try to pry out information from the Captain regarding high security codes, but she doesn’t budge. Unknown to the crew of the Wolverine the Fyliners are in contact with the Wiggians. The Fyliner pressure the Wiggians into getting the codes out of the Captain, and when they realize that they cannot get anything out of her, they come up with a plan to capture senior officers from the crash site and torturing them in front of her in hopes of her giving up information.

Meanwhile at the base, it is figured out that the Fyliner and Wiggians are working together. In the attack of the Wiggian forces, Doctor McCall is captured, and the imposter Captain disappears. In the morning, when it was clear to come out of the Wolverine, the Tjoolerins beam down, and get in contact with Commander Cuomo.

The Tjoolerins, like the Fyliner want information out of the Wolverine, but they cannot take it with out a fight because they lack the sophisticated transporter technology to required to beam up computer cores and photon torpedoes. The Commander doesn’t agree to their terms, and the Tjoolerins try to wait him out.

Doctor McCall is brought in front of the Captain and still the Captain refuses to give up the information they want. The Wiggian officer tortures McCall in front of the Captain, and it is too much for the scarred Vulcan and she enters a catatonic state. The Doctor manages to escape from the prison, and gets in contact with Lt. Mazil.

A search team is assembled, and in the desert night they go out to find their comrades. Lieutenant Hunt also joins the crew of the Wolverine when his shuttle is attacked and he is forced to land on the planet. The team manages to find the Captain and Doctor, and retreat safely back to the Crash site. At the camp site, the look out sees overwhelming Wiggian forces moving in on their location, and Commander Cuomo contacts the Tjoolerins. Agreeing to give the Tjoolerin the hardware, but no codes, in exchange for their rescue, the Tjoolerin leader Chu’k agrees. The crew is transported off the planet, and taken back to Azeri Base.

On return, plans to retrieve what could be retrieved of the USS Wolverine were put it place.

Shore leave

When the crew arrives back at the base, the Captain has fallen into a coma. Commander Cuomo was promoted to Captain, and assigned to the USS Endurance a Sovereign Class ship. Lieutenants (jg) Carrington and McCall were promoted to Full lieutenants, and Ensign Shahra was promoted to Lieutenant (jg). Doctor McCall resigned her commission to take care of Helena.

All crew transfered to the USS Endurance.