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Mission 006 - Mark of the Beast

TO: Captain Ian Dalhousie - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Mark of the Beast
STARDATE: 25.0801

Captain Ian Dalhousie,

Firstly, let me congratulate you on your promotion to the rank of Captain and on your command post based on the USS Wolverine.

Secondly, your mission orders ... Planet Entok, in the Hyroga Sector (A-016), is a class M planet with a relatively small population (30 Million) in total. Early last year they applied to join the United Federation of Planets. Entokian technological dominance in cybernetics has made their application to the Federation exceptionally desirable. Their application was accepted and given what they had to offer to the Federation, their membership was fast tracked and pushed forward within the priority sequence.

The USS Lester Pearson, a nova class starship, was ordered to take Admiral S'lara, a female Vulcan, to Planet Entok. She was appointed as the Federation's representative whose role is to be the arbiter to the Entokian's petition during the final negotiations. However, on the eve of those negotiations, we mysteriously lost contact with the ship.

We know that the USS Lester Pearson's communications array was experiencing difficulty prior to the negotiations, however, atmospheric conditions on Planet Entok does prevent any long range communication from the surface so this is possibly the reason for their loss of contact.

Your orders are to take the USS Wolverine out to investigate the situation. Report back to Azeri Base immediately with an update of the situation. Your orders include remaining on site and assisting Admiral S'lara.

It is imperative that you ensure that the proper Diplomatic Protocol is followed.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2005 - August

The beginning of the month saw the assemblage of the crew of the Wolverine before she began her journey to meet her next mission.

The new mission in the Hyroga Sector was to essentially investigate a problem the Lester Pearson had with its communication array, and report back to Azeri Fleet with an explanation. Further to this, the Wolverine's mission orders were to remain on site and assist with these negotiations and help bring this race adept in cybernetic technology into the federation.

En route, Caine and Dalhousie discussed rumors that the Entokian's might be creating something much more than merely cybernetic technology, but devout to creating something that was more along the lines of artificial intelligence. Further to this, Yornan brought to light that certain aspects of Entokian blood made it clear that their technology, while preformed fabrication, the cybernetics were bio-mimetic without requiring nano-technology. But as Yornan gave the biological background, he cited that it would take a Science Officer to explain the science.

After the twelve day journey to the Hyroga sector, the crew found themselves at the Planet Entok – where the Pearson had used the limited external communications device of a shuttle to communicate with the Wolverine. Captain Dalhousie invited their senior staff, and the Entokian delegates to a diner - yet to be had - aboard the Wolverine later that day.

Subsequent to the invitation, a visit from Admiral S'lara, granted permission for the crew of the Wolverine to explore the planet surface.

The Chief Medical officer was one who took up the offer, after a communiqué from Botaxx. Botaxx, the CMO of the USS Lester Pearson, contacted Doctor Yornan for them to meet each other on the planet's surface. Once the doctor arrived, however, Yornan found Botaxx dead and returned to the ship.

Meanwhile, the O'Donnell took a trip of his own to the USS Lester Pearson and seemed to find something a 'bit wonky' over there, and expressed his warnings to the Captain.

2005 - September

While hosting a diner for an Entokian delegation on board the Wolverine, a routine event turned into an evening of chaos. Initially, the embarrassment of the ships art director getting herself drunk and sobbing in a corner near a plant began the night's events. Following this, the ship had power fluctuations, with the communications systems also going down. Once main systems were restored, long-range communications remained irrevocably damaged.

The following morning, a staff meeting was the first order of business before the senior staff made their way to the planet Entok for their tour of a TECH OP Facility. After the senior staff beamed down, they had somehow missed the Chief of Security - who later joined the team wearing a medical uniform.

2005 - October

During the month of October the crew of the Wolverine beamed down to Entok and were able to tour the Eastern Facility. One of the most interesting aspects to the tour was the Primary Chamber. The Primary Chamber, it was learned was a key component to the Entokian Artificial Biological Replacement System. In this system, biological bodies were shed, and their consciousnesses were placed inside an everlasting replica. Replicas were only indistinguishable from the original on the subatomic level.

Using Quantum Organic Chemistry, a process of Quantum chromodynamics were used to create these artificial replicas. Quarks as the primary building blocks in the procedure, each atom's nuclei were altered on the subatomic level to ensure it would last forever. With particle accelerators, the smaller particles were sped up, causing them to collide with one another, thus changing their energy of motion into this 'perfect' matter.

After the tour, the senior staff were given their assignments by Captain Dalhousie and returned to the ship. After receiving a number of Entokian delegates, the ship returned to Azeri Base where the crew awaits re-assignment.