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Mission 008 - Tempest

TO: Captain Minka Stannes - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Tempest
STARDATE: 26.0504

Captain Minka Stannes,

Ebria was said to be a masterpiece in the works, charted out by TekKiko Corp to be the next great grain world on Planet Farratus (located in Sector B-007 in the Kikonian System), once the atmospheric processing was stable enough to let the terraformers come in and start their work.

The first stage was a small but dangerous venture with maybe a hundred people taking care of the processing plants from one core facility, set up to to weather the terrible storms planetside, which was in fact the worst enemy of this facility; or so it was thought, until it became clear that someone was sabotaging the facility.

At this critical point in the atmospheric refinement, any further damage to the processing units may cause irreparable damage to the planet, causing not only a massive monetary loss for TekKiko Corporation and its backers, but to the lives of the people in the facility.

It is for these reasons you are ordered to Planet Farratus and help how you can. If the refiners cannot be stabilized, all civilians must be evacuated and further deterioration prevented.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2006 - May

The new crew of the USS Wolverine came aboard Azeri Station expecting to find a post ready and waiting for them, only to end up with a knot of confusion and a line of red tape spanning from computer malfunctions and mistaken identities. Their IDs swap out from one check to the next or are shown mirroring at three separate locations at a time. As the crew attempts to piece together exactly what's going on as well as who should actually be on board the Wolverine mission orders arrive from on high.

The official reports stated that the Wolverine was to reach the Planet Farratus and aid the people there in fixing their atmospheric processing plant or whisk them away to safety. The orders however missed the fact that there were full families crammed into the squalor and they'd waited so long for aid that they were rioting regularly. They aren't taking to the crew too kindly even with their promises of aid. The mysterious appearance a wounded young girl in a restricted area and talk of sabotage only add fuel to the fire in an all ready caustic situation.

2006 - June

It had been near a month before the Corp had called for assistance. Why the Corp waited so long still remains unresolved.

Leader of the Local People and working for the Corp - Ed Liam On first appearance, Ed Liam, looked to be a good guy, but as the events unfolded, he was looking suspicious.

Once planetside, the USS Wolverine crew found themselves at a run down, crippled Atmospheric Processing Centre nestled into the crust of the uninhabitable planet. The centre had a number of levels knee deep in sludge in most places, waist deep in others. It was smelly, cold and dark.

  • Common Areas - Under water
  • Sleeping Chambers - under water

The centre was full of families who had become ill, hurt or were just in a terrible mood. Riots ensued on multiple occasions. Most ailments involved a wet cough.

The official report given stated that the place had been sabotaged and needed repairing or evacuating. As the investigation unfolded, it appeared that this was not the truth.

Those USS Wolverine officers that beamed down to help, immediately began a clean up. A triage/mess hall was set up in one of the dry areas. The ill and wounded were beamed to the USS Wolverine while the others stayed planet side and were given food rations, clean water, and blankets for warmth.

Meanwhile, security set up a perimeter and started to search for what they thought was a possible saboteur. The sabotaged equipment was investigated and it was found that the replicator had been blasted apart rather than sabotaged. It was theorised that whoever did this either worked for the corporation, or had some way of getting in and out of the areas blown up without being detected.

Diaz located another complex, about 156 kilometres from this one. Suspicions were raised as to why Ed Liam has never referred to this at any time since the USS Wolverine arrived. As the investigation unfolded, it was becoming more and more apparent that he was holding back crucial information.

The CEO found a young child. Although the child was fine, so much blood on her raised alarm bells. In the search for answers, CSO and COPS started a search in the hope to find whoever may have been with the girl. They discovered a severed limb.

During the search, the CSO and COPS became separated. Not long after, an explosion occurred. This explosion caused the CEO, COPS and CSO to be trapped beneath the rubble.

Insectoid creatures have been found within the complex. Why it was not reported that these existed is still unknown. They are described as being:-

  • 3-4 foot heigh alien
  • bug like creature (Beetle-like)
  • Have exoskeletal carapaces of a dark blue sheen
  • One was seen feeding on human remain
  • Have birthing pits
  • Make clickety noises
  • Able to tear humanoid limbs apart

It is believed that the terraforming company Ed Liam works for had selected this planet and that there is no way that scans would have missed picking up a creature like this. The question remains unanswered ... why wasn't the find disclosed?

Possible reason - It is theorised that they had hidden the truth so they could complete what they had to do, on schedule

An explosions occurred. Everyone, officers, Corp workers and families were transported to the USS Wolverine. Some people remained trapped including Wolverine officers; CEO, COPS and CSO. The XO lead an away team down to the area, in search of survivors.

Most of the local people were now on the USS Wolverine, except for those still trapped by the explosion and those looking for survivors. Three of the five mobile hospitals that the Akira Class have on standby were deployed:-

  • Cargo Bay 1 - Full
  • Cargo Bay 2 - The triage room (Include the deployment of the Mobile Hospitals)
  • Cargo Bay 3 - Now in use. Temporary billeting, clean up, and roomassignment. 21 children found had been taken to Cargo Bay 3
  • Equipment brought in: decon showers, cots, replicator access

During the search and rescue, Diaz also found information room. He packed all the documents, found all computer access codes and sent those back to the ship.

All there officers were found with various injuries.

The ship saw the departure of the CO and CMO, replaced by Captain Sam Morgan and Dr L'omas respectively. Lieutenant Barrett, the new FCO arrived. Ensign Beliveau, the new CSciO, also arrived.

Because no one from the Corp would know Barrett, Morgan asked her to go in undercover as a member of the Corp. Her orders were to seek our Ed Liam, gain his trust, and find out the truth behind what happened.

Ensign Beliveau was told to examine the information that Diaz sent to the ship. The information indicated that there was an entire community of bug-like creatures below, something the USS Wolverine crew were not supposed to know about. It was important to find out why such a community was not mentioned in any preliminary reports before the Corp began the first stages of terraforming.

2006 - July

The bug-like creatures were known as 'Coleoptera Erectus' and it was found out they were sentient.

It was found that a colleague of Beliveau, Cornelius McDaniels, had done the preliminary survey of the planet on behalf of the Corp. He was not known to be culturally intolerant and thought many species inferior to Humans regardless of sentience or cultural progression. His preliminary surveys actually uncovered this sentient species but he held back that information from the Corp. Instead, he used the Corp's Terraforming Project to cover up his own personal project of studying this species.

As expected 'Coleoptera Erectus' were adverse to what was happening and reacted in the only way they knew; they defended their right for survival.

The Corp Terraforming Project was halted, everyone removed and McDaniels taken into custody.

Once back at Azeri Base, the crew took shoreleave and took on cadets who were to accompany them on their next mission.