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Mission 009 - The Rift

TO: Captain Samantha Morgan - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - The Rift
STARDATE: 26.0803

Captain Samantha Morgan,

The Federation constitution class USS London and a K't'inga Klingon battlecruiser Krotak, which were both reported missing around 60 years ago, have been found recently drifting 'in' a rift called the Stycs Rift.

The Federation ship was crewed by Humans and Vulcans, while the Klingon ship was fully crewed by Klingons only.

The information we were able to retrieve from preliminary scans is very sketchy but we do know both ships are functioning... although just barely. Both ships show signs of various battle scars but neither ship has been totally destroyed.

The exact location within the rift is not completely known.

Your mission is to search and retrieve both ships and those that are currently on those ships. Ensure all is returned safely to Azeri Base.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2006 - August

The USS Wolverine crew continued to deal with the cadets who would be travelling with them in their up and coming mission.

During the trip to the Stycs rifts the crew underwent many drills, mostly for the benefit of the cadets that were now amongst them as well as researching what lay ahead for them.

It was found that the Stycs Rift contained high concentrations of ion storms and subspace gravimetric distortions. Both of which limited communications and sensors to only a one light year range once inside. Radiation was also present in the rift.

The Klingon Battle cruiser, Krotac, is commanded by a Captain K’tec. K’tec was responsible for the destruction of two other Federation starships, the USS Jakarta and USS Cape Town, both Miranda-class cruisers prior to his encounter with the Constitution-class vessel.

On Mission Day 44 we entered the rift and begun the search For the USS London and the Klingon Battlecruiser Krotac. Due to the limitation on ships sensors, to increase the ground they could cover during the search, four (4) danube class shuttles were sent out; one to take point, one on either flank and one at the back. There was evidence to suggest their were other ships, other than the two the Wolverine were looking for, that had gone missing in the Rift.

The last communique from Azeri Base was received by the USS Wolverine. They found themselves out of range to receive anything further.

The search resulted in locating a distress signal. Federation in nature and and very old. Wolverine set a course. Enroute to the distress signal the USS Wolverine came across a temporal distortion. Lost in the distortions were 2 shuttles, the USS St. Lawrence and the USS Guadalquivir.

To prevent the USS Wolverine from being caught up in the temporal distortion, the lead shuttle fired shuttle torpedoes in an effort to disperse some temporal rifts to the front of the shuttle, causing a pathway for this shuttle to lead the USS wolverine forward.

The USS London and the Krotak Klingon Battlecruiser were found. When the USS Wolverine arrived the Battleship moved away and cloaked, slowly.

Medical and food supplies would be supplied to both the USS London and the Klingon Battlecruiser. An away team would board the USS London with the supplies which would also give the Wolverine crew a chance to see what shape the USS London was in exactly. A Klingon contingent would be transported to the USS Wolverine in order to 'break down the barriers'. There medical and food supplies would be transported to the Klingon Ship along with an away team once it was felt the barriers had been broken down a little. The Wolverine crew also needed to know what state the Battlecruiser was in exactly.

It was believed that the temporal fields were formed by the high number of ions storms within the rift. It was also believe that a rescue attempt to retrieve the two lost shuttles was possible.

It was found out that the supply Dilithium on both ships was suffering greatly.

2006 - September

It was believed that the high number of ions storms within the rift formed the temporal fields. It was also believe that a rescue attempt to retrieve the two lost shuttles was possible.

T'Pak and Beliveau managed to rescue the two shuttles that went missing when a temporal distortion occurred.

Contact was made with the USS London.

  • Captain Pete Davis was a paranoid person, filled with rage and anger towards the Klingon Battelecruiser and its Captain
  • Medical supplies and increased food supplies were delivered to them by Diaz (XO) and Anvers (CNS).
  • Barrett (CEO) also went over to check out the state of the ship first hand. She found a small presence of Ionized Pyrosulfates on board the London. Mix those with Dilithium Hydroxls and you get dead Dilithium. It wasn't noticeable until too late hence the reason why Capt Pete Davis on the USS London did not leave the rift when he could.
  • The USS London crew were greatly underweight and mal-nourished.
  • The ship was a hue of red - powered down to conserve power
  • Damage everywhere, from the constant battles it had been in with the Krotec.
  • Many systems had long since failed.
  • The few that were working slightly continued to malfunction intermittently.
  • Crew has an obsession with defeating the Klingons and Captain Davis kept demanding Morgan of her duty to help him accomplish that. She refused to do.
  • USS London crew carried non-powered weapons with them all the time; knives, clubs, staffs, etc
  • Capt. Davis pointed out that his own crew were attacking each other at times.

IKS Krotec contact was made.

  • Invited K'tec (Krotec CO) to the USS Wolverine.
  • Morgan was able to speak with Captain K'tec and persuaded the Klingon Captain to board her ship to discuss their current situation. She gave them Bloodwine and gagh - hoping to 'break down the barriers'.
  • Medical Supplies and extra food supplies were transported to the IKS Krotec.
  • Crew had an obsession with defeating the Captain Davis and destroying the USS London.
  • Krotec crew carry non-powered weapons with them all the time; a variety of Klingon blades, knives, bet'leth's etc.
  • They also experienced intermittent power flunctions.

There had been many battles between the IKS Krotec and the USS London, and both Captains admitted it was strange, because every time one of them got the upper hand, the other somehow miraculously stuck back or was able to escape and live to fight another day.

Random Power fluctuations began to occur on the USS WOlverine - just like what had happened the USS London and the IKS Krotec. Barrett (CEO) had said their own damage was progressively getting worse.

Barrett (CEO) discovered that when ionized pyrosulfates were mixed into the core through the injectors, which destroyed Dilithium. If slowly mixed into the core, it could degrade them slowly. It was believed this is what caused the dilithium supplies to decrease on both the Krotec and the London.

K'tec wanted to return to his ship. He was escorted to the transporter room but the power failed. He accused Morgan of treachery. A fight broke out. K'tec and his men were overcome and secured in Guest Quarters.

When the Klingon Captain had not returned to the IKS Krotec at the schedule time they fired upon the USS Wolverine. No major damage done.

A major power failure occurred ship wide. Shields went down among other things. The warp core went off line totally and was unable to be brought back online. Most back up systems came back online, intermittently. Barrett (CEO) explained that the damage to the USS Wolverine was progressively getting worse but if she flooded the ship with muons, this would help determine just how much time they had before all systems suffered something similar to the USS London and the Krotec.

In the guest room with K'tec was Ellwood (CSO), Beliveau (CSciO) and Hunter (Cadet). A transporter lock from the Krotec managed to take hold of all three of them, along with some of the Klingon crew. They were beamed to the Krotec. K'tec missed the beam out, and remained on the USS Wolverine. Unfortunately, while they were there, they were accused of Betraying the Klingons because they were not informed of the medical and food supplies that were sent over. A fight broke out and Ellwood was knocked unconscious. Beliveau managed to get to the Krotec transporter controls and beamed Hunter (Cadet) and Ellwood (CSO) back to the USS Wolverine. Ellwood remains unconscious in sickbay. Beliveau remained on the Krotec and challenged the Krotec XO for his position. He killed the Krotec XO and found himself in command of the ship while the Krotec's CO was on the USS Wolverine.

Dr L'omas (CMO) found out that some of the USS London crew would suffer permanent brain damage due to their long exposure to malnutrition.

Captain Davis returned to the USS Wolverine and accused Morgan of conspiring with the enemy. With K'tec still on board the USS Wolverine also, Morgan had Anvers (CNS) and Diaz (XO) bring him to the Observation Lounge where she was currently with Davis. The shared a few common things ...

  • Unexplainable power failures
  • Unexplainable power enhancements
  • Explained how they had both began to produce their own food supplies when it looked like they would be stranded in the rift for longer than their current supplies would last. But their attempts failed more often than not, only to suddenly be in abundance at the oddest moments and when they needed it most.

Barrett (CEO) was able to get most of the primary systems back up and running but they were still only intermittently working. She found out that the Dekyon particles detected, which proved that there was some form of temporal difference inside of this rift. That explained how the ships were gone for 60 years, but had only aged as much as we saw that they have. Also found verterons. These particles disable most power systems.

Unknown by the crew of the USS Wolverine, the USS London, and the Krotec, there was an outside influence involved here. Just what that is remains unknown (And will be for some time yet). Both Anvers (CNS - Betazoid) and T'Pak (FCO - Betazoid/Vulcan) have sensed it but cannot pinpoint what it is, nor what it actually does. They simply sense "a" presence.

Holdeck 3 malfunctioned while a few cadets were inside. Morgan (CO) and Barrett (CEO) went to investigate and found themselves trapped.

Ekaad (COPs) was beginning to show signs of rage.

Beliveau (CSciO) was being challenged for the Krotec XO role many times. He found out that this was happening because the Klingons thought it better to die honourably in this way, than to stay alive in what they thought was Klingon Hell while in the rift.

2006 - September

Hunter (Cadet) was on her way to the Holodeck to see the Captain when she had an experience repeat itself.

The Holdeck 3 malfunction, saw Morgan (CO), Barrett (CEO) and Ekaad (CSiO) trapped, along with three cadets. During their time inside the Holodeck, one cadet was killed by Cadet Wallace, another injured. They managed to escape the malfunctioning Holodeck when the USS Wolverine came under attack by the USS London.

Anvers (CNS) took supplies to the USS London and Doctor L'omas (CNO) continued to treat people in sickbay.

Barrett (CEO) was able to get the USS Wolverine warp core back online, but for some unknown reason it wouldn't work.

Beliveau (CSciO) found himself in command of the IKS Krotec. He was attacked by the daughter of the XO he had killed. She spared him his life and treated his wounds.

A sphere shaped object appeared. Three bright coherent beams of energy streaked towards all three ships and held them in place. Like a tractor beam. The sphere contained an entity that was found to be the cause of what had been happening to all three ships.

Morgan, Anvers, Barrett and T'Pak beamed over to the sphere. They found themselves on a walkway that had a picture story along its path. It told a story of of how two group of people, with a bright light looking over them, warred with one another. The bright light was the entity. It fed off the groups' anger. It also fed off the empathic powers of any being who had them.

The path led to a smaller room in the centre of the sphere. When Morgan and her crew entered the smaller room, they saw a bright white light; it was the entity. Beneath it lay some much needed dilithium crystals. Some Klingons had now joined them, as well as Beliveau. One Klingon took a dilithium crystal, which caused a beam of light to connect with the entity giving it even more power. The entity needed to be destroyed.

While Anvers and T'Pak kept the entity busy with their empathic abilities, Barrett rigged the tricorder energy cell so it would explode. It was tossed towards the beam and the other crystals. The explosions destroyed the entity and the sphere, but not before everyone was transported to safety and back on the USS Wolverine.

The IKS Krotec and the USS London looked to be in much worse shape now than before. It was theorised that the entity, which was now destroyed, was keeping the ships' systems working just enough to keep those on board alive. Everyone on the Krotec and London transferred to the USS Wolverine and all returned to Azeri Base.

Commander Paak arrived at Azeri Base, ready to take up his command role on the USS Wolverine.