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Mission 010 - Mathematical Code

TO: Captain Samantha Morgan - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Mathematical Code
STARDATE: 26.1101

Captain Samantha Morgan,

Seven days ago, the Federation science station at Pohvan III detected an odd phenomenon associated with the red giant star 231 Thebes. It was an unusual source of particle emissions, in very close orbit, blinking a series of what the science staff believes to be mathematically coded messages.

The USS Wolverine is ordered to proceed to the red giant star, 231 Thebes, located in Sector A-006, the Pohvanion System, as soon as possible and to investigate this phenomenon.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2006 - November

The Crew of the USS Wolverine received orders to investigate a red giant emitting mathematical messages. It took approximately 50 days to arrive at the destination. On arrival everyone set about analysing the code.

The CSciO found signs of a Norexan-class Romulan Warbird warp signature that predated the emissions of the mathematical codes. The Fighter squadrons were mobilised. They confirmed the presence of a Romulan Warbird. Even though the Romulan Warbird knew of their presence, surprisingly they did not attack.

The CEO increased sensory efficiency. The mathematical transmissions were found to have been emitted from the Romulan Warbird. It was also discovered that somebody on board the USS Wolverine had transmitted to the Romulan ship.

It was evident that the Wolverine ship's systems had been compromised. The CEO, CSO and CMO searched for the people who had done this. One was found; Wallace.

Contact with the Romulan Commander was made and an invitation to his ship was offered and accepted. While the CO, XO, CSciO and CNS visited the Warbird, the FCO patrolled the USS Wolverine. While on patrol, another transmission from the USS Wolverine was intercepted by the FCO, indicating there were at least two Romulan operatives on board the Wolverine. Wallace (captured) and Omar (still active)

On the Romulan Ship the CNS sensed the Romulan crew were nervous, despite their attempts to come across as friendly and cooperative. The CNS believed that the Romulan Commander felt he had lost control and one of the Romulan Scientists is actually Romulan Intelligence, very heavily trained.

It was suggested that the code being transmitted should not be reformed into words but into images so that it could be interpreted.

2006 - December

Captain Morgan and her away team, Commander Paak, Lieutenant (JG) Alon and Ensign Beliveau, beamed to the Romulan warbird. After a little welcoming gathering, the Wolverine crew were contacted by a Romulan claiming to be an undercover agent for Starfleet Intelligence. The operative informed them that a secretive organisation, Section 31, was responsible for the current situation. After confronting the Romulan Commander, Captain Morgan and Counselor Alon confirmed that the Romulan were not the one responsible for trying to destroy the USS Wolverine.

Meanwhile, on the Wolverine, Lieutenant Barrett (CEO) and Tanith (CSO) were able to discover a bomb. The Chief Engineer transported it to the nearest airlock, where the Chief of Security gave orders to deal with it.

Doctor Anvers interrogated the Romulan operative "Wallace" and promised the man he would speak on his behalf to the Captain concerning his request for asylum.

After the discovery of the explosive device on the USS Wolverine, the Captain's away team came back on board with the Romulan warbird's commander and his entourage.

Beliveau, the Chief Science Officer was able to identify the Section 31 operative, a person who went by the name of Ensign Kaplan, by backtracking some of the sabotage of the past few days. Kaplan, however, escaped capture.

Ensign T'Pak assisted in the capture of the second Romulan operative (Omar) while Doctor Anvers made sure to secure "Wallace" in a isolation chamber that only he could access, protecting the prisoner from Section 31.

After the capture of the second Romulan operative, Captain Morgan refused to hand them back to the Romulans and ordered the Wolverine back to Azeri Base. Although the Romulan Commander wasn't please with the situation, he let them go, in the interest of peace.

Back on Azeri Base, the crew were allowed to attend to shore leave, leaving all those plots of deceptions and intrigues behind them.