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Mission 011 - Ferves IV

TO: Captain Samantha Morgan - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Ferves IV
STARDATE: 27.0104

Captain Samantha Morgan,

Your orders are to take a group of ten (10) archaeologists to Sector B-006. Once in that sector you will proceed to the Fervesco System then to the Planet Ferves IV.

You are to transport to the planet, with the archaeologists, and help them set up their camp. Please remain with them until they have settled in.

Ferves IV is a Class M planet. The area where you will be is hot, humid and tropical.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2007 - January

After a short break, the ship received its new mission orders to proceed to the planet Ferves IV.

The government there had requested aid in excavating some of their more important sites.

Carrying a group of archaeologists who are to conduct digs and research there, they were instructed to remain with them for a few days and help them get settled into a work flow. After a month and a half of travel, they arrived and beamed down with the command crew and began to set up camp.

The area they entered was highly tropical with intense heat and a jungle-like appearance. Upon arrival, Captain Morgan experienced problems operating some of the equipment.


While the rest of the crew explored the area and the indigenous peoples, Morgan and Cmmdr. Paak visited the nearest town to meet with its leader, Nolu. Along the way they discovered that the communicators were also non-functional. It was learned that the people of this continent did not posess technology akin to the rest of the planet, not seeing a use for it, and in fact technology from other areas of the planet do not function on this continent either. No explanation was given for this. It was apparent that they would have difficulty getting back to the Wolveirne until they could remedy this problem.

Meanwhile the remainder of the crew went about their work; the doctor saw to local patients and Li had a run-in with local wildlife.

When Morgan and Paak returned, they broke the news about the technology failure, and prepared the crew to settle in for a longer stay. Later that day, Cmmdr. Paak tried to talk down a group of angry archaeologists and met a strange and silent young woman who disappeared in short order.

On Day 47, Morgan was summoned by a crewman who had discovered a body. It is one of the crewman, his cause of death is unknown. Dr. Anvers performed an autopsy. Over the next two days, it was discovered that the man died by poison contained in the flower of one of the native plants. He began to work on an antidote to forestall further accidents. But in this case he pointed out that the evidence indicated it was murder not an accident.

During this time, Morgan had been back to see Nolu and was informed that a small contingent of local Fervians opposed their presence, digging up their artifacts. To that end, the local authorities were brought in to help investigate. Thus far it had only been Tanith Li working on it and she has come up empty handed.

Beliveau went to the local archives to help gather information.

Li continued her investigation.

With food supplies low, and Morgan returned to Nolu in the hope they would provide extra provisions since they cannot beam down more from the ship.

2007 - February

Mission Day: 49
Path to cave.jpg

Anvers continuously works on the antidote for the poison. Paak prepares for the next storm by storing food reserves in a nearby cave. Once there, the mystery girl returns. She shows him drawings she has made on the cave walls and then runs away. Paak pursues her, but loses her when she apparently dives off a high cliff into a river.

Back at the cave, Morgan and Lihana move everyone to the caves before the storm hits. Paak He barely makes it back to the camp before the storm hits, but they have already left for the caves, and so exhausted he hides himself in a storage crate until it passes. Beliveau remains in the archive, studying. He discovers that planetary archaeologists were searching for a long lost civilization. The data he finds mentions technological failures of the same nature as the Wolverine's crew is currently experiencing.

Mission Day: 50
The storm passes and Paak stumbles back to the caves to find the others. He recovers over the next few hours. Anvers completes the antidote, although it is untested, and helps to clean up after the storm. Morgan leads a team to the town to assess the damage there and help rebuild. Predictions of another, stronger storm are heard. They begin to bury the debris and choose a site in the town for everyone to take refuge in. Paak arrives and tells Morgan of his experience and stays to help the team. Morgan and Alon rescue townspeople who are trapped in collapsed buildings. Beliveau returns to the archive after helping the team, to find items missing and his Bolian aide gone. He decides to remain and investigate the scene since there are signs of a struggle.

The second wave approaches rapidly and all people are moved to the clinic building. Paak acts as babysitter to a group of unattended children. All present crewmembers assist in handling problems in the clinic, and some try to rest since they have gone a while without sleep. After several hours, the clinic structure begins to wear as two large windows blow allowing the wind and rain to enter.

2007 - March

Day 50
While the storm rages on, the crew scrambles to repair the damaged building before more destruction occurs. After a time, the eye of the storm surrounds the town and they are granted a brief respite. During this time, Paak leaves the shelter and tries to look for the injured, the missing or anyone left behind. He does find a young girl and an old man and brings them to safety.

Beliveau, still in the underground tries to navigate his way around looking for the missing Bolian, Vrixx. He comes across several townspeople, among them, Kero, the sheriff's aide, in the underground apparently arguing over the 'off-worlders' and begins to suspect them of having something to do with what's going on.

Meanwhile, Morgan is summoned by security. Another murder has occurred, this one discovered stuffed in a cupboard. Anvers' autopsy reveals this was also a result of poison.

Lihana finishes repairs to the broken window and the storm resumes after the eye passes over.

Day 51
Morgan assesses the damages to the town and does a head count of the crew. Six are missing including Beliveau from the main group. In fact, Beliveau is still in the underground, having decided to follow Kero. He finds Vrixx tied up in an alcove and attacks Kero in an attempt to free the Bolian. After a struggle, Beliveau finds himself dangling from a ledge and is rescued from the brink by Paak's Mystery Girl.

Li and Anvers come up with a plan to lure out the killer(s) by using Anvers as a bait target. The murderer does indeed strike and Anvers falls victim to the poison, but is saved by his own antidote in good time. Gisa, the local who assisted him on the first autopsy was the killer, and is apprehended by Li.

Day 65
Morgan attends a civilian meeting where they discuss damage control to the town and also an upcoming festival and mass hunt. Paak tries to search for Mystery Girl, after hearing about Beliveau's rescue.

Day 66
Day of the Festival. Morgan is invited to light the flame that marks the start of the hunt, but declines. Li, Daniels, Beliveau, Galyx and others join the natives in the jungle, while Morgan and Paak stay behind at the festival. As the town festivities begin, a fire- walking act is on centre stage, and the main performer is the Mystery Girl. Paak and Morgan decide they need to talk to her after the show to get more information on her involvement with prior events.

The hunt ends, and the hunters return with the fruits of their labours and a feast is prepared.

2007 - April

Li (CSO) returned from the hunt but had accidentally killed one of their sacred animals. Both Li (CSO) and Morgan (CO) were punished for the crime. They were placed in cages on the stage until everyone from the hunt returned safely. While Li (CSO) and Morgan (CO) were still in the cages, the feast began. Galyx (FCO) returned from the hunt with two furry mottled-brown animals which resembled giant-sized guinea pigs. Beliveau (CSciO) returned from the hunt with two massive boar like creatures.

The next day, the Ritual Games began as part of the festivities. Barrett (CEO) continued to help prepare food for the festivities Daniels (COPS) and Morgan (CO) were chosen to participate in a ritual game that involved an Obstacle Course. It was a game which demonstrated to their spirits that people could work together in harmony. Morgan (CO) was cautious about her people taking part in the games after seeing how she and Li (CSO) were punished the night before. When asked about the consequences of not participating in this obstacle course it was revealed that to do so would mean further punishment in the cage, with the possibility of not surviving. Needless to say, the crew participated.

The obstacle course was done in pairs, with the partners being chained together by one hand and one foot. It was a race. The last pair to finish would 'answer to the spirits'. Morgan (CO) and Daniels (COPS) faced a number of difficult challenges in the race, but managed to not finish last.

Li (CSO) was asked to participate in a spear throwing contest. The target? Gisa (NPC), the person who carried out the murders on the Wolverine crew. A spear had managed to make its way into her leg. Dr Anvers (CMO) treated those that had been hurt in the games.

Galyx (FCO) and Morgan (CO) were chosen as the participants it a game that was similar to bungee jumping off a bridge. However, there were 5 pairs of jumpers. The same cord was to be used for each of the jumpers. It was well known that the cord weakened with each jump. The idea was for the jumpers to call on the spirits to help them survive the jump. Both Galyx (FCO) and Morgan (CO) did survive the jump with minor injuries to limbs.

It was clear that certain information regarding the games was being withheld from the Wolverine Crew. Morgan refused to allow any more of her people to participate. First light the next day, they would leave for the seaport.

They had been in the jungle now for two weeks, traveling to the seaport. There was a well-worn path, wide enough for a single file formation. Each night they made their way to a cleared area. There were many along the way, each different but each well prepared for a small group of travellers. Each clearing had a hut constructed of wood. Inside the hut were two bunk beds, blankets, cooking pots, eating utensils, and a fireplace Boront was their guide to the seaport At various times during their journey, a small group would break off from the main group and go hunting when their meat supplies were low. Galyx (FCO) was one who went out on the hunts. There were also times when a small group would break away and head towards the river to collect more water.

2007 - May

The journey to the seaport was for the most part uneventful. Once arriving at the seaport, they were all glad that the walking part of their journey was over. After helping load the ship with all the cargo that they were going to take with them to the Northern Dominion, Dr. Anvers found a local herb that would help stop sea-sickness. However, taking the medicine was almost more painful than sea-sickness as it was very bitter.

After a night’s of rest, they started their long journey to the Northern Dominion. Almost three weeks later, they dropped anchor off-shore of a small semi-tropical isle. Here the crew took their time cleaning up and walking around stretching their legs after such a long journey couped up on the ship with all the cargo. They were given thicker, clean clothes for the remainder of the journey. Having loaded up the ship once more with a few more supplies, their journey continued.

Everyone on the trip intermingled with each other, each having a guardian and a few friends that they had met on the long trip. The journey for the most part was uneventful until a week after they left the isle. A large tropical storm hit the ship knocking most of its contents to and fro. The seasoned crew of the sailing ship had all its guests moved to below deck for their safety as they battled the storm atop. They survived the storm with a few bumps and bruises, but nothing too serious.

Five days later, the sea journey came to an end as they finally reached the Northern Dominion. Here they were able to get in contact with the Wolverine, and get some necessities that were long overdue. Not only were they in a dominion that had technology, but they were essentially waited on hand and foot. Most of the Wolverine Senior staff took full advantage of the water showers and baths. Everyone embraced their break from traveling in different ways. Lt. Barrett and Lt. Tanith enjoyed the feast of the meal that was prepared for them. Ensign Galyx took glider lessons.

2007 - June

The meeting with the Northern Dominion Government Officials ended with an agreement that Federation archaeologists could return to the Eastern Dominion at any time to continue their work if they chose to do so. It was apparent that after discussing the 'interesting' events that took place during the Ritual Festival, both the Northern Dominion and the Eastern Dominion had similar cultures. To ensure they didn't offend their hosts, they were thanked for their hospitality and all the crew and archaeologists returned to the USS Wolverine. They headed back to Azeri Base for some well earned shore leave.

Two new crew arrived on board:

  • Executive Officer, Commander Scott
  • Counselor, Ensign Horn.

New orders were received.