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Mission 012 - Izamaza III

TO: Captain Samantha Morgan - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Izamaza III
STARDATE: 27.0617

Captain Samantha Morgan,

Your orders are to deliver a cargo of fifty attack fighter jets to Planet Izamaza III, located in Sector A-009, the Omidi System.

Three squadrons of fighter pilots (36 in total) will be accompanying these aircraft.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2007 - June

Planet Izamaza III, currently involved in a 300 year old war with their sister planet, have a moon which is rich in minerals that the Federation could not bypass. With permission, the Federation were able to set up a mining colony, with an Outpost attached so the miners would be protected from any fall out from the war.

Unfortunately, the upgrades to the jets were unable to be completed before the USS Wolverine was scheduled to leave so it was left to the Engineering team on the USS Wolverine to ensure they were done.

Dr Anvers arranged to have a Medical Shuttle, USS Horizon, placed on board the USS Wolverine.

Lieutenant Barrett busied herself with getting the fighter jets stored and the upgrades done.

Lieutenant Li was concerned with the smooth running of security. She decided to chat with the commanders of the three squadrons to ensure they kept their pilots under control.

The Chief Science Officer prepared a report on the sector they were going into, using the historical records and detailed anthropological analysis of both the inhabitants of Izamaza III and Chronis II.

Ensign Horn, the ship's counsellor planned for psych evaluations of the 36 pilots that were about to join them. Horn was suspicious of the two Governing bodies of the warring planets. Horn shared her thoughts with the Captain.

While Morgan and Scott had lunch in the Mess hall, the 'fly boys' decided to have a little 'fun'.

2007 - July

The crew of the Wolverine, despite being run ragged by the antics and demands of a particularly rambunctious group of fighter pilots, showed their class by developing a series of custom holodeck programs and real-time competitions for their troublesome guests, a monumental shipwide effort spearheaded by the enterprising Lieutenant j.g. Joselyn Galyx and eagerly championed by a command team frustrated by a group of less than conformist visitors.

Lieutenant Commander Barrett, despite the formidable challenge of upgrading the entire complement of fighter jets with a squadron of flyboys breathing down her neck, managed to find the time and energy to beef up several of the Wolverine's Kaneda shuttles for use in the upcoming competitions.

Despite suffering a humiliating encounter with the fighter pilots in the mess hall, unfortunately not the first and unlikely to be the last for the Bajoran-Cardassian security chief, Lieutenant Tanith Li worked overtime to ensure the success of the competition Galyx had designed.

Doctor Marcus Anvers proved his versatility – and his cunning - by calibrating the instruments aboard the medical shuttle, Horizon, himself and then used his newly calibrated weapons to give Barrett her long overdue physical as she reviewed the shuttle's power systems.

Exercising her due diligence as the new ship's counselor, Counselor Horn began making her rounds through the senior staff, leaving a path of psychological nakedness and emotional rawness in her wake. If anyone has noticed her propensity for talking aloud to herself or hyperventilating in crowds, they have been kind enough not to comment.

Ensign RW Briscoe, the newly assigned Operations chief, arrived on the Wolverine just when his expertise was needed most. The guest pilots, though, didn't seem to be particularly appreciative of Briscoe's expertise and his first encounter with them ended on an ominous note.

After discovering the perfect nebula for the upcoming competitions and working diligently to ensure the safety of the competitors as well as the viewing ease of the spectators, Lieutenant j.g. Thomas Beliveau only barely managed to escape doom as Marsha's co-pilot in the competition, assigned to investigate a strange sphere Lieutenant Galyx discovered during a test run.

2007 - August

The races were held and won by a Lieutenant Jennie Watkins, with two of the USS Wolverine crew, finishing 2nd and 3rd. Celebrations were held in the Mess Hall. Contraband was known to be in more than the usually supply, thanks to the flyboys, resulting in a louder than usual celebration.

An analysis of the sphere was completed.

A new CMO arrived on board; Dr. Netarr Vincenza.

Just as the USS Wolverine was about to leave for their destination, a ship suddenly appeared out of the nebula. Due to their previous orders, the Wolverine were unable to investigate. However, preliminary findings suggested it was a Vulcan ship that had gone missing over 4 centuries.

The USS Wolverine arrived at their destination on Day 68, only to find that the Outpost had been attacked, and the mining colony was sending our signals asking for help. Two away teams were being organised to investigate.

2007 - September

Two away teams were sent to investigate the attack by unknowns on the mining colony and Starfleet military outpost located upon a moon of the Izamazan system. Commander Scott led the team going to the outpost, which included Lieutenant (jg) Galyx, Ensign Briscoe, Lieutenant Commander Barrett and Lieutenant Tanith. Captain Morgan led the away team to the Mining colony, with Lieutenant (jg)Beliveau, Dr Netarr and Ensign Horn.

The military outpost was found to be mined, and one crewman was killed by a mine explosion. Lt. Tanith was injured and transported back to the Wolverine, and later to a different medical facility. Teams of explosion specialists were sent both to the outpost and colony. It was discovered that the attack on the military outpost had been accomplished by a stealthed ship taking out most of the hangar bay and its personnel. Lt Galyx and Ensign Briscoe were involved in a fire fight with hostiles and captured an Orion using a personal stealth shield, transporting him to the Wolverine. Briscoe sustained a minor injury and received treatment aboard ship. Galyx transported back to the outpost. Commander Scott, Galyx and Barrett and accompanying security forces were gassed and transported to an Izamazan ship where they are held prisoner. Lt. Commander Barrett understands the engineering used in the Izamazan ship and has begun to plan a way of escape.

The away team investigating the mining colony discovered that all computer consoles and work stations had been ransacked and disks stolen. At first it was thought all mining personnel had been killed. But Captain Morgan found a room with several survivors, who were transported to the Wolverine. Also a Trill mining consultant was found and transported to Wolverine's sickbay. Dr. Netarr had returned to the Wolverine to examine Lt. Tanith, and she examined and questioned the Trill. He told of the Chronisians, who are at war with the Izamazans, and their need for Toralak ore to stabilize their environment. The Trill's wife is missing, and presumed to be held prisoner by the Izamazans. Captain Morgan performed a very assertive interrogation of the Orion prisoner, concerning the Orion role in arming the Izamazan faction.

2007 - October

Morgan and Beliveau went to to Chronis II to speak to the leaders in the hope that they might have information that would help them retrieve their captured crew. They kept them waiting a very long, so long that the captured crew, Scott, Barrett, Galyx and Netarr managed to escape from the Izamazans themselves. They managed to escape with the help of some rogue Izamazans, by taking over the ship.

Wile that was happening, Horn and Briscoe were working on an alternative rescue plan.

Other people the Izamazans captured also escaped with the Wolverine crew and all returned to the ship.

Morgan reported back to Azeri Base. With it obvious that they could no longer continue the mining operation on the moon, and they certainly couldn't get involved in a war between two civilisations that were not part of the Federation. the USS Wolverine were given new orders to return to Azeri Base with the survivors.

2007 - November

The crew of the USS Wolverine took some well earned shoreleave. Morgan spent time on Azeri Base working on her Martial Arts skills. Galyx spent time with Derrin. Briscoe headed to Bajor. Barrett attended a consortium of Research and Development for Engineers on Starbase 117. Beliveau went to Earth to visit family and friends including his daughter Luna. Vincenza spent time getting to know the ship's new Executive Officer, Commander Elizabeth Cherenzhenko, who just arrived recently. Horn got herself a virtual pet.