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Mission 013 - Stranded

2007 - December

The Wolverine receives orders to make a supply run to some of the farthest deep-space outposts, the outermost of which is 30 days travel. 2 days away from their destination the Wolverine is snared in some kind of space disturbance, stalling their engines and dropping them out of warp. As they attempt to resume travel a ship of unknown origins appears and attacks but doesn't back down when Morgan returns fire. When the Wolverine eventually loses shield integrity, a second ship of the same design as the first appears from nowhere and fires on vital systems, seriously crippling the Wolverine. The two ships set a collision course with the Wolverine, but as the Wolverine maneuvers out of their path they mysteriously explode on their own.

It quickly becomes apparent that the Wolverine is too severely damaged to hold and their chief science officer relays the presence of a small planetoid within range. Despite landfall being extremely dangerous for an Akira class starship, the order to land is given. With the skill of their FCO the Wolverine touches down, but the landing is violent. Injuries abound, most of them critical, and several crewmen are killed. Their CEO becomes trapped on deck 14, critically injured as she attempts to save a crucial generator. The Wolverine's new First Officer, Cmdr. Cherenzhenko, directs Dr. Netarr to the bridge and goes after the CEO herself. Netarr soon joins her and after the two stabilize and then extract Barrett, Lt. Beliveau joins the mix, seriously hurt himself, and the three work together to halt a cascade failure building in the power relays on the deck.

After saving deck 14, Dr. Netarr gets Beliveau back to Sickbay to further treat him and Barrett, and the commander returns to the Bridge where she and Morgan decide to survey the ship from the exterior and leave the Wolverine. After a cursory examination the two head back inside, where more issues are tackled; after recovering Beliveau is directed to convert a cargo bay into hydroponics, Galyx and the COPs Ens. Briscoe scout the surrounding environment outside and find some interesting local life and artifacts, Netarr treats Barrett and Counselor Horn (who has suffered substantial psychological trauma), and Cmdr. Cherenzhenko works to divide the supplies the Wolverine was hauling into emergency kits for the personnel.

As a new day dawns, the Captain and First Officer meet to review their standing in the situation, and then begin coordination over several long-term survival issues ship-wide.

2008 - January

Some semblance of order returns to the Wolverine on her second day as schedule shifts are put in place for her crew. Some small victories about the ship - Doctor Netarr able to create an antibody to combat the infection discovered as the cause to the CEO's semi-paralysis, the COPs, FCO, and CSciO bringing back a robot and reports of possible intelligent sea life, their CSO Darius Cole regaining consciousness and no worse for wear - work together to lift low spirits. But the euphoria doesn't last; as Netarr moves about the ship trying to bait their childlike CNS to get her back to Sickbay, Cole returns from a fly-over recon with news that a hurricane has formed 5 hours out to sea, and estimates it will make landfall directly over the Wolverine. Concern over the storm weakening their distress call leads to the discovery that the ship isn't even broadcasting one. Enlisting the help of the still recovering Chief Barrett, Cmdr. Cherenzhenko gets a beacon configured and with their skilled FCO in the pilot's seat, leaves the ship to launch it manually. In the meantime, Cole gets to work locating and rounding up portable shield generators to use as plugs against the sea and rain for the ship's multiple hull breaches.

The distress buoy is launched by one of the planetoids small satellites and a safe course back to the Wolverine is located, but upon reaching middle altitude the turbulence from the hurricane becomes too intense and Galyx blacks out, forcing Cherenzhenko to try and land the craft herself. A controlled landing is impossible, and the shuttle crashes hard on a tiny island some 60 miles South of the Wolverine, on the retreating side of the hurricane.

Meanwhile, the Wolverine is already feeling the strength of the storm. A shield on deck 14 collapses under the pressure of the sea's swell, flooding the deck and catching the CSciO and one of his staff. They are able to escape and the deck's bulkheads are sealed to contain the rising water, but Morgan's wrath is strong as she learns of the incident while waiting out the storm in the interior of the ship. Netarr experiences her own surge of anger when she realizes Cherenzhenko took Barrett from Sickbay without consulting her first.

On the island the Commander and FCO know they that have hours before a search for them can be formed, and find a cave to use through the night. Upon settling in, they make a startling discovery - the sea creatures Galyx had seen on previous occasions inhabit the deeper sections of the cave. After a momentarily tense standoff, the FCO suggests first contact, having already noted some of the creatures' interests. An exchange of 'gifts' of sorts is made, and eventually the creatures, led by one the two Wolverine shipmates dub "Nemo", settle down for the night in the cave alongside them.

2008 - February

It's a long night for the crew of the Wolverine, both for those on the ship and those spending the night elsewhere. Those with the ship hunker down in the interior while the hurricane lashes the ship and a few more barriers fall under the pressure, and on the small island on which the XO and FCO's shuttle crashed, the Commander stays awake to watch over the still-concussed Lt. Galyx while becoming ill herself.

As morning breaks, the two stranded officers strengthen the strange bond with Nemo as he and his brood go fishing and he shares the catch of the day for breakfast. Meanwhile on the Wolverine, the crew digs out from the remnants of the hurricane. The CEO is bolstered by the fact that she can wiggle her feet, a clear sign that the infection is subsiding and she'll have normal mobility sooner than originally thought, and makes plans with some of her engineering staff to begin ship repairs. Briscoe has his hands full with coordination efforts, but those he's working with perform exemplary.

As the Wolverine recovers from the storm it becomes clear to Captain Morgan that Cherenzhenko and Galyx are not coming back, and after surmising that the two probably went down involuntarily, she takes a shuttle of her own both to find the pair and to survey the damage to the ship from the air. The CSciO accompanies her and after a quick scan they locate the island. Morgan and Beliveau's curiosity about the creatures Galyx had described the day before is satisfied when they land and the XO 'introduces' them. The group retrieves fuel and power cells from the downed shuttle and prepare to head back to the Wolverine after Cherenzhenko and Galyx thank and say farewell to Nemo.

2008 - March

Approximately 6 months have passed since the Wolverine left Azeri, and over 5 since they crash landed on a small water-heavy planetoid in a suffocating cluster of nebulae. Nemo and his kind have become regular visitors and the Wolverine crew hold a party to make the now familiar, but still unusual, 'diplomatic' proceedings official. Crew relationships have grown and friendships have strengthened, and everyone has chance to reflect on their time on the planetoid so far.

Repairs continue on the ship (with the help of Galyx's robot) while the crew has, by now, settled into routine. Several, in fact, have since become so comfortable on the planet that they develop a small living area away from the ship, a cove they came to call Bounty Bay. Beliveau and others with family abroad by this time have a hard time accepting how comfortable some crew seem to be on the planet, as they themselves are increasingly anxious to make it home to family.

2 months after the dinner party with Nemo, the Wolverine attempts her first liftoff. Unfortunately she loses power and cannot break free even from the ground on which she rests. Disappointment is heavy as Morgan and Cherenzhenko try to assure the crew that they will succeed on the next attempt. That promise is made easier to keep when not long after the attempt, the FCO discovers a possible additional power source from the robot's ship.

Just over 30 days after their first attempt, the second attempt is made...but not without losses; some of the crew opted to stay behind, and after psychological exams show they're of sound mind Morgan grants their request, accepts their resignations from Starfleet, and they remain on the surface. The liftoff itself is shaky, but it is successful and after 9 months stranded the Wolverine finally makes it safely back into space. Spirits run high as the crew prepares to celebrate before making the long journey home.

2008 - April

The crew's celebration is a wonderful experience. Several loosen up enough to dance, a few who've never really 'spoken' take specific time out to chat and be relaxed, and everyone is, for a few hours, able to forget the ordeal and focus instead on the bond it created between them all. At the height of the evening, the XO offers a toast to them and to Morgan.

Several days after the party, the Wolverine is surprised when the USS Endeavour breaks through the Nebula to sidle up beside them. They learn shocking news from that captain - miscommunications between Delphi 7 and Starfleet Command led to Command not even being aware the Wolverine was missing untiltwo months before the Endeavour located them...nearly ten months after the ship first went down. Dunlop assists them with restocking what supplies were used up to make it this far, and the Endeavour itself stays by the Wolverine's side as she carefully and gradually is pushed back into warp.

Their future homecoming, though punctuated happily with promotions for Briscoe, Beliveau, and Dr. Netarr, is a rather dark anticipation for the Captain and XO - Captain Morgan learns from the Captain of the Endeavour that she is under scrutiny for the circumstances of the attack that led to the Wolverine's crash, and should expect to face a full disciplinary proceeding when the ship returns to Azeri. The crew quickly learns of this themselves and several come to Cherenzhenko asking how they can help Morgan.

The Wolverine's actual return is a joyful reunion, particularly for Cherenzhenko as Beliveau surprised her by arranging for her son to travel with his own family to be sure he would be able to greet her when the ship docked. The reunion times - and even word of two new crew additions - are shadowed as word spreads officially that the Captain is facing inquiry. The senior staff of the Wolverine rally to the cause, regardless of Morgan's asking Cherenzhenko to makes sure they stay away from it, and prepare themselves to face the Board in her defense.

2008 - May

The two newest crew additions, a new CNS and an Assistant CSO, entertain themselves on base while the rest of the senior staff is embroiled in Morgan's trial. Each member testifies to their own recounting of events. Some of the testimonies appear to help the defense, while the prosecution twists others to support itself. At the end of the trial Morgan testifies herself. There is a brief recess while deliberations take place, and when the court reassembles the verdicts are read - Morgan is found in violation of General Order 12, but the judge rescinds that stating that under the circumstances the order was, in fact, likely *not* violated and it is decided that more investigation is needed. Morgan is ordered relieved of the Wolverine while that investigation continues, and Cmdr. Cherezhenko is given command of the ship. During a final and bittersweet conversation between former Captain and First Officer, Morgan promotes Cherezhenko to Captain, they wish each other well, and Morgan departs.

The crew is finally able to enjoy some very well deserved time away and everyone embraces it whole-heartedly. After allowing Dr. Netarr to perform a sleep study as a means to help resolve her insomnia, Cherezhenko takes the doctor with her to her home in Montana on Earth along with her son where the two's friendship grows even stronger. The CSO indulges in some ancient foot battles with Ensign Hennessey, his new assistant CSO, Briscoe and Galyx enjoy some time together with Briscoe confronting the strange Bajoran apparition he'd been plagued with, the new CNS gets to know Beliveau over a rather unconventional but spirited meeting, and their CEO is treated to being allowed a tour of an escort ship that had just been completed that was her design.