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Mission 014 - Identity

TO: Captain Cherenzhenko - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Identity
STARDATE: 28.0514

Captain Cherenzhenko,

Congratulations on your recent promotion to Commanding Officer of the USS Wolverine.

Your orders are to travel to Sector B-004, not far from the Romulan border, to the planet of Turpara. The Turparan's have requested Federation membership and being so close to the Romulan border the delegations need to be handled carefully. You are to meet with the Government of Turpara to determine if membership should be granted.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2008 - May

As leave winds down, Cherezhenko meets the new First Officer - Cmdr. K'Aylar - and CNS Ens. Colan, Ens. Cole has misgivings about said XO, the doctor and aCSO get to know one another, and the Wolverine is given new orders. When the ship departs Azeri, they head for the planet of Turpara where the residents there have requested Federation membership...and they don't remember these orders. For reasons yet unknown the senior staff have been memory stamped and now live different lives: Cherezhenko lives the high life as a museum curator named Meridon Denatra, the wife of a high politician. The CSciO is a painter named Arkin Tossum who is married to an attache to these high politicians. Cmdr. K'Aylar is known as Khi'dri Teforu and works in underground mines. The FCO and COPs, known now as ML Manning and Joline Ductillon, live double lives helping the society's downtrodden. Ens. Cole is Halen T'esan and leads a street gang that preys on these downtrodden. Dr. Netarr, now a woman named Scarlet, *is* one of the downtrodden and has a daughter. Turparans having a rough time know Ens. Hennessey only as Avrey Velius, a sort of "life counselor" who herself is being observed. And the CEO and CNS, now Colana Noree and Erina Cassen live as average citizens who run, respectively, a farmer's market and a restaurant / bar that caters to wealthy.

2008 - June

The crew continue to live out their lives as their implanted identities, none of them as yet any the wiser about the truth. Early on, Beliveau's alter ego is one who seems to get close, every so often painting a member of the senior staff in settings that are unique to that crew member. A few of the staff meet up - Colan's persona has relationships with several, Briscoe, Cole, and Beliveau among them, though because of her profession knows some of the others as well. The doctor and aCSO's personas join forces to help each other survive in the worst part of the city know as The Straights and become very close with Devon's persona become quite attached to the little girl that has become Netarr's daughter. Galyx's alter ego continues to have conflicting feelings about her relationship with Briscoe while their CEO remains happily isolated, though she does help Cherezhenko's alter ego with a fancy dinner. Commander K'Aylar's stamp is changed from a worker in the mines to an overseer, but even with the new identity she cannot shake the feeling that something is wrong and eventually, with the help and companionship of a few other miners, escapes the underground for the surface.

As the days wear on, Colan begins to become more aware of her empathic powers and eventually it leads her, Cole and Briscoe to the shocking discovery that they all may well have been subjected themselves to the mind stamping procedure that the government uses on its criminals. As the three struggle to come to terms with that in various, at one point unsavory, manners, Commander K'Aylar's group encounters the captain, and one of the 'gang' members, intent on making the "upstart" aware of what he's suffered in the mines, attacks her violently. The commander intervenes upon recognizing Cherezhenko's face as familiar and after a mutual show of trust the two go their separate ways. A device used during the beating, however, alters certain chemical balances in the captain's stamped mind, and the "Meridon" identity has slowly begun to crumble. Meanwhile, Cole, using the somewhat vicious tactics of his alter ego, discovers the captain's picture inside the computer database of a Turparan doctor responsible for the stamping and, when the image sparks memories for him, decides to meet her to talk.

2008 - July

The meeting with Cole's alter ego coupled with encounters with both Barrett and Beliveau, encourages a moment of rebellion for 'Meri'. After snooping through government files using her husband's work codes, 'Meridon' dissolves completely and the Captain emerges, bringing with her painful memories of what really happened to the senior staff - after spending nearly a month on the planet and learning about the stampings and discovering the underground, along with several other unsavory attributes of the society, Cherenzhenko denied Director Stali Federation membership. He accused her of passing judgment and captured and then stamped her and the senior staff to teach her a lesson. The truth is painful and while recovering physically from breaking free of her own stamp the Captain realizes what needs to be done and after interrogating Eman about certain details about the stamping technology, heads off to contact 'Halen' once more.

Meanwhile, some of the others experience minor flashes of the truth themselves. Scarlet has visions of Cardassians and in a panic attacks Avrey before both of them leave Halen's apartment to return to their own. Arkin's paintings become more vivid and affect Beliveau more deeply. Joline has more conflicting thoughts about her relationship with Manning and questions the growing feelings she has for her 'brother', while at the same time learns from discussions with Colan and Cole that they all in fact might have been stamped. Galyx's prowess sneaks out when she creates a device to help counter the pain caused by flashbacks and aid memory and Colan is the next to break fully from her stamp. She manages to convince the others, though they don't recall the truth yet, that they too really have been stamped and encourages them to remember.

Back at their apartment, Scarlet and Avrey meet the XO's alter ego, and although they remain wary of her they allow her and her group to spend the night. Khi'dri flashes back to an altercation the night before the senior staff were captured, though, and in a fright leaves the duo. She runs into the Captain - quite literally - after the Captain leaves Cole, who has also broken his stamp amidst fighting that has erupted among Halen's rivals, and after briefly fighting her, the two wind up fighting together when a group of men attacks Khi'dri's men. The Captain is seriously hurt during the fight but has the group lead her to the doctor and Ensign Hennessey regardless. Neither remember her, and acting on protective instincts over her daughter Evie Netarr actually attacks her, nearly killing her. She manages to convince them to leave the Straights with her, though, and they begrudgingly agree.

As that groups heads back to Meri's apartment, Arkin, now convinced he's been stamped too, decides to take his wife and go into hiding. Briscoe and others begin a vindictive campaign against the government while Galyx, who also seems to have most of her memories back, stays with Colan. Barrett, meanwhile, has been assaulted in the streets and after learning of the attack, and who was behind it, her father decides it's time to tell her the truth. He reveals to her about her own stamp, even telling her as much as he can about who she really is, and then uses her through some kind of conditioning she's been embedded with to start a governmental uprising of his own. She succeeds in destroying a government information storage facility and afterwards, her own stamping seems to begin to dissolve.

2008 - August

After convincing an eager-to-leave "Khi'dri" to stick around for another day, the Captain heads out again in search of more of the senior staff, finding and making plans with counselor Colan, and coming back to the apartment heavy one chief engineer. As some of those staying at "Meri's" apartment indulge in things like bubble baths and chocolate cake, the Captain gets a chance to patch herself up a bit.

Elsewhere, Cole remains out on the search for Briscoe and Beliveau, while both said men continue on paths of destruction - the CSO destroying more government facilities, and the CSciO beginning a vendetta streak of his own by going after each individual involved in his stamping.

Before going after yet more of the crew, the Doctor corners the Captain and begs the truth, eventually pulling from her own stamp. After bringing Lt. Galyx and Ensign Derrin back from Cassen's, the Captain discovers horrifying news - an ensign that was with Commander K'Aylar's alter ego is dead, and the Commander herself admits to having been the one who killed him. Their ensuing conversation leads a confused XO to demand answers and after using somewhat physical tactics to get what she wants, she too pulls from her stamp, but it debilitates her and the Captain spends the rest of the day with her while she recovers. Later that night she enlists the help of their FCO and Derrin and goes back to the villa where the staff was housed before they were stamped, retrieving weapons and a means to contact the Wolverine. While attending the XO, however, Ensign Hennessey, who has not yet emerged, senses the change in "Scarlet" and spooked, she leaves the home. Also gone is the CEO, who, though herself again, has gone after a man she was close to while stamped, vowing to bring him back with her. Luckily, in gaining permission to go after the body of the ensign "Khi'dri" killed, the Commander finds Ensign Hennessey, who because of what she sees in the now destroyed streets, has also pulled from her stamp. Together they are able to bring Ensign Gatton's body back to a stasis garage in "Meri's" basement.

Terrible things are happening in other parts of the city: Colan is kidnapped by "Halen's" rival, and although she is rescued by Cole, the thugs stamped her again - it didn't take, but the procedure itself stripped her of her empathic abilities. Beliveau continues his spree of vengeance, killing several men in the process. And worst of all, their COPs, Ensign Briscoe, pulls from his stamp just moments before injuries, and the emergence itself, take their toll and he dies in the streets.

Oblivious to this, the XO demands that the Captain rest after returning from the villa, the doctor enforces it and sends her to bed, and in the morning both the XO and Captain venture out yet again (Galyx with the XO) to find the remaining two crew - Beliveau, whom the Captain finds at "Erina's", and Briscoe, who no one yet knows is dead.

2008 - September

Counselor Colan is brought back to "Meri's" apartment as is Lt. Beliveau. The CSciO is in serious danger as it's discovered that a fail safe was embedded in his stamping and designed to trigger a cerebral cascade failure should his stamp ever fail. After finally making contact with the Wolverine and ordering rendezvous, the Captain sedates Beliveau to stall the destructive process.

Out in the streets, K'Aylar and Lt. Galyx find Briscoe, his body that is, and bring him back to the apartment to put it in stasis alongside the other crewman that was killed. As the rest of the crew, now with their memories restored, deal with the changes they see in one another, the Commander informs the Captain of Briscoe's death and the two, along with Ensigns Derrin and Wiley, enlist Councilman Denatra's help in going after Stali. Along the way, the Councilman has his own stamp removed and it is revealed that he was stamped already nearly 30 years ago by Stali and is actually the rightful leader of Turpara. With everything learned, the confrontation with Stali verges on violent, but thanks largely to the XO's restraint things end as peacefully as they can with the Director overthrown and Eman's old regime slowly taking back control.

Back at the Denatra apartment, Galyx must break the news of Briscoe's death to Colan, both of whom had personal relationships with him, and the two share a moment to grieve together. Doctor Netarr proceeds with a dangerous method of treatment to save Beliveau - she allows him to die, as the fail safe was designed to kill him, to negate the fail safe itself, and the attempt is a success. The CEO shares some time with the man she was involved with while stamped, and Ensign Hennessey enjoys an impromptu bubble bath with Netarr's daughter Evie.

With the Wolverine just hours away, and the crew pushing the ship beyond some of its limits to get there quicker, the staff on the planet are allowed a margin of time to themselves as they wait. The Captain lets Eman's doctors treat her injuries while she gathers more information from him about his former rule, Lt. Galyx and Derrin share a moment after his own stamp is removed, and Cole uses his time to exact revenge upon "Halen's" rival Jagen Passet. Eventually the Captain is able to contact Starfleet Command and is given orders on how to proceed once the Wolverine retrieves them, which she learns after contacting the ship again, will be within the hour.

2008 - October

As the crew readies to leave the planet, the Captain must break some unpleasant news to Doctor Netarr - she's been ordered by Starfleet Command to leave her daughter Evie on the surface with a political team when the Wolverine leaves Turpara. Ensign Hennessey confronts her about it, the argument eventually taking a turn that forces the Captain to have the aCSO forcibly beamed back to the ship. While the rest of the senior staff returns to the ship either by shuttle or transporters, the Captain remains behind; she has a chance to say goodbye to Eman and then before beaming back herself, she 'kidnaps' Evie from the political daycare she had been sent to and takes the child with her back to the Wolverine.

En route back to Azeri, the entire senior staff must now try and deal with happened on Turpara, and the aCOPs, Josh Hilts, is promoted to COPs in place of the late RW Briscoe. Though they do take their toll on the staff physically, most of the wounds are emotional, psychological, however the counselor's family discovers that the empathic stripping the second stamp caused has done physical damage and she needs empath-specific medical intervention quickly or she could die. The ship, upon its return, is grounded for the foreseeable future as the brass has decided the crew and their Captain are not fit to return to duty yet. Political matters are then attended to - the Captain is formally reprimanded for her disobedience with Evie and set to attend a hearing to decide what other punishment should be given, Officer Kaylara, Beliveau's Romulan 'wife' is scheduled to be returned home, Xavier is welcomed back, and Ensign Hennessey's mother, who is heavily involved in Federation diplomatic affairs, is assigned to handle Evie and Vincenza's case until the custody issue is resolved.

2008 - November

Shoreleave continues as a mix of stress and relaxation for the crew. The Captain is disciplined for her disobedience with Evie. Doctor Netarr, upon having to be parted from Evie again, flees to Bajor, her return questionable. Cmdr. Barrett continues to have problems sleeping and getting back into routine. The XO and Devon spar a bit to burn off steam, while afterwards Devon deals with her role in Evie's custody turmoil. Counselor Colan must attempt a mind-meld with the Vulcan Bridge Commander Vorik to stabilize and restore the chemicals responsible for her Betazoid abilities. Josh Hilts and Lt. Galyx, both having trouble reconciling with Briscoe's death, find comfort and friendship in each other and wind up getting into a spot of bother on their 'vacation' away from the ship. Ens. Cole is recruited to play mercenary for an old Admiral acquaintance. And Lt. Beliveau, ashamed of what his alter ego had done on Turpara, along with what he himself did before then with the Counselor, seriously contemplates resignation.

2008 - December

Still grounded, the crew of the Wolverine continues their leave in different ways. The FCO and COPs get themselves into a spot of trouble while 'vacationing' - they wind up accidental stowaways on a smuggler's vessel - but then round off the get away on pleasant terms. Ensign Hennessey confronts the captain about the secrecy of how she got Evie aboard the Wolverine, and the captain flips that discussion around to try to reassure the aCSO about the relationship with the doctor but it doesn't work and the ensign takes a token of sentiment back from the doctor's office in Sickbay. Meanwhile, the doctor herself, after an unsuccessful attempt by a close friend at getting her to resign and leave Starfleet, returns from Bajor. Though settled into a routine of sorts again, their CEO is still suffering from sleep problems, their CSciO is spirited away by another captain as part of his 'week off' to consider his resignation request, Counselor Colan, while waiting for her father and other Betazoid officials to arrive to help with her empathic recovery, struggles with growing feelings for (and another crewmate's infatuation with) Ensign Cole, Darius himself is oblivious to said crewmate's feelings and himself has an adventure with Commander K'Aylar when the two of them get caught in a scuffle involving Cole's former superior. Frustrated by feelings left from Turpara, and with what she's being forced to conceal from the captain by this Admiral of Cole's, K'Aylar decides to leave the ship for some time away and finds herself joined with Captain Cherenzhenko and going to a planet called Okteq, where the pair meet up with Cherenzhenko's son, Zachary.