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Mission 015 - Shadows

TO: Captain Cherenzhenko - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Shadows
STARDATE: 29.0111

Captain Cherenzhenko,

I am pleased to announce that you and your crew have been given the all clear to return to duty. Your next orders are to continue deep space research started by the USS Hamilton.

The Hamilton has data on an extinct Empire - the Skopenzi - whose old territory is, the Hamilton has reported, immune to deep sensor scans. A "veil" hangs over the entire A-006 sector, or "Shadow Sector" as it is nicknamed, preventing subspace communications and negating these sensor scans. Warp drives are also adversely affected - the maximum warp factor possible within the Veil area is warp 3.

The power of the Veil is unknown. Several probes were sent in and came back with absolutely no information - all the Hamilton could establish was that the Veil had a massive neutralizing effect on virtually all the probes' systems.

Your orders are simple. You and your crew must determine the source of the Veil within the sector and, if possible, shut it down.

Out of interest, neighboring cultures circulate rumors of pirates operating around the Skopenzi system. There is no concrete evidence to substantiate the claims and they are believed to be nothing more than urban legend, stories told to help those societies quantify disappearances they don't have any other explanation for.

This is an important mission because the entire sector contains exceptionally rich deposits of Dilithium crystals. Nothing else is known about the Shadow Sector, but several vessels have gone missing inside it, including the mining starship Prospecta, recently sent by Starfleet to investigate those Dilithium prospects.

Keep in mind you must not travel any faster than Warp 3 within the Shadow Sector. Proceed deeper into that sector with extreme care.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2009 - January

One by one the crew returns from shore leave activities, for the most part recovered. Among other things, the most notable and happy ending to leave is the fact that Doctor Netarr is granted permanent custody of the child Evie and Lieutenant Beliveau comes to the decision to stay with the Wolverine and subsequently Starfleet. Ensign Cole, muchto his own surprise,is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Their chief of operations Josh Hilts leaves them but is replaced by a spunky young woman named Sarah Boyles, who joins them just as the Wolverine is cleared for duty once again and given new orders; they are to travel to a section of space known abroad as the "Shadow Sector". The sector is home to an extinct empire known as the Skopenzi, and the entire territory is full of rich and plentiful Dilithium deposits. The only problem is that there's some kind of dampening effect in the area called the Veil - ships cannot travel more than warp 3 and all other systems are adversely affected, none the least of which is communications. The Wolverine's orders are to enter this area and shut down the Veil, if they can, and if possible alongside that goal, locate and/or ascertain the fate of a mining ship Starfleet sent into the sector several weeks prior.

2009 - February

The Wolverine leaves Azeri and heads for Sector A-006. Along the way, there is much speculation and discussion between different members of the crew as to just what they will find and what might be causing the Veil effects of the area. As many systems as can be bolstered, are, though the Captain knows the measures will only lengthen the time it takes for the Veil to affect the ship, not prevent such effects.

As they travel, Commander K'Aylar, Lt. (j.g) Cole, and Ensign Hennessey take it upon themselves, as per Captain Cherezhenko's request, to train some of the 'wet behind the ears' crew - as well as some of the veterans - in procedure, patrols, hand-to-hand, and all other security oriented tactics in the event, however unlikely, that the rumors of piracy within the sector are true and the Wolverine compromised. In somewhat unrelated happenings, Doctor Netarr, courtesy of her daughter's innocent questions of curiosity, learns of the actions Captain Cherenzhenko took to get Evie aboard the Wolverine from Turpara, and after calling her on it the two share a treasured and signature evening with cheesecake.

When they reach A-006, the Shadow Sector greets them by offering, just inside the borders, a piece of hull fragment from a Klingon k'vort class vessel, an object that appears to have been out there for quite some time.

2009 - March

As the ship entered the Shadow Sector, a hull fragment was foundahead of the Wolverine. After making sure it was secure, it was beamed on the ship to be further analyzed. It was rapidly identified as belonging to a Klingon K'vort-class bird of prey and matched it to a missing ship, the I.k.S. Vo'Reng, a Klingon Government ship that had gone missing a long time ago. During the scans on the hull fragment, the Chief Science Officer noticed two anomalies about the fragment: an odd variation in its molecular structure and traces of an unknown alloy.

The Wolverine was losing long range scans. Shuttle were sent ahead of the Wolverine to scout the space ahead of them and relay back information to the USS Wolverine making using of the transmission subroutines that Vorik, Barrett and Boyles worked on. The Flight Control Officer and the First Officer led the team. They came across one of the missing vessels, a science vessel, the USS Prospecta. Most of the people on board were missing. There were about a dozen people left, all scientists, very jumpy, nervous and frightened.

Before the science department could solve either of those mysteries, the hull fragment seemed to disappear out of thin air following a small power fluctuation. Even references of it in the main computer had vanished. While looking for it on the ship, they also noticed that a member of the science department had also disappeared at the same time as the fragment. Following his intuition and with the Captain's help, Thomas is able to at least figure out where both the fragment and the missing crewman went: Through time. The Captain came up with the theory that it's probably the work of the Skopenzi, this region of space local inhabitants. Thomas agreed with her.

It was found that the time anomaly was a temporal breach which opened when the missing officer activated a poleron scan on the hull fragment.

It has been discovered that the Skopenzi people use this temporal concept to hide themselves. They shield themselves by time. The theory is, is that they either use the Veil to do this, or have create the Veil themselves to do this. Using this theory The Captain and the Chief Science Officer were able to locate the exact position of the hull fragment and the missing crewman Hito.

As ordered by the Captain, the science department is now works to find a way to stabilise the temporal anomaly in the science lab so that a rescue mission can be launched.

With onboard communications likely to go down anytime, the Assistant Chief Security Officer had strategically placed officers around the ship to run important messages back and forth when necessary.

When the Wolverine came within sight of the Prospecta, Cole convinced the Captain that he be permitted to go over there and retrieve Galyx and K'Aylar.

2009 - April

As the FCO and XO continue searching the derelict Prospecta, Joselyn suddenly disappears in much the same fashion as the Wolverine's chief of science. She finds herself in Skopenzi hands and learns that the Skopenzi have not hidden themselves on purpose, but are actually a race that has been trapped where (and when) they are because of the pirates, who stole technology from them and are the ones responsible for the instability of the sector.

The CSciO and Ensign Hito, it turns out, are in prison where they, much to their surprise, meet up with a future version of Lt. Cmdr. Vorik, the Wolverine's bridge command officer. He tells them that long ago, in a time that is both his own past as well as Thomas and Hito's future, the Wolverine comes through a rift of its own, but on an uncontrolled trajectory that results in them crash landing on a planet in the system, killing nearly everyone aboard.

The Wolverine herself is having troubles in the present. The pirates have disable the ship and boarded. Before they can do whatever it was they'd planned on doing, however, the situation turns deadly when two Dominion ships arrive. Cherenzhenko, enabled in part because of a conversation she had with their new CNS, strikes a deal with the pirates: Get off the ship and help her crew now, and she'll make sure they don't leave empty handed. The pirates beam off. Before the captain can raise the shields in time, though, the Wolverine is boarded again, this time by Jem'Hadar. The Dominion ships commence an attack, using some kind of supplemental technology to their weapons that allows them to pierce the Wolverine's shields entirely. Several decks are heavily damaged resulting in some serious injuries. With internal communications disabled, Cherenzhenko cannot summon Dr. Netarr to those areas so she sends the aCSO to find and then escort Netarr to the injured.

2009 - May

With the Dominion attack concentrating both from within and without, Captain Cherenzhenko knows the Wolverine's in serious trouble. To her surprise, however, the pirates, who before seemed to just be taking a back seat to the show, open a temporal rift similar to the ones opened by Thomas. Taking the gamble, and the opportunity for escape suddenly offered them, the captain orders the Wolverine through the distortion...only to set off the self-fulfilling chain of events that led to the ship's demise in the future; the violent turbulence from the rift coupled with the damage from the Jem'Hadar attack cripples the ship's propulsion, leaving her unable to pull free of a now visible planet's gravity. A surprise message from their CSciO buys them time, but in bouncing off the planet's atmosphere the damage to the ship worsens, leaving it dead in the water and teetering inside a failing orbit.

Just minutes before, Lt. Galyx returns from her encounter with the Skopenzi and informs Lt. Cole that some of the pirates hiding as survivors of the mining ship have returned to the Wolverine with the XO. The away team on the Prospecta, unbeknownst to the Wolverine, follows them through the rift, and just in time; the Jem'Hadar nearest the bridge break through the line of defense and swarm it. During the battle a somewhat shocky COPs comes up with a plan to use a shuttle's systems to regain internal communications and the captain sends Ensign Boyles with a security escort to do just that. When the fight for the bridge ends several staff are hurt, including the captain, and a few lay dead. But Ensign Boyles' idea works and internal comms are restored, allowing the bridge to communicate with both Sickbay and Engineering. After having the CNS help her treat her own injury, the captain and rest of the standing bridge staff work to regain stability during which time Lt. Galyx tells Cherenzhenko what she discovered about and from the Skopenzi.

Elsewhere on the ship, the aCSO and CMO do what they can for the injured but the still abundant Jem'Hadar make fully treating some of them impossible. In a scuffle with one such patrol, Ensign Hennessey joins the ranks of the injured.

Meanwhile, Thomas and Ensign Hito continue to gather information from a future version of Lt. Commander Vorik, and eventually meet up with another group of time-stranded persons. The CSciO comes up with a radical plan to use a recently discovered shuttlecraft to open a new rift and rejoin the Wolverine in its present, taking the other officers with him.

2009 - June

As the Wolverine continues to lose power, thanks both to the Jem'Hadar as well as the still-present effects from the Veil, the counselor requests to help in Sickbay, to which the captain agrees, and Ensign Boyles begrudgingly befriends a member of the Prospecta 'crew' - whom she doesn't realize is one of the pirates - as she tries to maintain the ship's internal communications. In the course of this, she does discover the feedback loop said pirates have been using to communicate with the ship, and she takes this information to the captain.

Meanwhile, in the bowels of the ship, only a few Jem'Hadar remain but those that do have taken their toll. Lt. Cole, after escorting the counselor to Sickbay, comes across the doctor and Ensign Hennessey, who has been badly injured. He stays with them and tries to help Netarr stabilize the ensign enough to get all 3 of them back to Sickbay safely.

Back on the bridge, the COPs shows the captain what she's found. They come up with a plan to scramble the stream of communications between the pirates and their vessel, essentially letting the vessel know that the Wolverine has caught onto them. The captain then waits for them to make the next move.

In the future time, Lt. Beliveau, Ensign Hito and the other stranded time-jumpers they've met up with enact their daring plan, and not only manage to open the rift as planned, but get back aboard the Wolverine...albeit a bit roughly. He and the captain share information, and both realize that the Wolverine is in a great position of leverage than they originally thought, with some of the pirates actually now trapped inside the ship's transporter buffer system. As the captain tries to decide what to do from here, they intercept a message between the pirate that made nice with Boyles, and his ship. Tired of waiting for the pirates to make the move, Cherenzhenko contacts THEM. She promises to hold to her earlier word, that they wouldn't leave with nothing, and gives them an ultimatum - surrender the multiple technology they have on their vessel and agree to form a rift and leave, or she will kill the pirates on the Wolverine and destroy their ship. After at first appearing to want to fight, the pirate vessel finally agrees. They surrender the technology they have, Cherenzhenko returns their crew, and the pirates leave.

With them out of the way and the Jem'Hadar threat gone, the ship can concentrate on trying to pull itself together, and as the captain tries to think of a way now to help the victimized Skopenzi, Lt. Beliveau comes up with a plan that will save the Wolverine's power by using a runabout to generate the kind of rift the Wolverine will need to get home.

2009 - July

Scans have shown that the Wolverine, though back in time from the pirates' rift, is still in a time period when the Skopenzi empire was no longer active. The captain comes up with the idea to use the data from the FCO's tricorder to go back to the time that the Trill was taken to - it's the only way to speak with the Skopenzi. It's a huge risk. With the Wolverine losing power every hour, the chance that a rift would stay open long enough for her to accomplish anything is extremely small. She takes the chance regardless, and after convincing their CEO to open a rift and promising to return in only 4 hours, she ports back in time.

The port is successful, and the captain winds up in the center of the empire roughly a year after the time Galyx was brought there. She is granted an audience with the highest leader, a man named Ojaran, and the two discuss the situation. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that the only possible outcome is one of annihilation. Destroying the multiple technology would bring down the Veil, which would destroy the Skopenzi, and yet that is the only solution. The captain has found herself in a self-fulfilling prophecy - the artifacts recovered in her present showed that the empire had been destroyed during the time period in which she is in now speaking to Ojaran. She realizes that she was the one to have destroyed it, and Ojaran convinces her that she must do so again to preserve the present she comes from. However, as they return to the spot where she entered the empire, they find the rift has disappeared; the Wolverine's power reserves were too heavily taxed and the rift in Engineering had collapsed. They devise a way to time-delay the destruction of the M technology so that it will start a split second after the captain enters a rift generated by the Skopenzi. They make the modifications, she promises to remember them, and they send her back.

Meanwhile on the Wolverine, the CSciO works on readying the runabout to open the rift to send the Wolverine back. With the ship losing more and more power, the order is given to open it and leave, even though the captain has not yet returned. Once back in the proper present time, an energy shock wave washes over them. Systems begin coming back on-line and power is restored. They realize the Veil is down, but at the same time know that that means the Skopenzi empire has been destroyed and so believe the captain has been lost. She reappears a few minutes later however, and after making sure that the ship is structurally sound, they leave the sector.

The crew and ship gradually begin to recover. The captain visits Ensign Hennessey, injured while the Jem'Hadar were aboard, and makes other rounds around sickbay. Their COPs, shaken by her experience on the bridge, and the captain have a chat, bolstering the ensigns spirits a degree, and the counselor makes her own rounds through the crew. Once back to base, ship repairs begin and the staff go their separate ways - Thomas is given a mission assignment to assist an old friend, Barrett is being spirited away by the scientist Xavier she met on Turpara, the counselor prepares to bring her daughter aboard to live with her, Doctor Netarr and Ensign Hennessey make arrangement to room together while the aCSO heals, Joselyn has a flight adventure planned on another world and the captain gets a communication from Eman Denatra, the leader of Turpara that she was stamped as having been married to, requesting to meet as he travels to Earth.

2009 - August

The Wolverine is currently 'between missions' with both the ship and it's crew taking the time to rest, recover andrepair in the aftermath of their last bout of activity. Some of the crew are passing the time on Azeri Base whilst others are using the opportunity to take their leave elsewhere.

In particular, Ensign Hennessey is still recuperating and Lt Beliveau has temporarily joined the USS Temeraire to assist them with their mission. The Wolverine's new First Officer - Cmdr. Domaszewski - has joined the ship and is making the most of the time allowed and acquainting himself with as many of thecrew as is possible.