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2009 - October

The Wolverine is finally back on active duty, with a full and relatively fit crew. They have been assigned a mission and one that will take them to Starbase 112. The mission is two-fold. To escaort a Bajaroan Ambassador - Pael Sinjar - to the base as well as to pick up a crucial upgrade for the ship. The crew is to remain on Starbase 112 for the duration of the upgrade.

The journey so far has proven uneventful but the Wolverine's arrival at Starbase 112 is imminent. The crew are making use of the time it takes to reach the starbase in fine-tuning their various departments as well as - in Ensign Hennessey's case - completing any recuperation.

2009 - November

The Wolverine has arrived at Starbase 112, depositing Ambassador Pael Sinjar and then awaiting the ship upgrade.Despite not realizing it for themselves, the crew virtually immediately began to act in an uncharacteristic manner. Be it lethargy, honesty or lewdity. The cause is thus far unknown but as a reason (cure?) is unlikely in the immediate future one can only assume matters will worsen before they can hope to improve.

The crew continue to pass their downtime... as best they can.

2009 - December

The Wolverine is still docked at Starbase 112, pending the upgrade installation. The crew continue to make the most of their time by relaxing in various ways. Each of them appears to be acting out of character but some of the crew have started to notice these oddities while the bulk of them remain oblivious.

The Executive Officer intends to approach Captain Cherenzhenko with his opinion and try to ascertain if there is a reason for concern.

2010 - January

The Wolverine continues to await the completion its upgrade at Starbase 112 with the crew continuing to act out of character. Sickbay - or rather, the CMO, seems to be attracting several visitors, most leaving in a disarrayed state. The reason for the influx to the sickbay isn't currently known at the time of this report. Sexual appetites appear to be running amok on board the ship, much to the consternation of Counselor Everley who has taken her concerns to Captain Cherenzhenko.

The captain told Counselor Everley to deal with it herself and so the latter headed for the Bridge.

Meanwhile, a member of the medical team has uncovered a malady that is affecting the crew and has come up with a cure - as such. It transpires that a blast from a phaser set on stun cures the stricken victim and rids them of any uncharacteristic tendencies.

Lt Cole and Ensign Hennessey are currently seeking out members of the senior staff to issue the stun, starting with Ensign Everley on the Bridge and Dr Netarr.

The latest target is Commander Domaszewski who found Ensign Everley in her office, hoping to arrest her for mutiny. Ensign Hennessey has 'cured' the captain but the remaining senior staff members are still on the loose.

2010 - February

The crew of the Wolverine are starting to return to normal, thanks to being stunned by phasers and having their misplaced neural pathways reset. The captain and Lieutenant Barrett are working on a method to 'cure' the remaining members of the crew using a ship-wide burst, effectively ensuring anyone left stricken is dealt with in the one blow.

One problem still remains, though... Namely that of a past Trill host formerly within Lieutenant Galyx having been propelled into the body of Lieutenant Commander Beliveau. An unforeseen side-effect of the phaser modulation used on Galyx.

Tension will be prevalent due to all that happened over the past few days as certain officers are sure to feel a certain awkwardness as a result.

2010 - March

The entire crew of the Wolverine have at last been returned to normal and are enjoying some much needed shore leave at Starbase 112.

Ensign Boyles has left the ship and her replacement Chief of Operations - Ensign Savannah Coulder - has arrived from Azeri Base, along with her daughter, Sophie. Ensign Everley's daughter, Parker, has returned to Azeri along with Dr. Netarr's daughter, Evie.

Lieutenant Galyx and Lieutenant Commander Beliveau continue to try and find a remedy for the former's misplaced symbiote that occurred as a result of phaser stunning.