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Mission 017 - Closet 666

TO: Captain Cherenzhenko - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Closet 666
STARDATE: 30.0323

Captain Cherenzhenko,

The USS Fairchild, a scientific research vessel, has been excavating ruins on a planet in sector B-015 in an area of that space known as the Closet. An archaeological research team that has been operating with the USS Fairchild the last two months has been called out to assist in this particular excavation because some of the sites currently being examined are giving the crew of the Fairchild some problems of indeterminable causes, and they need manpower to even gain access to some of the others.

This archaeological team, led by Dr. Zachary Cherenzhenko, is being dispatched to Starbase 112 where they will rendezvous with the Wolverine. From there you will travel directly to Sector B-015 and lend whatever assistance necessary to the Fairchild and her crew.

It goes without saying that professional objectivity will be of utmost importance throughout the duration of this particular assignment.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2010 - March

The entire crew of the Wolverine have at last been returned to normal and are enjoying some much needed shore leave at Starbase 112.

Ensign Boyles has left the ship and her replacement Chief of Operations - Ensign Savannah Coulder - has arrived from Azeri Base, along with her daughter, Sophie. Ensign Everley's daughter, Parker, has returned to Azeri along with Dr Netarr's daughter, Evie.

Lieutenant Galyx and Lieutenant Commander Beliveau continue to try and find a remedy for the former's misplaced symbiote that occurred as a result of phaser stunning.

The Wolverine has received its new mission premise - namely to transport Zachary Cherenzhenko and his archaeological team to Sector B-015 where they will offer support to the research vessel, USS Fairchild in their excavation of a planet in an area known as the Closet.

2010 - April

Zachary Cherenzhenko and his archaeological team arrive on the Wolverine in readiness for their departure to join the USS Fairchild in Sector B-015. Cherenzhenko briefs the captain and first officer on all that is known about the Closet and, in particular, sector 666 where they will be heading. Due to the nature of the planet's designation only Lieutenant Cole is informed in the hopes that superstition will not tarnish their investigations. The Wolverine is finally cleared to leave and the two week journey begins. Various members of the crew are using this time to prepare themselves and their departments for what lies ahead.

Unknown to anyone on board the ship, an infiltrator has placed explosives around the ship. His motives and goal are uncertain and the ship is proceeding as per orders, oblivious to the threat.

2010 - May

Nine days have passed with the Wolverine continuing to make its way to Pandora's Closet in Sector B-015. Little has happened on board the ship to give cause for concern with the time being used by various departments to ensure the crew's safety on arrival as well as the success of the mission.

Little else will be known until the Wolverine arrives at their final destination when they will, at last, discover what secrets are contained within area 666.

One notable event: Romance would appear to be blossoming between the CMO and the Assistant Chief of Security.

2010 - June

The ship has finally arrived at Pandora. So far, only the archeological team, Captain Cherenzhenko, Commander Domaszewski and lieutenants Cole and Hennessey are aware of the sites's particular designations and all the incidents associated to them.

Soon after the Wolverine's arrival, the captain ordered the XO, lieutenant Hennessey and her son's team to beam down to the planet and assess the situation. She also ordered the chief flight control officer, Lieutenant Galyx and the CSciO, Lt. Commander Beliveau, to prepare the deployment of the USS Duncan, the small science support vessel. The captain resisted the urge to go to the planet herself at this point.

The away team arrived safely to the main site. While Commander Domaszewski compared notes with the USS Fairchild's XO, Lieutenant Devon Hennessey used her telepathic abilities to scout and secure the perimeter. Finding nothing suspicious, she joined Dr. Cherenzhenko and his assistant as they inspected the ancient door blocking their access to the main chamber below ground. They discovered that heat seemed to be emanating from the chamber behind the door, which contradicted some of the scans the Fairchid teams took earlier on. Informed by the Fairchild's XO of the latest accident on the site, Commander Domaszenski decided to investigate the matter, making sure to rule out sabotage.

The USS Duncan also made several landing on the planet to deploy the equipment necessary to implement security measures designed by the COps, ensign Coulder. Although all three first trips happened without incidents, the Duncan experienced technical difficulties at her last destination. Several system wouldn't function even though both the chief flight control officer and the chief science officer's technical analysis concluded that all was in working order. Eventually, the systems went back online and both officers were able to make it back to the main site and deploy the rest of the scientific equipment needed.

Back on the Wolverine, the crew encountered some problem of their own. Due to a computer error, a simulation went awry in main engineering, causing an explosion. Damage was contained thanks to the quick thinking of the engineering team. Later on, Commander Barrett was able to achieve her initial goal and increased the sensor and transporter's range further under the surface of Pandora.

Wanting to assist the weary crew of the USS Fairchild but also to have a better understanding of what they might face on Pandora, Captain Cherenzhenko asked Counselor Seraphyn Everley to transport over to the small science vessel and assist her ship's counselor. The counselor agreed, beamed over and started seeing crewmen from the Fairchild.

After a few communication with her son on the surface, the Captain finally decided to visit the planet regardless of Starfleet protocol. Beaming down to the planet with her were the ship CSO lieutenant Darius Cole, the COps Ensign Coulder and the CMO, Doctor Netarr, all with their respective teams and the specific material requested by the younger Cherenzhenko.

Once on the surface, Captain Cherenzhenko officially ordered her people to relieve the teams from the Fairchild and her son gave his instructions to his team to begin the work on the chambers beneath the ground. The secrets of Pandora are still awaiting the crew of the Wolverine.

2010 - July

During their first hours on Pandora, the crew of the Wolverine started to work. Lily, escorted by a security officer, took a few moments to visit a storage area were she could see some of the artifacts that had been recovered by the archeological expedition. Lieutenant Galyx also used her time to scans some of the objects.

Soon after the Wolverine's teams settled in the Pandora encampment, several incidents occurred. While patrolling in the vicinity of the camp with security officer Sander, Ensign Coulder saw a young girl and collapsed. After recovering her senses in the medical bay, she told the Captain about the little girl. Convinced their was no little girl on the planet but wanting to play it safe (in case it might be something else), Captain Cherenzhenko ordered security to look for her in the camp.

During the search, tragedy struck two security officers, ensign Peters and the Fairchild's assistant chief security officer Lt. Bartelli, as they were hit by an explosion. A few seconds before the explosion, Lt. Bartilli had started to shoot on an unseen enemy. First on the scene, Lieutenant Cole quickly identified the explosion as an overload from Bartelli's phaser riffle. Interrogated later on, ensign Peters testified that regardless of what Bartelli said before the explosion, she saw no foes near them.

On the scientific shuttle Duncan, the chief science officer identified a alien device belonging to an advanced civilization long extinct that was recovered on Pandora. Although it was seriously damaged, Thomas was able to recover a message left to those who would visit this planet: Beware, this planet is cursed. On his way to alert the Captain of his finding, Lt. Cmdr Beliveau heard screaming. He found Lieutenant Galyx, on the floor of one of the mobile science lab while holding an object in her hand. Before the medic took her to the medical bay she was able to tell him about a vision she had, concerning the machine the fragment came from. She also suggested he looked for something hidden within the chemical make-up of those artifacts.

Before the night was over, ensign Coulder experienced another encounter with the little girl. Although the medical staff told her it was only a dream, the ensign thought otherwise. She is convinced that all of it was real. The incidents between the little girl and ensign Coulder caught Commander Ski's attention. After spending some time beside the COPs in the medical bay, the Wolverine's XO decided to investigate the matter further. During his investigation, Ski was unaware that the little girl described by ensign Coulder was watching him.

Meanwhile, back in orbit, ensign Everley found the crew of the USS Fairchild in a far worst situation then she expected. In her report to Captain Cherenzhenko, she told her that all the crew members of the small science vessel were all suffering in various degree, either psychologically or morally.

Back on the Wolverine, Lt. Cmdr. Barrett worked long hours to determine what had caused the explosion in engineering. She was also asked to verifies the authenticity of the the alien device containing the warning message. After working from engineering, she beamed down to the Duncan shortly passed midnight and confirmed the science department's finding as authentic.

On a more personal level, Lt. (jg) Hennessey and Dr. Netarr are enjoying their new relationship but are keeping it secret for now, with only Lt. Cole and Captain Cherenzhenko aware of it.

The second day of the Wolverine started very early as Dr. Zachary Cherenzhenko called his mother to let her know that the digging team had successfully broken the last seal of the chamber of designated as 666. The Captain left her quarters in a hurry, wanting to be down on the planet while the chamber was being opened.

2010 - August

A hectic day for sure and in that time much has happened. Ensign Coulder and Commander Domaszewski discussed the former's dreams and their possible meaning whilst Dr Netarr has been beset by minor injuries... none of which can really be accounted for... up to and including the ones being sported by Lieutenant Hennessey.

Lieutenant Galyx reveals that she has been experiencing visions and relates that fact to the captain. Are the answers to Pandora's riddle held within them?

Counselor Everley arrives on the planet and immediately talks to Ensign Coulder.

The captain, Zachary and Darius Cole venture into the caverns, accompanied by Falrin Zan and Ensign Coulder and despite the strong misgivings of the security team and XO.

Disaster strikes and a series of explosions hit the team, half burying the captain in the process. Coulder goes for help and Domaszewski is first on the scene, Dr Netarr following on afterwards but not before the Wolverine's XO has ordered Hennessey to send all non-essential personnel back to the ship. He also orders Coulder back to the ship for an enforced (and monitored) sleep to see if the dreams can reach her once off the surface.

Signals are boosted down into the caverns to assist in the rescue attempt and Commander Domaszewski finds the captain in a serious condition. She manages to utter one last command... To finish the mission but Domaszewski will always put the crew first. Dr Netarr arrives and begins treatment, opting to 'kill' the captain in order to save her. A brave - and possibly rash - decision but one that will hopefully be correct.

Lt. Commander Barrett successfully transports Captain Cherenzhenko's body and Dr Netarr back on board the ship.

2010 - September

The captain remains in a critical condition whilst the First Officer takes command of the ship. The caverns are sealed and the planet evacuated with Ensign Coulder having concluded her dreams.

An alien ship arrives and is the cause of the Wolverine and Fairchild's dormant engines. It transpires that some evil force needs to be re-contained withing the alien force-field that the Starfleet ships have broken. Only when that is done can the aliens allow the Starfleet ships to leave.

Before that happens Lt Alstead of the Fairchild and Captain Cherenzhenko have their injures repaired.

The two ships then head back towards Azeri.

2010 - October

The Wolverine's exhausting and exacting mission to Pandora's Closet has finally come to its conclusion and the crew are making the most of their shore leave.

Counselor Everley has placed some of the crew off the active roster and Captain Cherenzhenko has managed to recover from her ordeal in full. Several of the crew have managed to escape the base for a few days and during that time Lt Commander Beliveau heard of his transfer to the Southern Cross. He has now left the Wolverine to take up his new position of Executive Officer. Of course we all wish him well.

Counselor Everley has been given full custody of her daughter and Ensign Coulder is dealing with her own very personal issues.

The senior crew would also like to compliment Lt Commander Barrett on her success in the base swimming pool!

2010 - November

The ship is still on shore leave awaiting the return of those members of the crew put onto the inactive duty roster. Ensign Coulder remains on Earth, recovering from her ordeal at the hands of her husband whilst Counselor Everley is adjusting to having her daughter now in her full-time care. Both Captain Cherenzhenko and Lieutenant Galyx have now been cleared as fit for duty with the only uncertainty being Ensign Coulder.

A replacement Chief of Science has joined the Wolverine - one Ensign Malachi Trace - who will face something of a trial by fire given how soon the ship is likely to return to active duty. Hopefully Ensign Trace will have at least some time in which to acclimatize himself to his role.