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Mission 018 - Spy

2010 - December

Ensign Trace continues to settle in to his new post as Chief of Science on the Wolverine and Ensign Coulder returns from Earth, coming slowly to terms with what transpired.

Shore leave comes to a close and the Wolverine is assigned its next mission: To act as a supply transport, delivering items to an outpost in the Eranus system. Hardly testing but the order had been given. The ship is readied and then departs.

Two days into its journey the ship comes under attack and in the small hours of the morning. The Bridge is quickly taken and critical systems are quarantined, making it impossible for the crew to defend their position. The bulk of the ship's personnel are contained in cargo bay 2, awaiting to know their fate, whilst the captain and other essential crew are retained on the Bridge. Lieutenants Cole and Hennessey are currently being held in the brig but the whereabouts of Commander Barrett remain unknown.

The demands of the attacking group are as yet unknown but it would seem that their objective is primarily to steal the USS Wolverine. Suspicions begin to fall on the newest member of the crew...

Ensign Malachi Trace.

2011 - January

On the moon:

A large portion of the crew have been deposited on a nearby moon's surface with little more than the clothes they wear on their backs. The conditions are harsh but it would seem at least some lenience has been granted at Lieutenant Cole was beamed down with some basic supplies and attire. Far from enough to cater for the needs of the entire mis-placed crew but at least ample for the younger members.

Lieutenant Hennessey and Dr Netarr - along with a portion of the crew - are still missing but in spite of some errant scientists Counselor Everley has discovered ruins in the vicinity. Ruins that would indicate at least some degree of technology. Whether that be past or present remains to be seen.


On the Wolverine:

The captain is forced to stand by as the majority of the crew is transported from the cargo bay to the moon's surface and can do nothing as Hudson orders the ship be taken out of orbit and directed to another location. After several hours, the captain and FCO are taken to a general crewman's quarters where they're held during times they're not needed for work and during the nights.

Those left on the ship quickly find their lot in life is not much more pleasant than the fate of their moon-bound colleagues. Taking advantage of Hudson's absence in overseeing them, two of his men, working alone with Ensign Coulder in the computer core, overpower her and she is viciously assaulted. Hudson interrupts the rape mid-way and, in a rage over it, kills both of his men and takes Savannah to Sickbay where Captain Cherenzhenko is called. After a brief altercation with two guards there, during which Savannah Ensign Coulder takes control and saves the captain's life, they realize escape is not possible and return to their holding room were the captain helps Coulder get to sleep.

Shortly after, Hudson invites the captain to dine with him, to which she agrees, and while in his quarters discovers two things. 1) Barrett is still aboard the ship and sabotaging minor systems to run the terrorists ragged, and 2) that Hudson's initial orders were to kill the crew after he took the ship. She realizes his sending them to the surface of the moon was an attempt to keep them alive, and she vows to get the ship back in time to return and retrieve the crew before the moon kills them instead.

2011 - February

On board the Wolverine the situation continues with the captive crew members settling down for their first night. Commander Barrett remains at large, doing her utmost to cause problems for Hudson's group.

Meanwhile, on the planet the stranded personnel face a far less comfortable ordeal. The bulk of those who were transported to the moon's surface have been reunited but Dr Netarr, Lieutenant Hennessey and a number of crewmembers are still missing. Counselor Everley managed to discover some structural ruins and Commander Domaszewski was able to 'make friends' with the local wildlife - much to the appreciation of the children.

After an uncomfortable night, the ruins were investigated and further investigation has shown them to be usable, albeit with some renovation work. An old well has also been found but it is as yet unknown as to whether the water within is of a drinkable quality. The search for the missing crewmembers resumed with Lieutenant Cole once more being assigned to the snow-covered sector and Ensign Trace to the more temperate zone.

Their first full day on the moon with unknown dangers ahead. Questions are posed... Who built the now ruined buildings and the well? Are those builders still on the planet? If so, are they hostile?Lieutenant Cole's discovery of the large footprint in the freshly fallen snow would definitely hint they are not alone.

2011 - March

On the moon:

The group is still divided, with Dr Netarr, Lieutenant Hennessey and several other members of the crew being unaccounted for. The search for them has been curtailed in an endeavour to conserve food and water. It is currently unknown if they are even on the moon... or alive.

A search of the nearby ruins has shown them to be habitable - with some repair work - and Commander Domaszewski appears to be 'making friends' with indigenous life both in the form of a strange three-legged mammal that has since become the group's mascot and, more recently, a native boy. The latter escorted the commander to a source of drinkable water before vanishing once again. Commander Domaszewski and Lieutenant Cole now face the problem of how to transport the water back to the ruins.

Emsign Everley has taken over control of the group's meagre supplies and doing her best to keep morale at a high level whilst Ensign Trace supervises the reconstruction of the group's hoped-for shelter.


On the Wolverine/Syndicate base:

The crew aboard the ship are still struggling with their capture and are at unease throughout the night after the takeover of the Wolverine. Throughout the night Lt. Commander Barrett still struggles to thwart the abilities of their capturers. In the morning while she is gathering supplies for her own takeover attempt, the ship arrives at the Syndicate Base. Hudson is given the ship as a reward for his actions. Captain Cherenzhenko, Lt. Galyx and Ensign Coulder are transferred to the Syndicate base.

Lt. Galyx and Captain Cherenzhenko are both injected with something. Galyx is interrogated about the Wolverine navigation systems. Cherenzhenko has yet to be interrogated. Coulder remains with the Captain trying to help her out until they come for her and Barrett is struggling to make her way to the Environmental Controls.

2011 - April

Events on the Wolverine take a very different turn when Commander Barrett regains control... but as she does she she faces Hudson who comes close to taking her life. On the base, Galyx remains drugged into giving sketches of ship designs. Ensign Coulder is left alone in a holding cell, and under interrogation by a Vulcan named V'tra, and torture at the hands of V'tra's colleague interrogators, Captain Cherenzhenko learns that this V'tra is actually a Starfleet Intelligence plant inside the Syndicate orginization. They are able to feed each other information that will help V'tra help the trio stay alive long enough for her to get them out.

Meanwhile on the moon, the marooned crew members face an uncertain future when the volcano that dominates the area starts to erupt. The Wellington arrives in orbit just in time to beam up most of the crew, with Lieutenants Cole and Hennessey, along with Dr Netarr, being rescued by the Wolverine. Commander Domaszewski, Ensign Trace and Counselor Everley rejoin their ship and the Wolverine heads for the Syndicate Base. Commander Barrett is moved to the sickbay for emergency treatment whilethe commander and Lieutenant Cole prepare to lead teams down to the base. The former will search for the missing trio whilst the latter will deal with Hudson who managed to escape the ship.

2011 - May

Lt. JG Cole and Commander Domaszewski continue to mount their rescue mission of the hostages Captain Cherenzhenko, Lt. Galyx and Ensign Coulder from the Syndicate Base. Having split their paths, Cole confronts Hudson on the command deck while the commander searches for them. Hudson in the end sacrifices himself in order for Cole to live and the hostages are rescue. The syndicate base is subsequently destroyed as they are leaving.

Now that everyone is rescued and back aboard the Wolverine, the crew return home licking their wounds. At arrival, half of the senior staff is reassigned elsewhere leaving the other half to pick up the pieces of what happened. Shortly after arrival, Starfleet Intelligence and Security sweep the mission under the rug declaring it 'training exercise', leaving a bitter taste for those left assigned. Until holes are filled on the senior staff, extended leave was granted to the crew of the Wolverine. Cole convinces the still recovering Lt. Commander Barrett to venture to Risa with him. Cherenzhenko decides to return home to Earth with her son, Zachary, and Eman, the former administrator to Turpura leaving the only record of her final destination with her goddaughter, Coulder. Galyx remains aboard the base at one of the Luxury hotels.

Before leaving on their vacations, Barrett and Cherenzhenko run into an interesting woman by the name of Sige o' Broin. Galyx, Cole, Barrett and Cherenzhenko struggle with letting go of their worries and duties in order to relax, but eventually in the end, they find the ability to relax.

2011 - June

Lt. Galyx is enjoying time with a man named Chad that she has met on base during leave, but finds herself conflicted with feelings. During her musings, she finds that Chad has some secrets that he's not yet shared.

On Risa, Lt. Cole and Cmdr. Barrett's plush vacation is interrupted when the Vulcan spy V'tra - Arria, as Barrett learns her name is - shows up and presents Cmdr. Barrett with grave news; she's received intelligence that the Orion Syndicate believe Captain Cherenzhenko has damaging information against them and has dispatched a kill squad to Earth to assassinate her. With little more to go on other than this agent's word, Barrett and Cole leave Risa under express orders not to tip their plans to the intelligence community as to do so would bring more light to the Wolverine's hijacking and embarrass High Command, who, disbelieving of Arria's warnings to them, have refused to intercede on the captain's behalf.

On Earth, the captain has taken one of her 3 horses out for a ride on a plateau near the home when she spots a shuttle they had seen earlier in the day. Its location concerns her as it doesn't appear to have crashed but rather landed deliberately and her alarm grows when she sees the shuttle's weapon cache. Recalling an indication from High Command the Syndicate's arm "could reach this far", the captain spooks and, grabbing what provisions they can, the small family leaves the home and heads into the mountains. It appears the captain's instincts are correct when, not 6 hours later, the 5-man kill squad descends on the home. Finding it empty, they eventually conclude that she has fled and even though they are several hours behind, head into the mountains after her.

At the same time on Azeri Base, Lt. Cole goes to Ensign Coulder to glean information on where, on Earth, the captain was vacationing. After telling him, somewhat reluctantly, that she is in Montana, the ensign demands to go along to help find her. While Cmdr. Barrett, with the help of a woman named Bernard (who helped them leave Risa undetected), 'sneaks' onto and then secures a ship she designed a few years prior, Cole next rounds up two pals from his Marine days and they agree to help. On his way back towards the pilfered vessel, he encounters a woman named Sige o'Broin, a civilian philanthropist/psychologist who has gotten into an altercation in a shady part of the base, without knowing that she has already randomly met both Barrett and the captain separate of one another. After helping clear up the mess the tussle caused, Cole finds himself unable to be rid of the woman, who, insistent on thanking him for his help, follows him.

Meanwhile, Lt. Galyx's mystery deepens when Chad suddenly vanishes from the base. A quick use of a scan reveals that for reasons unknown he has been transported off base to a freighter docked on the other side of the base. She decides to investigate further.

And while the senior staff deal with their separate not-so-relaxing shoreleave experiences, two new crew are assigned. An Ensign Derek Preston, a young human male is placed as Chief Medical Officer and a Betazoid woman named Jenga Chase, a Lt.Cmdr, is approached by a somewhat shifty persona and placed as Executive Officer.

2011 - July

In their efforts to put as much distance between themselves and the hit-squad, the captain, her son, and Eman take a risky path around the edge of a waterfall and they pay the price for it; Zachary is critically hurt when the rain from 2 nights prior weakens the mountainside and he is caught in a small landslide. The captain makes the decision to let the assassins catch up so that she can stabilize her son. When they do catch up, she kills one of them on the ledge, blocks the ledge with a landslide of her own, and she and Eman make their escape with Zachary. As they hide, the captain tells Eman about her fight with Lt. Cole, and confesses to him her regret that she believes Cole will continue the rest of his life thinking she didn't trust him, which couldn't be farther from the truth.

When they reach the cave they had initially struck out for, the captain determines that Zachary's condition is worsening beyond what she can treat with what she has with them, and he will not survive without help. She gives Eman instructions to seal the cave if she doesn't return and then leaves the cave to attempt to get back down the mountain for help. Back down the trail, the leader of the assassination team has tracked her, cutting her off from the trail and forcing her path to the river, where he confronts her. Knowing she will not win a direct fight with him, she jumps from the top of the falls to the river below.

As the captain fights for survival on Earth, Lt. Cole, Lt. Cmdr. Barrett, Ensign Coulder and the woman Sige that has gotten herself involved in it all made headway to Earth as well. Cole doesn't believe that Sige is just a civilian, and after seeing a picture of the captain's family that Sige has with her voices his suspicion that she is in fact an agent for the Syndicate herself sent to kill Lily. She does little that convinces him otherwise, but one of the men Cole has asked to help them takes a liking to her and the two of them strike a relationship as they travel. Once they reach Earth, they slip deviously past outer defenses and Cole tries to prepare them all for what will happen, and what they might find, once they beam to the captain's home.

Meanwhile on Azeri Base, Lt. Galyx locates Chat and discovers the reason he was taken. It's not as sinister as she appeared, for which she is grateful, and she stays with him while he recovers his strength and equilibrium. The two's relationship grows a little closer as Galyx agrees to help him with his transition, and they even manage time for some dancing.

Also, Commander Chase is plagued at night by bits of her past, while the good doctor gets to know more of the crew. A new science chief is assigned while she recovers from injuries sustained during her last mission, a Lt. Anushka Sladin, who has transferred from the Cherokee.

2011 - August

On the Wolverine and Azeri Base, Lt. Galyx continues enjoying her shore leave in the holodecks of the base, and wonders about the next mission while at the same time worrying about Chad at the research he's involved with. Dr. Preston continue settling in while giving a medical conference via the holodeck and a hockey game with his league. He struggles to find a cure for a child with a nasty virus. Lt. Sladin arrives aboard the Wolverine to see that it's primarily empty and void of crew. She enjoys target practice and settles in while struggling with dreams and meeting up with her aunt. The XO, Commander Chase, has recurring dreams causing her to search through a message she recovered from the USS Asimov. She starts getting the crew organized, goes shopping while still on leave and continues to struggle deciphering the message.

On Earth, Barrett, Cole and o'Broin beam down with their companions Jakes, Skyla, Bernard and Coulder to Earth from the Papillon to find the house destroyed and the security team assigned to the captain dead inside and around it. But Cherenzhenko and her son and Eman are not there. After seeing a picture and recalling a conversation he once had with the captain about the mountains around her home, Cole realizes they need to go to Half Dome. While they are venturing out to Half Dome, Cherenzhenko ends up jumping for her life over the edge of a water fall, only to end up beaten and battered by the bottom of the waterfall. She performs triage on herself and as she is trying to make it out of the water, she meets up with the team. They help stabilize her and rest for the night before trekking through the darkness up the hill to where Zack and Eman are. While on their way up the hill, a sniper pins them down as Locke goes after the Captain. Jakes goes after Locke, Bernard goes after the sniper, whose shot has killed Cole's marine friend Devon Skyla. The sniper ends up dying, and the whereabouts of Locke is unknown. The Captain helps Bernard and Bernard helps the captain in return. They continue up the hill and barely make it in time. O Broin helps stabilize Zach as they are trying to get everyone out of the cave and back up to the ship. Locke returns and fires at the Captain. Cole jumps in the line of fire and takes the hit. Sige 'channels' the ghost of Skyla and kills Locke properly. Once up at the ship, the captain knows that they need full medical attention for both Cole and Zach and she and them are beamed back down to Earth to Starfleet Medical in San Fransisco.

The questioning starts for the crew that went to Earth, starting with the Captain and then going to o'Broin. Eventually Sige helps out the Captain to see her son. Lt. Cole has survived the hit he took and gets a couple of visitors while in recovery in ICU. As a dying wish from the Admiral, he is reenlisted back into the marines, and he pulls strings to get Skyla his due marine funeral in Arlington, even though he was turned mercenary. Now starts the time of healing for the crew that went to earth. Cherenzhenko decides to abandon her house in Montana after everything that happened and the crew comes back from Earth and starts to adjust to back to their ship and meets the new crew. Commander Chase goes through and starts to ensure that the crew is ready and all departments are fully stocked with anything that they could imagine before they depart for the upcoming mission -- whenever it may happen. Realizing what gifts Sige o'Broin has, and recognizing that her crew needs those gifts close, Cherenzhenko proposes that Sige join them. After some string pulling, Sige is officially placed as Counselor aboard the Wolverine.