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Mission 019 - Haystack

TO: Captain Cherenzhenko - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Haystack
STARDATE: 31.0831

Captain Cherenzhenko,

Magellan Constructs, a Federation military subcontractor, has requested our assistance in retrieving a prototype of a fighter class known as Proteus. The craft is a top secret design in the development stage for Starfleet. It crash landed two days ago on a class M planet by the name of Morpheus in the Oneiro System. Your mission is to retrieve the fighter and its two man crew if possible. Should that not be possible, you are to retrieve the black box and destroy the prototype, returning with any surviving crew members.

The CEO of Magellan Constructs, a man by the name of Trenton Quevens, will be awaiting your arrival in orbit of the planet. He will apprise you further of the situation and fill you in on any necessary information that will assist you in locating the craft.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2011 - September

Lt. Commander Barrett is pulled into question by Security, JAG and Intelligence and is told to wear her dress whites for the meeting about her actions on the previous mission and the events that unfolded during shore leave. Upon return from shore leave, the existing members of the Wolverine staff start to meet the new crew members. The crew starts to settle back from shore leave by completing their physicals and psychology evaluations. Lt. JG Cole meets Doctor Preston for secret surgery from something that happened between their departure from Earth and the end of Shore leave. Lt. Galyx checks in with the Captain as she remained on the base for her leave. She also meets the new Doctor and Counselor. Lt. Sladin has a couple of misunderstandings with Doctor Preston during her physical. Counselor o Broin is able to meet with all of the crew, except for Lt. JG Cole. The morning before a staff briefing, Eman Denatra, who has been staying with the Captain the last several months, proposes marriage.

The Wolverine was assigned her next mission. They are to go to the planet Morpheus to help the CEO of Magellan Constructs, a private contractor, to recover their crashed prototype ship and aid in the search and rescue of the pilots, seeing that their own search and rescue failed. Trenton Quevens, CEO of Magellan Constructs, and his assistant join the Wolverine crew for the mission.

The senior staff briefing left the senior staff of their assigned tasks and duties for the mission. During the briefing many questions are asked and everything probed in depth for the mission ahead of them. Afterwards, the crew starts to finalize everything that the need from the base in order to get out on their mission. The rest of the staff has returned to the ship and the Wolverine pushes out of Azeri Base to get to Morpheus with haste.

2011 - October

Now that the ship has left Azeri Base, the crew gets immersed in meetings between various members of the senior staff. Lt. Galyx relives the horrifying crash and afterwards goes to see Lt. Commander Barrett about it. They believe it may be something to do with possible pressure differences. After these meetings, she meets up with Lt. Cole for some one-on-one combat training.

Commander Chase makes her rounds with the assignments for the away teams. The counselor starts to meet with the rest of the senior staff before their arrival to Morpheus. The following morning, she meets up with Magellan Constructs for breakfast. As she makes breakfast, they catch up over the years between their meetings and go over his crew manifest. Barrett meets up with the counselor due to not sleep. The counselor leaves her with some homework to do and sets up mandatory lunch meetings with the engineer. Cole meets up with Barrett to go over the video feed and they find a hidden transmission underneath it and that's when they realize that there is something more that is going on as there was now a cover up of the truth – Donavin drugged h'Aniri. Lt. Sladin meets up with Quevens as she is investigating the symbiotic nature of the plants and bugs of Morpheus in the Holodeck.

Dr. Preston occupies his time with trying a holodeck program with Barrett as well as meeting with the Captain regarding the mission and the possibility, even if remote, of planet-borne contagions. He also meets up and discusses different aspects of Morpheus with Dr. Ganon, CMO aboard the Magellan ship. The captain finds herself tied up in meetings about the mission and her personal life as she is still coming to terms with some recent events. The Counselor finally corners Cole and get him to finally meet with her opening up about the events after Skyla's death. Galyx and Scott try to recreate the crash in order to see if there was a possibility to glide the prototype on wind currents to not end up at the crash site, or if any form of debris could have come off the ship because of the storm.

2011 - November

Lt. Cole finally opens up to Counselor o Broin about what happened during leave. Lt. Sladin and Dr. Preston work on getting the quarantine areas contained before arrival to Morpheus. Cole takes the findings from his meeting with Lt. Commander Barrett to Mr. Quevens of Magellan Constructs about the hidden feed. Throughout the night, Barrett finally finds out what the difference was in the feeds and brings it to Cole and Quevens early in the morning on the day of their arrival. She found a discrepancy in the oxygen densities proving that they were from different planets.

The Wolverine finally arrives at the end of the third day of their search and rescue mission. Lt. Commander Chase leads away Team One, consisting of Barrett, Sladin, Ensign Coulder and a couple other officers from medical, bridge and security, and Cole leads away Team Two, consisting of Broin, Jakes, Preston, Sladin and a couple of other security officers. While the away teams are preparing to head down to Morpheus, the feeds from the visual badges start streaming into the Bridge systems.

Away Team One gets under way following the path that the ship carved through the planet's jungles. They find scattered pieces of the same metallic compounds used to make up the Proteus which makes Barrett think that maybe they still lost control on decent. After a small quake that caught the team off guard, they find that the vines are eating away at the metallic shards allowing the question to be posed; what they could now be missing?

Away Team Two gets under way heading into the cave systems that are part of the mountainous terrain of the planet. Here they find that the rock, even though it is not supposed to be porous may actually be something other than what they originally thought that it was. They come across signs of a battle and the DNA that was left over in the blood splattered across the surfaces of the rock wall within the caves is transforming and mutating together. During their investigation, they find two bodies actually merged with the rock making their connections complete. One of the bodies is an unknown female deceased and the other is a male that is still surprisingly alive.

2011 - December

Mr. Quevens, the CEO of Magellan Constructs, starts to make arrangements to meet with his engineering crew aboard the Daedulus. After being unable to resolve certain things over the comms, Arman Lucir transports over to the Wolverine and assists Captain Cherenzhenko in finding back up flight recorder and cloak devices.

Both the teams are already well into their journeys to the transponders. The science and medical background was delved into by Dr. Preston and Lieutenant Sladin as they continued deeper into the cave networks. Upon deeper discovery, they find two unknown bodies that had already morphed into the rock as if the rock was not just eating it, but merging with it on a molecular level. Ensign o'Broin ends up making contact with the rock due to her unique abilities. This in turn caused her heart to fully stop. The doctor is able to revive her and the Captain orders everyone on team Two to beam directly back to Sickbay

Meanwhile, on team One, they find the Proteus in a sink hole half hanging over the edge to an open crevice below. After securing their lines, the team, led by Commander Chase, repels down to the ship. Ensign Coulder and the team discover that the recorder is missing, the computer is smashed and it appears that the cloaking device is missing as well. Lieutenant Galyx discovers that the planet was here too trying to merge with the ship itself. Using what little time they have left before they need to return to the ship, Lieutenant Commander Barrett and the flight officer break their way through the rear access hatch. Utilizing the information from Arman, the commander is able to find the back up flight recorder. Using the parachute mechanism from the flight chairs, the chief engineer is able to break through the deck plating and get to the back up cloaking device.

As team One wraps up their planet side adventure for the evening, team Two begins going through their physicals to ensure that everyone is okay and did not have adverse molecular damage like the counselor did. Lieutenant Cole reports to the captain that they found three faint life signs deeper within the vast cavern system before she ordered the general retreat due to what happened to the counselor, and she decides not to send anyone else to the surface until morning. Then the captain meets with the counselor after she opened up to the doctor about some of her past and assures Sige that she can sleep in her own quarters that night.

2012 - January

The crew arrives back late at night from the away parties down to the surface of Morpheus. Before everyone is able to get to the debrief meeting, Dr. Preston puts everyone through a rigorous medical scan. In doing so, he found that nearly every person that went to the surface had been exposed to some form of changes to their DNA. After he has cleared everyone for Duty, Captain Cherenzhenko holds a senior staff meeting to ensure that everyone knew what was going to happen the following morning.

During this meeting, the Captain announced that Mr. Quevens and herself would be beaming back down to the planet to try to retrieve the missing crew members and the Proteus that was still precariously leaning off the edge of the crater that Commander Chase, Lt. Commander Barrett, Lt. Galyx and Ensign Coulder had found. Chase and Lt. JG Cole stayed after the meeting to voice their concerns of the Captain putting herself in danger.

After the meeting is dismissed, the crew venture to their own little corners to either prepare for the following day, get the well needed rest they needed, or to decompress in any way that they needed to. Lt. Sladin spent the majority of the night burning the midnight oil with Coulder. Also throughout the night, Chase is reassigned to the Southern Cross, leaving Vorik as acting executive officer in her wake. Morning dawns aboard the ship as everyone gets ready to either prepare to disembark to the Daedalus and Morpheus or to receive guests.

Counselor Purdy is escorted to Engineering by Cole to meet Lt. Commander Barrett, as Aschel is escorted to the bridge by the Captain before they leave to meet up with Lt. Galyx. After the guests are settled in their respective departments, the Captain and rest of the team heads for the surface. While there, Aschel messes with the wiring on the flight recorder. Shortly thereafter, the ships communications and transporters fails stranding the members of the senior staff either on the planet or the Daedalus. Due to the reassignment of the XO, an assistant science officer is pulled in by the Captain. Without proper introductions, Lt. JG Renwyk is thrust into the mission headlong.

2012 - February

The Wolverine and Daedulus start to encounter problems with the systems. The communications and transporters on both ships go out. Ensign Renwyk decides to head to her quarters to continue her investigation on the DNA changes since power on the Bridge is flickering. Lt. Galyx was able to save the flight recorder but was unable to call engineering to advise of the problems on the bridge. Lt. Commander Barrett starts working with the guests from the Daedulus to get the failing systems back up and running, while Lt. Cole keeps an eye on all areas from his power failing office.

Meanwhile on the Daedulus, Dr. Preston starts discussing with their doctor the changes being made to the DNA and the RNA. Counselor o'Broin delves into the memory that left itself imprinted on the mind of the recovered SAR member.

Down on the planet, Mr. Quevens and Captain Cherenzhenko found a campsite that had been previously occupied either by the pilots or the SAR members. While here, a crack formed in the crust and sucks the Captain's foot in. While they attempt to rescue them, Dominic from security goes through the crust as if it was quicksand after firing his phaser. The planet starts to react at every motion that they do that involved negative force. Unfortunately, the crack widens taking all of them through the crust of the planet.

While assisting the SAR member with the memory, Francis and o'Broin are taken off guard as they are attempted to be taken under control from the faction aboard the Daedulus. They fight back and start to work out plans to figure out what has gone down. Preston and Gannon start to make their way for the bridge to find out what was going on only to find out that someone who was there in charge shouldn't have been and they fled the area. Later, they meet up with each other as o'Broin and Francis rescue them from the waiting trap that they were headed into.

Arman Lucir, the engineer from the Daedulus, was killed by the saboteur on the Wolverine. At phaser point, Barrett is forced to lower the shield around to warp core so that he could attach a bomb to the warp core. As Barrett struggled to gain time in putting the field up, he knocks her out. The two Daedulus members try to make a break for it as Cole locks down the ship after being able to get Dr. Wing's team back from the surface.

After waking up from falling through the crust, the Captain and the team finds out that they were running out of air after trying to search their way through the tunnel they fell in. However, a seam in one end of the tunnel was found. Having kicked their way through it, they collapse after hypoxia started to kick in only to realize that Morpheus was once inhabited by the artwork they found in the hallway and caverns. While observing the artwork, they hear water and voices.

2012 - March

Captain Cherenzhenko and Mr. Quevens find the missing SAR team members and the pilots from the Proteus in the underground cavern. The captain performs emergency surgery on the injured Andorian pilot as her brain is swollen. Afterwards, they discuss their plan of escaping the underground caverns where it seems that they are not affected by the cellular changes on Morpheus.

Meanwhile on the Wolverine, Lt. Cole gets granted permission to take an away team down to the planet to search for the team that was now missing from the surface. Lt. Commander Barrett, Lt. Galyx and Ensign Renwyk join the team. Due to the storm that is present on the surface, they plan on taking a shuttle down to the planet.

On the Daedalus, Francis and Counselor o'Broin finally meet up with Dr. Gannon and Dr. Preston. They make their way for the computer core before they are corralled into the jefferies tubes. Here they set off a contagion to get the Daedulus to purge the deck as they continue to make their way to the core. Once they get to the core, they are met by some of the Daedalus hijackers. Francis is injured and thrown back into the tubes as the counselor and doctor are forced to assist one of the injured hijackers.

2012 - April

Lt. Cole, Lt. Commander Barrett, Lt. Galyx and Ensign Renwyk find the cave that the captain had been swallowed into the ground. Cole is then swallowed up by the ground as well, with the rest of the search and rescue team. After recovering from their plunge into darkness, they decide to split and try the different ways.

While Captain Cherenzhenko is looking around the place that they discovered under the surface of Morpheus, she comes across a holographic interface. Shortly afterwards, an alarm sounds and she finds herself finding half the team. As she catches up with the team and meets the new science officer, Mr. Quevens is given a tour of the city by the newly found holographic system.

Meanwhile on the Daedalus, Ensign o Broin and Dr. Preston are taken to the bridge to begin the negotiations for the technology that the Wolverine still possess. Scott escapes the hatch and Nan assists in minor trauma care for his wounds. Nan is able to get a message to the Wolverine after the demands for the tech turns into thirty minutes before either of the officers are killed.

2012 - May

On board the Daedalus, the countdown to the deadline is given to the acting commanding officer, Vorik. They only have so much time to give the technology in return for their crew. While they are negotiating this, Francis Scott moves his plan into motion to work on things from the ship's side. Before the deadline is reached, Mr. Quiss eliminates Dr. Gannon in return for the actions of Ensign o'Broin and Dr. Preston. O'Broin starts to talk to buy them more time as Scott takes back engineering to drop the shields. In the process, the Wolverine is able to secure their errant officers Preston and o'Broin as well as the added bonus of Mr. Quiss. In doing this, the communications to the Daedalus is broken and Scott works on restoring communications. He is successful.

Mean while on Morpheus, the rescue crew Lt. Cole, Lt. Commander Barrett, Lt. Galyx and Ensign Renwyk meet up with the Captain. She assigns them tasks to locate them means of getting out from the city of Trivuli in order to get back to the surface to get home to the Wolverine. In the process of doing this, Cole discovers an auditorium with the deceased remains of the previous residents of the city as well as the startling fact that they are under water.

2012 - June

Ensign Renwyk and Lt. Commander Barrett split up to try to find a way out of the underground city. Renwyk was more successful with the help of a friendly apparition that appeared before her. With the discovery that she made along with Captain Cherenzhenko, they gather up the injured and the survivors to make their way to the surface from the underwater city they found themselves in through an air vent leading down from the surface. As they get out of the cavern led by Lt. Cole, the planet started to revolt because of their departure which led to the emergency transport back to the Wolverine.

With medical examinations performed by Dr. Preston and Ensign o'Broin, the crew is either slated for rest and recovery back in their quarters or to remain in sickbay. Mr. Quevens fights to find out information about Mr. Scott and his condition. Vorik sets the ship back to Azeri Base after buoys are launched warning anyone entering the system not to venture to Morpheus. The rest of the crew settles in and starts to take tally on their damages as well as starting the process of returning to normal duty parameters.

2012 - July

Now that the crew is on its way back to Azeri Base, the Wolverine's senior staff start to address some issues. Jakes finds out about the relationship that Ensign o'Broin has with Devon, and Lt. JG Cole managed to break up a confrontation between the two of them. Francis makes a startling recovery from clinical death by the hands of Dr. Preston.

Captain Cherenzhenko asks Cole to walk her down the aisle after she came back and told Eman yes to his question of marriage before the mission started. Meanwhile, Ensign Renwyk got to meet Ensign Coulder in the lounge, as well as the doctor in turn having to defend his love of the sport of hockey. She waits for their arrival in order to get the rest of her things through customs which Cole stated that he could help out as necessary. After spending some time in the holodeck with Mr. Quevens, she meets up with the counselor to figure out some parts of her family. This is after the counselor had to counsel herself through the different things that happened and were dredged up by the situations aboard the Daedalus. Lt. Barrett struggles to sleep still, and at the recommendation of the counselor will be seeking a sleep study to be done upon their arrival back at Azeri Base.

2012 - August

As the Wolverine arrives back at Azeri Base, changes are many. Lt. Galyx, having been with the ship nearly as long as the current senior staff, decides to pursue other avenues - some of them centered around Chad and the relationship that formed between them last shore leave - and leaves the Wolverine without fanfare or fuss.

The captain continues her wedding plans, and as the day gets nearer has a mild 'freak-out', and grabs the counselor to share a drink. The two talk things out, bouncing back and forth between Cherenzhenko's wedding jitters and the fallout for Sige regarding events that transpired on the Daedalus, and as the drinks end, both feel somewhat calmer.

Cole finds himself unexpectedly, and long overdue, promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Full Grade, and after promising the captain to uphold those oaths, gets a good ribbing from Jakes.

As the rest of the senior staff go their ways for shoreleave, Sige and Cole make the tough decision that the time has come to meet with the brother of Cole's fallen marine friend, Devon Skyla.

2012 - September

During leave, Counselor o'Broin finally tells Lt. Cole about her being able to see and talk to Devon. Cole doesn't particularly take it all that well. Afterwards, the Counselor remains busy with planning the wedding and helping Dr. Preston find some closure over a lost patient and friend. Captain Cherenzhenko, while in the midst of getting ready for the wedding, finds out that the cabin in Montana is going to be demolished and rebuilt.

Lt. Commander Barrett meets up with Lt. Renwyk to settle some issues in the science lab. Payment was in the form of cookies. Afterwards, Renwyk mulls over the events of the previous mission as does the Counselor remembering after a long day the conversation and 'busting-out' Mr. Scott from Sickbay.

The time has come for the final hours before the wedding where the crew gets dressed to the nines to impress, have a good time, and send off the Captain to her next chapter in her life.

2012 - October

During the shore leave, Captain Cherenzhenko's wedding goes off without a hitch. The entire senior staff is in attendance for her wedding ceremony. Also, other shore leave plans are made between Dr. Preston and Lt. JG Renwyk to visit a holographical representation of her home in Boston, Earth.

2012 - November

Shore leave finds the crew enjoying the bliss of Captain Cherenzhenko's wedding. Meanwhile, Counselor o Broin and Dr. Preston start the process for the sleep study to see what's been keeping Lt. Commander Barrett from staying asleep at night.

Dr. Preston also go to see the replica of Lt. Renwyk's house in Boston while on the Holodeck and got to meet her dog Wanker.

Ensign Coulder met up with an old friend which turned into a date.