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Mission 020 - Black & White

2012 - December

As the shore leave ends for the crew of the Wolverine, a former member returned home as the new Executive Office, Lt. Commander Beliveau. Captain Cherenzhenko finishes celebrating her honey moon. Having shore leave ended, the Wolverine ferried delegates to Earth for the investigation into the 'Montana' incident. However, after jumping to warp after leaving earth's orbit, the Wolverine is thrown back through time.

The crew currently investigates what time they are at, as well as Lt. Renwyk and Lt. Commander Barrett try to figure out how to get the ship back home while minimizing the impact on Earth and the time jump. After listening in on the transmissions from Earth, Lt. Cole figures out that they have arrived sometime during World War II just after the failed attempt of Adolf Hitler.

2013 - January

The crew of the USS Wolverine are able to determine the exact moment of where they are in time by listening to the radio broadcasts from Earth: July 1944. Further investigation reveals that the solar flare anomaly that took the Wolverine back in time also disrupted radio communications in the northern parts of the European continent.

As they were trying to establish if any damages to the timeline were caused by the Solar flare, the crew of the Wolverine discover the possibility that a crucial message to abort an assassination attempt (named operation Foxley by the allies) on the German leader Adolf Hitler might not have been received due to the radio communication being disrupted. Historically, the little known covert operation had been cancelled as the allied forces intelligence judged that Adolf Hitler was more of a nuisance to the german war effort alive then as a martyr.

With this information in hand, Captain Cherenzhenko called in a senior staff meeting. The senior officers debated about the morality of saving Hitler's life, considering the opportunity to end the second world war quicker and saving millions of innocent lives. In the end, reason prevailed over emotions. Captain Cherenzhenko made it clear that their priority was to maintain the timeline, making sure Hitler wouldn't die before his time. With all of the senior officers given their orders, the task of preserving their future is up to them.

2013 - February

Stranded in 1944, the crew of the USS Wolverine continued to work on ways to get them back home and to preserve the timeline by preventing the assassination of one of humanity's most hated historical figure, Adolf Hitler.

Although the decision to preserve the timeline had been recognized as vital, the notion of actively protecting the life of Hitler took its toll on many officers of the Wolverine. Some crew members whose ancestors had been persecuted by the Nazis seeked the help of the ship's counselor, Dr. o'Broin.

Having reached the limits of what historical records could tell them on the would be assassins, Lieutenant Cole and his assistant Jake determined the best course of action would be to infiltrate the offices of the British intelligence during one of the german bombardment of London. The Chief of security brought his idea to the Captain and they both agreed that it might be necessary to do so. Captain Cherenzhenko ordered Cole to be ready but not to do anything before the next senior staff meeting.

2013 - March

With the senior staff all in agreement with the importance of Lieutenant Cole's plan to infiltrate the British Intelligence headquarters in London, the mission is given a green light. With very little delay, the chief of security and his assistant beamed down to the secret service building in the middle of a bombardment, hoping to slip in unnoticed while the offices should be evacuated. Unfortunately, they are caught by a zealous security guard who was giving the place one last look around. Using the distraction of a nearby explosion, Jakes knocked off the security guard, giving the two officers the time they needed to look for the secret files on Operation Foxley.

Back on the ship, the other senior officers on the bridge are monitoring the away team, making sure they are not caught in the series of explosions rocking London.

2013 - April

Lieutenant Cole and Jake beamed down to the planet and infiltrated British intelligence headquarters. Although they were found out by a security guard, they were able to get the information they needed. On their way out, Darius rescued a young boy from a burning building (which happened to be one of his ancestors called Darius). With minor burns, he beamed back to the ship and was able to proceed to the reviewing of the information he found.

On the bridge, the senior officers monitored the away team's status and made sure to keep a transporter lock on them in case the building was bombed during the german attack on London. After they beamed back, sensors picked up a damaged shuttle from the own time period on a decaying orbit of Earth. The shuttle might have been dragged with the Wolverine back in time. Thomas ordered to prepare to retrieve the shuttle as he went to inform the Captain of their recent discovery.

In the main shuttlebay, Lieutenant Cole discovered that all the passengers of the shuttle were dead. Further analysis on the shuttle and it's computer's data revealed that the shuttle had be brought back in time three years prior to the Wolverine. Identified as the Oberon, the shuttle's passenger manifest gave evidence that one of the passengers was missing from the wreck. Taking a look at the files about the passengers, Counselor o'Broin was able to recall seeing the face of the missing passenger in one of the senior staff meeting. She discovers that the missing passenger is the mystery man from the pictures with Hitler.

In her office, Lieutenant Renwyk received reports that uranium and hard water had been detected in Germany. Those material could be used by the Germans to produce a nuclear bomb (which would most likely happen if Hitler was killed since he has been the one holding back this project in favor of missiles technology development). Those material could also be used to help the Wolverine get back to their own time. The chief of science sent memo to the captain and first officer about that discovery.

In engineering, Commander Barrett's search to find a way to bring them home come to the conclusion that one of the best option is to go to the Alpha Centauri star system to recreate the condition that brought them to the XXth century. She also had a chat with Counselor o'Broin.

Finally, counselor o'Broin held a memorial for the victims of the holocaust with a jewish crewmember particularly affected by the emotional aspect of this mission.

2013 - May

Lieutenant Cole beamed down to the surface to search for the two agents sent to kill Adolf Hitler. During his scouting mission, he was captured by the local SS who caught him with a traitor to their cause. Unfortunately, he was taken to their headquarters in Salzburg and brutally beaten during his interrogation.

Meanwhile, back on the Wolverine, the crew realized something was wrong after Lieutenant Cole missed two scheduled calls with the ship. After a quick investigation, they discovered that he had been taken into custody by the SS officers and was currently held in their headquarters. To complicate matter further, they also discovered that some material within the walls of the old building made it impossible to simply use the transporters to retrieve the captured chief of security.

With no choice but to go the old fashion way, the Captain and the first officer put together a plan to rescue their missing officer by sending an away team posing as German high ranking officers charged with taking the prisoner back to Berlin for further questioning.

Not knowing about this plan, Cole's friend Jakes and Counselor o'Broin approached Captain Cherenzhenko to ask that they set in motion a plan to rescue the security chief. After letting them vent their frustrations (mostly Jakes), the Captain informed them both that a plan was already in motion to free their friend. She also asked the counselor to participate in the rescue effort. Although Jakes was not fully satisfied with the Captain's plan to rescue Cole, he decided to go along with it. For now. Commander Beliveau and Lieutenant Renwyk are some of the officers who would accompany the counselor to the surface to infiltrate the ranks of the German officers.

Before the away team left, the Captain had a conversation with her husband about this tragic period of Earth's history. She made the promise to herself to make sure the timeline would be preserved as well as the memory of those horrible events.

Finally, Commander Barrett and Lieutenant Renwyk met in the crew lounge to discuss the findings about the Oberon and what to do to better secure the uranium and hard water present in Germany.

2013 - June

With Lieutenant Cole in custody, the crew of the Wolverine finishes the preparations to rescue him. Posing as Nazi officers, Counselor o'Broin, Ensign Coulder, Lieutenant Renwyk and Commander Beliveau beamed down to the surface and infiltrated Salzburg. Through acting skills and mostly luck, the away team were able to convince the officer in charge of the prison to release the British spy, Cole, into their custody. As counselor o'Broin and Commander Beliveau were leaving the building, Lieutenant Renwyck stepped in to prevent an important historical figure, Heinrich Himmler to go in, which would have blown the away team's cover story. With the rescue of the security chief a success, the away team left the area.

Meanwhile, back on the ship, Commander Barrett finished the preparation to transport onboard the radioactive materials and the hard water from a German nuclear facility. The Captain, concerned for her officer, had no choice to supervise the situation from her captain's chair on the bridge.

2013 - July

After rescuing Lieutenant Cole from his Nazi jail cell, the away team rested a few minutes, far away from Salzburg. After receiving medical attention from the counselor, Lieutenant Cole left the group and carried on his mission to locate the two snipers charged with killing Hitler. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Renwyk, ensign Coulder and Commander Beliveau had to put together a plan to sneak in the nuclear facility nearby and complete the retrieval of the material they needed to get the Wolverine underway to their proper timeline. Feeling her expertise would be more needed on the ship, counselor o'Broin returned to the Wolverine.

After beaming back to the ship, the counselor found the Captain in her ready room and filler her in on the away team's actions of the past few hours. She mostly wanted to reassure the Captain about Darius's condition.

Finally, Commander Barrett continued to monitor the nuclear facility and it's content, ready to assist the away team assigned to the retrieval the much needed radioactive material.

2013 - August

In spite of his efforts to prevent the two british agents from killing Adolf Hitler, which were successful, the Wolverine chief of security, Lieutenant Cole, was unable to fully protect the German leader from harm. The temporal castaway, Maur, took advantage of Darius' paying attention to the snipers to shoot at point blank Hitler. Reacting quickly, the chief of security shot and killed Maur and had the injured Hitler back to the Wolverine's sickbay, along with both snipers.

In sickbay, Dr. Preston and his staff secured their 'guests' and were preparing to attend to Hitler's wounds when one of the snipers regained consciousness and seized one of the security guard's phaser. Determined to carry on his mission, the agent shot twice, trying to hit Hitler. Although he didn't succeed in his attempt to kill the German chancellor, because the phaser's setting was higher then it was supposed to, he managed to wound another security officer and injured very seriously the CMO, Dr. Preston.

With Dr. Preston being unable to attend to the fallen chancellor and the CMO being in urgent need of medical attention himself, Captain Cherenzhenko stepped in. A former doctor herself, it was up to her to save Hitler's life while the ship's second resident doctor tried to save Dr. Preston. Taking all the appropriate measures, the Captain not only saved Hitler's life but made sure all traces of his injuries would not be apparent (after all, history never recorded Hitler being shot point blank while taking a walk in 1944). With Hitler's life saved, the Captain ordered for him to be beamed back inside his room, hoping the short amnesia caused by the treatment would make him believed this was all but a dream.

The attempt on Hitler's life dealt with, Commander Barrett started the preparation to bring the Wolverine back to her proper time period. Thanks to the nuclear material secured by Lieutenant Renwyk and ensign Coulder, the whole operation was made possible and the USS Wolverine returned to the 24th century, leaving the chaos of World War II behind.

Back home, the crew had to make peace with what they experienced either in earth's past or on the ship during this mission. Even though she preserved the current timeline, Captain Cherenzhenko has a hard accepting her role in preserving the life of one of humanity's greatest monster. Meanwhile, counselor o'Broin couldn't help to question her feeling toward Darius Cole. Having exchanges more then one kiss over the past few days, what could this mean for the Chief of security and the counselor?

In the aftermath of their journey through time, Captain Cherenzhenko and her first officer were debriefed by Starfleet Command. The Wolverine's captain and her crew were cleared of any wrongdoings. Counselor o'Broin was by Dr. Preston's side as he was transferred back home to be taken careoff. Commander Beliveau made his peace with the past by visiting the memorial to the memory of the victims of the German death camps with his oldest daughter, Luna. The chief of science, Lieutenant Renwyk, decided to take an indefinite leave of absence from Starfleet to spend some time on Bajor and meet her father. Finally, with the Wolverine back at Azeri space station, the new chief medical officer, Dr. Ophelia Belaran, reported for duty. The crew is now free to enjoy a much deserved shore leave.

2013 - September

The crew of the USS Wolverine is enjoying a much deserved shore leave. The new CMO, Doctor Belaran used this time not only to properly settle in on the Wolverine but also to spend some time with her best friend, Lt. Commander Anij, from the USS Endurance. She also reconnected with an important person from her past. She also met Commander Barrett as she came to sickbay for her physical.

Meanwhile, ensign Savannah Coulder went to Earth to spend some time with her boyfriend. After a surprise proposal, she accepted. With the Captain present (in her role of godmother), ensign Coulder married Alec.

Back on Azeri base, Lieutenant Cole and counselor Sige o'Broin finally realised how they felt about each other. The counselor insisting to be courted, they agreed to go on a proper date. The counselor kept busy as she also spent a day at the spa with two of her colleagues, counselor Kassie Vladan from the USS Triton and counselor Zoe Giorgio from the USS Endurance.

Finally, Commander Beliveau had the surprise to see his sister being assigned as an assistant counselor on the Wolverine.