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Mission 021 - Zombie Apocalypse

TO: Captain Cherenzhenko - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Zombie Apocalypse
STARDATE: 33.1001

Captain Cherenzhenko,

A situation has arisen on the Federation planet Xala 4, which sits on the border between the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The disturbance has not reached a point that warrants outside intervention to stop, nor could such involvement be justified at this early juncture, however quite a large number of the population have officially requested relocation until the political unrest quiets down. You are to travel to Xala 4 and retrieve these refugees for temporary asylum here on Azeri Base. Utilize whatever means necessary to accommodate such a large group.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2013 - October

While on shore leave, Counselor o'Broin and Lieutenant Cole went on an unplanned adventure date on the holodeck. The quiet dinner didn't go as planned and both were thrown in an intrigue out of an old spy novel.

Meanwhile, Doctor Belaran travelled to Bajor to witness the wedding of her friend, Lt. Commander Anij and Dr. Raith, both of the USS Endurance.

Back on Azeri base, the XO went on a roller coaster of emotions when his attempt to come clean about his feeling for one of his oldest friend. After a night of drinking to dull the pain and a one night stand, the Commander was able to confide to counselor o'Broin about his emotional state.

Shore leave was called to an end as Fleet Admiral T'ana ordered the USS Wolverine to the planet Xala four. The Akira-class ship and her crew are to assist in the evacuation of more then 3,000 civilians, seeking asylum on Azeri base following the political unrest on their homeworld. To accommodate so many refugees, the crew will have to be separated from their family and share quarters, making sure to have enough space for the evacuation.

2013 - November

Cole and Counselor o'Broin keep to the Captain's bunking orders, and have some jesting fun in obeying them. In Sickbay, the Wolverine's new doctor, Ophelia Beleran, is feeling the pressure of the prospect of so many expectant mothers aboard, and meets with the captain about recruiting anyone of the crew aboard with obstetrical or midwife experience to assist should too many of those mothers deliver at the same time while in transit for Xala 4 back to Azeri Base. Cherenzhenko promises her that the extra beds sought for had been brought aboard and Ophelia confirms that she had signed off on that particular manifest.

Meanwhile, those of the crew that have to leave family behind say their goodbyes, with Thomas assuring his young daughter Luna that they will only be separated for a few days, and Savannah leaving Sophie with her new husband and his daughter. Shortly afterwards, Coulder meets with Counselor o'Broin and the two discuss aspects of the OPS ensign's last couple of years, some points during that time having been exceptionally trying.

As the Wolverine prepares to leave dock, Captain Cherenzhenko sits down with Lt. Cole to go over the security measures being enacted for having so many people aboard the Wolverine. He shows her where containment will fall should a lock down be ordered, details the rotations of watch shifts for his security staff, tells her which officers will guard which officers and areas round the clock, and assigns her her personal detail in the form of Dominic Greshenko, the massive Russian officer that was with her and Trenton Quevens when Morpheus swallowed them. He also visits Sickbay and details Sickbay's security to Doctor Beleran. As the deadline for readiness that night approaches, Commander Barrett is busy (and frustrated) in the cargo bays making them refugee-ready and when morning comes, the Wolverine shoves away from dock, headed for Xala 4

2013 - December

After arriving at Xala IV, the crew of the USS Wolverine set in motion the evacuation of the refugees wanting to leave behind the unrest on their homeworld. Soon after the refugees boarded the ship, symptoms of a mysterious diseases started to spread among the Xalans. In hope of containing the virus, Captain Cherenzhenko orders the ship to go in lockdown mode, keeping the refugees in their designated areas.

The situation evolves rapidly, leaving many of the refugees sick and some dying. Doctor Belaran grows suspicious of the nature of the infection, suspecting a man-made illness affecting the refugees. With an outbreak on her ship, Captain Cherenzhenko contact Starfleet Command to inform them of the situation. Starfleet orders the Wolverine to unload the refugees at a secret starbase specialized in medical research and development. Although she agreed to take her ship to Starbase 00, the captain have no intention of leaving the refugees to their fate without trying to help them first.

Suspicions are amplified once security discover three body outside of the containment zone. One of them was a person of interest according to the research of the ship's counselor, Sige o'Broin. An autopsy reveal that the suspect was indeed patient 0. The doctor also retrieve a data chip on the suspect. Convinced the chip could possibly contain vital information on the unknown virus, the Captain orders her senior staff to start working on it's decryption.

Meanwhile in engineering, Lt. Commander Barrett looked into anything that could explain the propagation of the virus even if the ship's detection systems should have prevented any infected individual to be transported to the Wolverine without them knowing about it. The ship diagnostic revealing a series of unknown errors in the transporters log, the chief engineer orders all transporters offline until they can identify what happen.

Finally, the XO learned from an officer in the Bureau of strategic operations that Starfleet Intelligence had long suspected the Xalan government of developing very advanced methods of biological warfare. Not wanting to publicise the advanced skills of the Xalans in this particular field of expertise and judging the risk of such an attack on the refugees and the Wolverine very low, Starfleet decided not to inform Captain Cherenzhenko and her crew about it. With the situation currently developing in the Wolverine, the officer talking with Commander Belivrau agreed to send all the relevant files to them.

2014 - January

With the USS Wolverine having arrived to the secret medical facility, the transfer of the refugees began under the supervision of the Captain. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Cole came to an agreement with the Station's security chief that the Wolverine's CSO should be the one in charge of the security arrangements both on the ship and the station during the refugee's relocation. Unaffected by the outbreak, the pregnant women and the children were going to remain on the Wolverine.

Soon after the evacuation started, bodies were reported missing from the ship's morgue. There were no clues how somebody could have stolen the bodies. Later on, three 'weird looking' refugees were reported coming out of the jeffrey's tube on deck 10. Security alerted, Lieutenant Cole sent an away team to intercept them. Meanwhile on the station, a researcher was brutally attacked in one of the science labs.

Realizing all the problem could be connected, Captain Cherenzhenko and the station's administrator, Gerard Leblanc, called in a joint staff meeting on the station. During the meeting, Commander Barrett exposed that the virus must have been introduced via the ship's transporters system, making it clear whatever they were dealing with at the moment was men made. It was also revealed that the mysterious chip recovered from Rhodenn's body was encrypted using old federation codes. Analysing all the facts about their current situation, it was suggested that whatever affected the Xalan refugees made their bodies reanimate after death and free to attack anybody on their path. Although some people weren't convinced by this theory (administrator Leblanc first in line), they however all agreed to isolate the dead bodies and increase the level of security. Believing his people on deck 10 might be facing a danger they weren't prepared for, the chief of security left in a hurry to try to get to them in time.

Following the staff meeting, the captain and counselor o'Broin met with the de facto leader of the refugees', Michel'le. After their talk, both the Captain and the counselor believed the woman had nothing to do with the situation at hand.

After the meeting, Dr. Belaran was attacked by the reanimated corpses in the base's sickbay. She escaped only by the intervention of the captain's bodyguard, Dominic Greshenko. Making sure the 'zombies' were contained in the morgue, the doctor and the security officer returned to the Wolverine to explain to the captain what had just happened, confirming the theory suggested during the meeting. The dead were now walking and going on a rampage.

2014 - February

Captain Cherenzhenko, having received a detailed account of Dr. Belaran's attack, went to the space station to confront it's administrator, Gerard LeBlanc, about the worsening situation. At first denying the veracity of the attack, LeBlanc reluctantly agreed to go to the base's morgue with the Captain. On location, the administrator didn't have any choice but to accept the 'zombie' theorie had come true. As Captain Cherenzhenko was about to leave the morgue, LeBlanc shot her in the back with a phaser and had the chief of his personal security force engage some sort of Blackout protocol, disabling all security recordings on the starbase. He then transported the unconscious captain to the brig.

Meanwhile, on the Wolverine, Lieutenant Cole and a small team went to deck ten. Unfortunately, they didn't arrive in time to save the entire away team. Confronted by several reanimated refugees, Cole and his surviving team members barely made it back alive to sickbay. Deck ten was then sealed off.

Back on the bridge, the XO's communications with Starfleet Command were interrupted as a jamming signal started to emit from the starbase. Aware of the developing situation on deck ten, Commander Beliveau ordered deck 9 and 11 to be evacuated as well as a precaution. After a chat with Counselor o'Broin (who made it back to the Wolverine after a meeting with LeBlanc and confirmed the Captain was missing), Thomas and Sige went to sickbay to have an update from Dr. Belaran.

In sickbay, while treating some of the victims of the zombie attack, Ophelia realised she had been infected on the station. When the XO and the counselor came to meet with her, she was working on ways to develop a cure. After revealing her condition to the counselor and the commander, she had a breakthrough, suggesting to inject everyone with a type of hormone present in pregnant women and small children. The presence of this hormones in the patient zero (who didn't turn) and the fact that all the young or pregnant Xalan didn't get the disease made the Doctor confident it could work as a cure.

Feeling the disease was taking her over, the doctor started to show some signs of aggressivity. Before she could attack anyone, ensign Canis stunned her, allowing the other to move her to a bed with restraints. Following the doctor's instinct, Dr. Jin started to work on the cure.

In engineering, Commander Barrett gave Lieutenant Cole instruction as to how to locate the jamming device on the station. After he left to find and rescue Captain Cherenzhenko, she dedicated her time to try to preserve power on deck ten.

Back on the station, LeBlanc explained to a captive Captain Cherenzhenko why he acted as he did in the morgue. Having worked on a super soldier type project with the Xalan authorities in the past, he didn't want his implication with this project to be known. As it turns out, the disease turning the Xalan into zombies is the project he had worked on. Determined to save his reputation, Leblanc decided to let the infestation grow to level that would require the station to be evacuated and destroyed. The Captain, knowing too much already, would be an unfortunate victim. After his little speech, Leblanc injected Cherenzhenko with a powerful sedative, making sure she wouldn't be a problem for his plans. After drugging the captain, LeBlanc asked to meet with Commander Beliveau to discuss the evacuation of the station's personnel.

The XO agreed to meet with him and took counselor o'Broin along. During the meeting, Thomas refused to go on with the evacuation as long as he couldn't have proof that nobody on his staff was responsible for the Captain's disappearance. With LeBlanc unable to account for the Captain's whereabouts or that none of his staff had been implicated in her disappearance, Thomas refused to allow them to board the Wolverine.

In the brig, Jakes was able to locate the Captain and retrieved her before a mob of zombies overrun the place. After escaping to a safer location, Captain Cherenzhenko contacted her first officer and counselor o'Broin. She informed them of LeBlanc's treachery and ordered Thomas to evacuate the remaining refugees and the station's staff to the ship. Meanwhile, she would try to reach the ship by any means necessary as the space station is now crawling with hundred of dead refugees, walking it's corridors in search of food.

2014 - March

On the station, Commander Beliveau and counselor o'Broin were contacted by a newly freed Lily. The Captain informed her XO about LeBlanc's involvement in her disappearance and his desire to hide his connections with the Xalan government by blowing up the station. She ordered him to evacuate all of the station's personnel back to the Wolverine while she would try to make it in time to the docking ring (even though she knew she didn't have that time). The XO complied and he took the time to access the station's network to call in the evacuation. By the time he was over, a group of zombies attacked the Wolverine's away team. In the end, Commander Beliveau and Counselor o'Broin fought off the undead and made it back safely to the Wolverine.

In sickbay, Dr. Belaran's treatment worked and the chief medical officer was back on her feet, ready to treat the afflicted refugees and the wounded crewmen from the Wolverine. Meanwhile in engineering, Commander Barrett was doing her best to keep the ship working in spite of the internal damages caused by the undead and the grenade explosion on deck 10.

Back on the station, Lieutenant Cole continued his search for the Captain. In a security office, he met a young ensign, John Williams. Williams informed the chief of security that he had assisted the Captain in her escape by remotely opening doors on her way. Looking at the security cams, Cole located the Captain and Jakes. Leaving Williams behind, Cole went to meet with Lily and Jakes. He arrived in the middle of a nasty fight with the undead, turning the tide and rescuing his friends. Together, they continued on.

Arrived at a shuttlebay, they were caught off guard by LeBlanc. Desperate, the man took Lily hostage long enough to make it to one of the shuttle and tried to launch it. From the catwalk overlooking the shutllebay's main floor, the Captain, Cole and Jakes assisted powerless as a group of undead refugees made it inside LeBlanc's shuttle. The short serie of horrific screams confirmed the administrator's fate. As the station was about to blow, the Captain contacted the Wolverine and ordered Thomas to retreat. Reluctantly, the XO obeyed and the Wolverine undocked from the station, retreating to safety. This left as only option of escaping the space suit in the shuttlebay's hangar.

Still on the station, security officer Dominic Greshenko met with a science officer, ensign Astra Vorstren. The Serevan woman, destined to be assigned to the Wolverine, assisted the security officer in searching for proof of LeBlanc's wrong doing. As the evacuation orders were officialised, ensigns Vorstren and Greshenko retreated to the Wolverine.

2014 - April

Trapped on Station 00, Captain Cherenzhenko, Lieutenant Cole and Jakes escaped the exploding space station in space suits. Caught in the debris field following the destruction of the secret medical facility, the three survivors were picked up by a young pilot having gone rogue (and had stolen a shuttle from the Wolverine) and were brought back on the ship, safe and sound (Physically at least). In sickbay, Counselor o'Broin was reunited with Darius.

In private, the Captain expressed her anger and her pain at the situation. After she had some time to recuperate, Commander Beliveau briefly met with her. He gave her the status of the ship and suggested he assumed command until she had rested a bit. Short after the XO had left, the Captain met with ensign Astra Vorsten, the science officer from the station who had helped Greshenko find evidence against LeBlanc. She gave further ammunitions to the Captain of the Wolverine in case of an enquiry at their return to Azeri base. Following that meeting, ensign Vorsten was officially given quarters on the Wolverine.

With the cure having been found against the zombifying virus, Commander Beliveau ordered Security team to give the final push to secure the Wolverine and rescue those that could still be saved. The security officer too far gone to be cured were taken down by Lieutenant Cole himself afterward. Lt. Commander Barrett and her team pushed themselves to fix several systems that had been damaged during the zombie infestation.

With the ship cleared of the virus and the zombie threat being dealt with, the Wolverine returned to base. Captain Cherezhenko was back in the Captain's chair by the time the ship docked to the starbase. With the inevitable fall out of this mission and the ship being in need of serious repairs on deck 10, the Captain released the crew on shoreleave until further notice.

On base, Doctor Belaran was reunited with her daughter and her lover, Torin Leir. Soon into their reunion, the couple decided to get married. To do so, they left for Betazed.

Commander Barrett, clearly in need of vacation and with the Captain's blessing, decided to go on a trip.

Lieutenant Cole and a few security officers had their wake for their fallen comrades interrupted by a bunch of disrespectful marines. A brawl followed and the valiant officers of the Wolverine were taken to the brig for the night while the marines were taken to the infirmary to recuperate from their beating. In the mission's post mortem, a small committee met with Captain Cherenzhenko. The meeting went sour when the committee started to imply that some elements on the Wolverine might be a bad influence on the Captain.

As the Captain feared, the committee later on met with Sige o'Broin, pin pointing her as a reckless element on the Starfleet ship. At the end of the meeting, the counselor was left rattled, questioning her future on the Wolverine.

2014 - May

Shoreleave continues for the crew of the USS Wolverine. In one of the many holosuites of the starbase, ensign Vorsten spent some time with a friend. Many activities, like rock climbing, were on the list and some flirtations were also of circumstances.

Lieutenant Cole was approached by an old friend with a job offer. A few days later, Cole visit the small facility that would be under his command if he chose to accept this job offer, bringing back within the ranks of the Marine Corp. Tempted by the opportunity, the chief of security can still see that no efforts were spared to bring him back to the Marine and away from the Wolverine.

Checking up on her crew, Captain Cherenzhenko make sure to see if her goddaughter, ensign Coulder, is doing fine after the events of her past mission. She also visit the counselor but find Sige in the middle of packing her stuff. The two friends have a long conversation in which Sige informed Lily that she was leaving the Wolverine. In spite of all the efforts of the Captain to keep Sige on the ship, the counselor left for o'Broin castle, her home back on Earth and the headquarter of her humanitarian organisation, the IAAF.

Commander Barrett's efforts to leave Azeri base for some well deserved down time are constantly thwarted by fate. Blindsided by a Starfleet counselor, Dr. Algar Lon, she is delayed in her departure. Once the unpleasant interview over, she make her way to the shuttle hangar to find out that her reserved runabout had been handed over to somebody else because she was 15 minutes late. Eventually, and with some bit of intimidation toward the junior officer handling the ship reservations, the chief engineer is able to have a shuttle release to her.

On Betazed, doctor Ophelia Belaran and he fiance, Torin, tied the knot in a traditional betazoid wedding ceremony. The time away also give the doctor the time to think on a job offer she had been given prior to her departure from Azeri space. In her meeting with Dr. Lon, she was offered the head of pediatric medicine research department at Starfleet Medical. After deliberation, the doctor decided to turn it down. At her return to the Wolverine, she found the Captain and informed her of her decision to stay on the Akira class vessel as it's chief medical officer. The Captain was pleased with Ophelia's decision and invited her to spend some time fishing on the holodeck with her husband Eman and her visiting son, Zack.

Back on the Wolverine, Cole returned to find out that Sige was gone. Determined to know what happened, he confronted Lily about it. The Captain explained the fight she had with the counselor and her firm resolve to leave the ship behind. Convinced that there were more to this then it appear, Cole decided to go to Earth and bring back the counselor.

Settling in the old irish castle, Sige isn't surprised when Darius showed up out of the mist one night. They have a passionate reunion, leaving the talking to the following morning.