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Mission 022 - Bedfellows

TO: Captain Cherenzhenko - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Bedfellows
STARDATE: 34.0604

Captain Cherenzhenko,

There have been recent attacks on outposts on both sides of the Romulan Border and it is believed these attacks are of a terrorist nature. Their objective is of yet unknown as there has been no discernible pattern to the attacks nor any one particular target identified in any of the strikes.

High Command has received intelligence from Romulus that some of the strikes were perpetuated by both Romulan *and* Starfleet defectors and this intelligence also seems to suggest the two are working in collaboration with one another. Indication has been given that their base of operations could be on any number of nearby planets along the border.

Due to the sensitive political implications and because the security of the border must be maintained, the Praetor and High Command have agreed on mutual assistance in locating and bringing the terrorists to justice. The commander of the warbird chosen to represent Romulus has insisted on a particular counterpart: The Wolverine is to travel to the borders of Sector B003 and 4 and rendezvous with the IRW Talok where you are to ascertain the validity of the Romulans' claims that Starfleet rebels are involved, and if so, you are to work with the Romulan delegation to locate the rebel forces and stop the attacks.

The Wolverine is to operate on tactical alert for the duration of the joint effort.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2014 - June

Following their night of passion, Darius Cole confront Sige about her departure of the Wolverine during a picnic in the scottish highlands. After debating, the counselor agreed to return to the ship and take on the fight to their unknown enemy among the brass at Starfleet Command. Later on, they received the ammunitions they needed to do so in the form of a data crystal containing sensitive information on their enemies. Unknown to the counselor was the fact that the data crystal was the result of a deal between Lieutenant Cole and some unknown man on Azeri base just before the security chief left for Earth.

Back at Azeri base, Counselor Lon continues his leg work on the crew of the Wolverine. The betazoid counselor ambush the XO in his office with a surprise mandatory psych evaluation session. Using the XO's sister position as the ship's assistant counselor, Lon revisit every dark corner of Commander Beliveau's career while she has to listen to her brother's darker deeds. Shaken by the revelations he was forced to make in front of his sister, the XO go find Captain Cherenzhenko to find out what is going on. For once, Thomas find his captain in a position where there is little she can do to protect her crew. Sharing her frustration at the situation, the XO come to the conclusion that this is one storm they have to wait out.

Things are not all bad for the crew of the Wolverine. The young chief of science, ensign Vastra, spend some time in the company of her older sister, a renowned singer. Her sister's guidance allowed for the young serevan woman to realize she was in love with her friend, John, and helped her get in touch with forgotten telepathic powers.

The chief engineer also spent some time relaxing in an isolated corner of a M class planet. Although she had some repairs to do on her shuttle while underway, she nonetheless found a relaxing spot to enjoy some well deserved vacation. She was able to do so until she was recalled for the Wolverine's next mission.

After they got back to the Wolverine, Lieutenant Cole and Sige wasted no time on launching their counterattack on the Wolverine's secretive antagonists. When Lon dropped by to try to get under Lieutenant Cole's skin, the roles were reverse. Cole both physically and verbally intimidated the Betazoid counselor, threatening to reveal a full range of compromising informations about Lon's bosses unless they backed off the crew of the Wolverine. When Sige later saw the counselor, Lon indicated they had won when he confirmed that Sige would be allowed to carry on as the ship's counselor. The antagonistic high ranking officers were backing off.

With the storm over for now, the Wolverine received new mission orders. Before she returned to the ship, Sige met with Lily so they could talk about their last encounter. The two women agreed to put this incident behind them and go forward in their friendship.

The new mission of the Wolverine would take the Akira class ship in the Romulan neutral zone. Over there, the Starfleet vessel would work with a Romulan Warbird, the Talok, to track down a group of terrorist composed of both Romulans and Federation citizens.

Before the mission briefing, the new chief flight officer, Ensign Avitus, reported to the Captain. He is a veteran soldier from Magna Roma' military forces and a Dominion war hero.

2014 - July

With the entire senior staff assembled, Captain Cherenzhenko explained the delicate nature of the Wolverine's next mission. Beside working with the Romulans, the commander of the warbird is someone that some of the crew of the Wolverine have dealt with in the past. At the time, the Romulan woman, Kaylara, was mind stamped to believe she was the wife of the XO, himself also under a mind stamp like the rest of the Wolverine's senior staff.

Together, the senior staff analysed the situation and elaborated a few theories about what could be happening in this sector. Ever vigilant and rightfully suspicious, the crew of the Wolverine are getting ready for it's next dangerous journey.

The new chiefs, ensigns Vostren and Avitus, got to know their respective departments. Although ensign Vorsten went with a more friendly approach with her staff, the authoritarian Magna Roman decided to go with a more calculated way, reevaluating all of his staff and making sure they were all up to his standards. The new flight chief also had a polite but cold encounter with Lt. Commander Barrett after one of the kaneda fighter was damaged during it's transfer from the base's storage bay to the Wolverine. In the end, Commander Barrett's knowledge of the craft and it's particularities convinced the flight chief that the attack ship would be properly repaired.

Counselor o'Broin was able to have sessions with almost all of the ship's senior staff. Concerned with Lon's tactics, the counselor met with both Commanders Barrett and Beliveau. She then met with ensigns Coulder, Avitus and Vorsten. Finally, she was able to talk to Doctor Belaran.

Before they left, Captain Cherenzhenko enjoyed one last night with her husband, Eman.

2014 - August

The Wolverine is now on her way to rendez-vous with the Romulan ship, the Talok, at the Neutral zone. Before they arrive, the senior staff of the Wolverine is already at work.

Lt. Commander Barrett worked hard to repair the damaged Kaneda fighter, as she had promised to ensign Avitus following their first meeting. Meanwhile, ensign Coulder worked on analyzing the data transmitted by the Romulans. She detected an unusual level of encryption and after talking with the Captain, decided she had to take a closer look, even if it could be a ruse to make them lose time on those data. She also worked with ensign Vorsten, the chief of sciences, to determine the nature of the ion storms in the region.

The XO, analysing footage from one of the attacks, detected a familiar flight pattern used by the attacking fighters. Hoping for confirmation, he relayed the information to Lieutenant Cole, Ensign Avitus, Commander Barrett and the Captain. The chief of flight confirmed what the XO what afraid of: Those were Starfleet only maneuvers. This discovery and what it could imply brought more questions with it than answers.

Lieutenant Cole used some of his contacts to learn more about those attacks. He learned that those attack ships could be launched from an unmarked freighter, explaining their great mobility in spite of their warp engine capabilities. He also learned that one of the bodies recovered in one of the ground attack was one of a known and deceased for many years Romulan officer. All of those informations hinted to the chief of security that they were being played. But by whom, he didn't know yet. He shared his suspicions with Captain Cherenzhenko, who seemed to have her own doubts about all of this.

To better help the crew deal with the stressful situation ahead, Counselor o'Broin decided to institute periods of relaxation in the holodecks. Doctor Belaran and Ensign Coulder gladly joined in the sessions.

2014 - September

During her research on the worlds near the Neutral zone, counselor o'Broin is shocked to learn that demons from her own past are back to haunt her. One of the planet in the region, Sethus V, had given a permit to the Bothullian for some mining work. Bothullian raiders were the ones behind the brutal death of Sige's parents and had kept the counselor as a prisoner in her childhood. The chance to encounter the Bothullians again shook the counselor to her core. Thankfully, a conversation with the Captain helped the counselor to accept the possibility of dealing again with her former tormentors.

Making good use of the travel time between Azeri sector and the Neutral zone, Commander Beliveau met with both ensign Vorsten and ensign Avitus. Those meetings were to make sure both new senior officers were settling well into their new positions.

Meanwhile, Commander Barrett and ensign Coulder were able to break the secret code used by the mysterious raiders.

Wanting to perfect her training, Commander Barrett seeked the help of Lieutenant Cole. She wanted him to give her a marine training, designed to push the mind and the body beyond it's limits. Although unsure at first, the chief of security eventually agreed to have his assistant, Jakes, train the chief engineer. This special training is however not approved by the ship's counselor.

The counselor also had to face with a very reluctant ensign Avitus and his non Starfleet expectations from his subordinates in the flight department. In a clash of titans, counselor o'Broin had to talk to ensign Avitus about the number of complaints she had received concerning his leadership style. The ensign saw those complaints as treason and made no secrets of his wrath toward those who had spoken against him. The counselor had to explain to him that in Starfleet, subordinates were encouraged to speak about policy disagreements as a way to settle the disputes. At the end of the meeting, the counselor decided that she would keep an eye on their Magna Roman chief of flight.

As the Wolverine approached the Rendez-vous point with the Talok, Captain Cherenzhenko and Commander Beliveau talked about what they should do next. The XO exposed an idea to the Captain to try to bait the raiders to them. Although the plan had many dangerous aspects, she asked him to send the idea to the other senior officers.

Finally, the Wolverine reached the Talok. At the rende-vous, Commander Kaylara demanded to speak with the Captain and her senior officers. Captain Cherenzhenko agreed to her request and left the bridge with Commander Beliveau, counselor o'Broin and Lieutenant Cole to meet the Romulan officer at the transporter room.

2014 - October

The Wolverine having reached the rendez-vous point with the Talok, Commander Kaylara beamed over with her security chief to discuss the evolving situation in the Neutral Zone. Before heading down to the transporter room to greet the Romulan commander, Captain Cherenzhenko asked Doctor Belaran what she felt during their onscreen discussion on the bridge. The Betazoid doctor confirmed that the Romulan woman didn't appear to be deceitful but that other then that, she couldn't presume to anything else.

In the transporter room, the Romulan commander introduced her chief of security, Ro'Val, to the Wolverine command staff. On the way to the observation lounge, Lieutenant Cole couldn't help but to test the mettle of his Romulan counterpart.

The meeting went well regardless of the tension and caution from both sides. However, the meeting was interrupted when Commander Vorik informed the Captain of a distress signal the Wolverine had just picked up. A small world nearby, Kelphis II, was under attack and requesting assistance. The captain ordered the Wolverine to proceed to Kelphis with the Talok in tow.

2014 - November

The Wolverine was called out to the Neutral Zone (border area between Romulan space and Federation space) to aid Romulus in finding out who has been attacking the planets along the border. The Wolverine is working with the warbird the Talok, commanded by Kaylara (Whom both Thomas and Lily know from previous interactions with).

The Wolverine had just reached the Neutral Zone and had Kaylara and her security chief Ro'Val aboard when they learned via long range communication that the planet Kelphis 2 had just been hit. Mass casualties. When the Wolverine arrived at Kelphis 2 they saw why: Someone had detonated a black hole on one of the hemispheres of the planet itself. Lily, citing an incident that was very similiar that happened several years ago with another ship in the fleet, the Southern Cross, suggests the Orion Syndicate could be behind this attack and proposes the Wolvering use the same tactic the Cross did...and, long story/details short, shove the black hole into another dimension entirely. The plan works, the black hole is gone, but the planet is devastated and falling apart. Lily calls High Command requesting as many mass evacuation capable ships be sent to help what's left of the population abandon Kelphis 2.

2014 - December

The plan to contain the singularity works, the black hole is gone, but the planet is devastated and falling apart. Lily calls High Command requesting as many mass evacuation capable ships be sent to help what's left of the population abandon Kelphis 2 while Commander Barrett comes up with a way to stabilize those people until helps arrives.

As they are trying to figure out if the Syndicate is really behind all these terrorist attacks, and this one on Kelphis specifically, Jakes and Cole request to meet with Lily and Thomas in private, and Jakes discloses some disturbing information: Several top level members of the Federation were/are involved in a project know as Haphaestus. Their aim? Be a massive think-tank for new weapons, technology, medical advancements, etc. Only it's believed the project's aims turned dark, that Kelphis was really, underground, housing a super secret facility with nefarious goals. Jakes believes someone attacked Kelphis to destroy evidence of whatever was stolen and to destroy evidence of this facility.

Lily calls Kaylara to the Wolverine to chat. In that discussion it comes out that the Romulan knows of the Haphaestus Project as well, and suspects that members of the Romulan government are involved; she admits that is why she requested to work the investigation and asked for the Wolverine specifically to help...were she to reveal her suspicions to anyone else and Romulus found out, she'd be executed. She reveals top-level scientists and technology have gone missing in the last year and a half. The two women surmise that the Orion Syndicate is probably likely behind the attacks themselves, but that they are being controlled by some as yet unknown third party, and they come to the conclusion that this third party wants to wipe the Romulan Empire and Starfleet out (mostly) to allow a new single super power in the quadrant to emerge (because right now Romulus and the Federation are the two, this third party believes, powerhouses), and that the Haphaestus Project is behind everything. Kaylara suggests they head to the most recent planet hit, attacked 6 wks before Kelphis, a planet called Sha'ala which at warp 9 is about 5 hours away.

En route to this planet, the captain receives a message directly from the Syndicate; it bypasses all communications securities and comes directly to her quarters. In it the Syndicate taunts her about events in Montana and Jericho Hudson before that. She calls both Sige and Cole in to confront them on why neither told her who Locke really was, and all three come to the consensus that the message was sent soley to distract her, to throw her off the trail they're already on. She shakes it off as best is possible and the ship continues on towards Sha'ala.

2015 - January

Still rattled by the message she received from the Orion syndicate, she discussed it with counselor o'Broin. Later on, she met with Doctor Belaran, asking the chief medical officer to be ready to assist the inhabitants of Sha'ala if needed. Lt Commander Barrett and ensign Vorsten also met in engineering to prepare for their arrival at Sha'ala.

Lieutenant Cole take a closer look at the message sent directly to the Captain's terminal. After security verification, it is revealed the message wasn't sent but was planted in the computer, waiting to be activated. There was no way to establish exactly when the message had been placed in the Wolverine's computer. Jakes sudden disappearance also troubled the chief.

Commander Beliveau finally tracked down the Admiral he was supposed to talk to. With counselor o'Broin present, Thomas made the call. Unfortunately, the admiral was more secretive then they had hoped for.

With the Wolverine and the Talok having arrived at Sha'ala, Captain Cherenzheko and Commander Kaylara agreed to have the Romulan commander calling the shot while on Romulan soil. With this detail settled, Commander Beliveau, Lieutenant Cole and counselor o'Broin prepared to beam down on the planet and investigate the village that had been attack a few weeks ago by their mysterious foe.

2015 - February

Having beamed down to the surface of Sha’ala, Captain Cherezhenko and her away team were greeted by armed Romulans, ordering them to surrender. A few seconds later, Commander Kaylara and her team arrived and defused the situation. Once it had been made clear the Wolverine away team was on Sha’ala under the Romulan commander’s authority, they were allowed to proceed further in the attacked area.

Captain Cherenzhenko and counselor o’Broin made peaceful contact with some of the local refugees. They were able to get more answers about the attack while showing their compassion to the afflicted Romulans civilians. Convinced the area was safe enough, words was sent to the Wolverine to have the humanitarian team deployed. As they arrived, Doctor Belaran and ensign Vorsten discussed how to better deploy their efforts and proceeded to help.

With Ro’Val breathing down his neck, Lieutenant Cole was able to get a good look at the attacked village. He was able to better establish his tactical assessment of what must have happened a few weeks back. Meanwhile, the ship’s XO explored some of the ruins and with the assistance of his Romulan escort, discovered a sealed trap door. He reported his find to the captain, awaiting backup before going further.

Back on the Wolverine, Commander Barrett continued to analyse the malicious program in the ship’s computer.

2015 - March

On the surface of Sha’ala, the joint Federation and Romulan team continue their investigation of the secret group threatening the peace between both powers. Captain Cherenzhenko, Lieutenant Cole, counselor o’Broin, ensign Vastra, Doctor Belaran and Commander Beliveau were all on location to process the secret base that was discovered below the warehouse district of the Romulan settlement.

Lieutenant Cole and Counselor o’Broin examined some of the bodies found and came up with a few theories. After digging up further, they were able to obtain from Ro’Val, the Romulan security chief, a name of person of interest in the Romulan senate.

Meanwhile, back on the Wolverine, Lieutenant Commander Barrett negotiated the release of satellite data from the Romulan authorities. Navigating through a sea of veiled threats and verbal skirmish, she succeeded and was able to analyse what seemed to be information of little value. Appearances can be deceiving and through her analysis, she was able to determined the time of the attacking ship’s arrival. She also confirm that the attacking fleet must have been composed of only one carrier vessel and smaller attack crafts.

2015 - April

Dr. Beleran and Counselor o'Broin talk to P'ria together and ask her if she knew Doctor T'ager. P'ria comments that she didn't know him well, but frequently saw him speak with Adjunct Research Supervisor, Suran T’Rul. Talking with Captain Cherenzhenko, o'Broin, and Commander Beliveau, Cole begins to wonder if there isn't something more to P'ria. Something maybe she doesn't even remember.

Dr. Beleran comments that an old man she treated might have saw something, something he was afraid to tell anyone about. The Captain suggests she take o'Broin with her when she sits with him attempting to get more information. Spying into the man's thoughts, Beleran confirms that a ship, vaguely of Federation design, landed on the outskirts of the mining facility.

2015 - May

Investigating the attack on a secret base in Romulan territory, the crew of the Wolverine was dealt a serious blow. After being convinced by the sole survivor of the attack, a young Romulan woman called P’ria, Captain Cherenzhenko, Commander Kaylara and Lieutenant Darius Cole beamed down to the surface to retrieve vital clues for their investigation. Having reached the underground location, P’ria revealed her true purpose and turned on the away team. Quickly, the young woman disarmed the Romulan Commander and managed to shoot at point blank Captain Cherenzhenko. Before she could do more damage, Lieutenant Cole bulls rushed her and they both fell into a ventilation shaft.

Realising she might fail in her mission to kill the captains of the USS Wolverine and the Talok, P’ria setted off an explosive device, killing instantly herself and the longtime chief of security of the Wolverine, Darius Cole. Wounded but still conscious, Commander Kaylara carried Captain Cherenzhenko to the surface, leaving behind P’ria and Cole as flames erupted from the ventilation shaft.

A few minutes before the deadly attack took place, counselor o’Broin had beamed down to Sha’ala. As the explosion shook the ground, she immediately went to the source of the explosion. As she spotted both wounded captains, she understood what had happened. She tried to make it inside the building to save her lover, Darius Cole, but she was swept off her feet from the explosion and was severely burnt in the process. The three women were beamed back to the Wolverine’s sickbay following Commander Kaylara’s distress call.

In sickbay, Doctor Belaran and her team worked hard to keep Captain Cherenzhenko alive. She had been seriously wounded and the damage to her body was extensive. Thankfully, Ophelia was able to stabilise the Captain. Meanwhile, her assistant, Dr. Jin, had worked on the ship’s counselor’s injuries.

Having received a report of the incident by Commander Kaylara and Dr. Belaran, Commander Beliveau assumed command of the Wolverine and sent search and rescue teams on the surface to try and save Lieutenant Cole. He then informed the rest of the senior staff of the situation. The news of Darius’s possible death sent an emotional shockwaves to the members of the senior staff.

Commander Barrett later suffered a severe anxiety attack in the turbolift. She was assisted in her moment of crisis by Dr. Belaran. Ensign Coulder, being the Captain’s goddaughter, contacted her son Zach and informed him of his mother’s condition. Ensign Vorsten, sensitive to the counselor’s emotional condition, visited her in sickbay and delivered pieces of regenerated skins for the counselor’s reconstruction treatment.

After a few hours, search and rescue teams gave their definitive report. Lieutenant Cole was officially declared killed in action to the rest of the crew. Soon after, Commander Beliveau ordered to ship back to Federation space (as the Captain had expressed her wish to do so before the incident) and the USS Wolverine left behind a piece of her soul in the ruins of Sha’ala.

A few days later, Dr. Belaran initiated a riskful procedure to stimulate Captain Cherenzhenko’s awakening. Under medical supervision, she projected her mind into the Captain’s via her betazoid telepathic powers and connected with her. After a powerful discussion between the two women, Lily had to accept the past events in ruins and Cole’s death. Wrecked with grief, Captain Elizabeth Cherenzhenko awoke from her nightmare to the one of reality.

2015 - June

Recovering from her injuries, Captain Cherenzhenko must come to terms with the loss of her friend and chief of security, Darius Cole. Thanks to Dr. Belaran, both the captain and counselor o’Broin are expected going to make full recovery. After a few days, counselor o’Broin was allowed to return to light duties. As for Captain Cherenzhenko, she was allowed to receive visitors and some information on the progress of the mission.

Back in her quarters, Sige got a special delivery from Jakes: A prerecorded message by Darius before he was killed. In it, his final message to the woman he loved and the crew of the Wolverine.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew worked hard to find the people responsible for the attacks and Cole’s death. With suspicions growing on a Starfleet admiral refusing to report back to base, Command ordered the Wolverine to seek him out and ask for questions unless they could find the mystery carrier first.

In the hours that followed, the ship received a mysterious message. Decrypted by Commander Barrett, the message contained the coordinates for the carrier and the sender claimed to be a Starfleet undercover agent.

Shortly after the mysterious message was received, Commander Beliveau received a message from their Romulan allies. Unclear on the details, Commander Kaylara informed the XO that they had captured senator P’taro, the suspected Romulan handler of the raiders. The Romulan Commander revealed the name of the suspected person behind the attacks and his motives.

2015 - July

With the Wolverine heading toward the coordinates to intercept the carrier, Commanders Beliveau and Barrett makes the necessary preparations to make the ship ready for battle.

Before they go to battle, the crew of the Wolverine were gathered in the crew lounge to pay their respect and say their goodbyes to their fallen friend, Lieutenant Darius Cole.

Back on Azeri base, the Wolverine’s new chief flight control officer, ensign Knight McCann, arrived on the Starbase. With the Wolverine still many days away from the Azeri sector, Ensign McCann now has plenty of time on his hands to prepare for his new assignment.

2015 - August

The mysterious carrier catched the Wolverine off guard with a surprises attack, interrupting the funeral wake in memory of Darius Cole. After the first impacts on the Akira class vessel, Doctor Belaran rushed Captain Cherenzhenko back to sickbay. Meanwhile the crew of the Wolverine ran to their battle stations. Commander Barrett quickly returned to main engineering while Commander Beliveau and counselor o’Broin made it to the bridge.

Both enemy raiders and the Wolverine’s kaneda fighters were deployed within minutes while the two larger vessels engaged into combat. Although the carrier was able to strike by surprise, the Wolverine took advantage of it’s superior maneuverability to strike back at the bigger ship. Quickly enough, the Wolverine got the upper hand and was able to pierce the carrier’s defenses, allowing the Wolverine to send security teams to seize key locations on the enemy ship. Commander Barrett joined one of the teams to secure the carrier’s main engineering, hoping to neutralizing the entire ship. Although things are going well for the Wolverine, the fight is far from over.

Meanwhile, back on Azeri base, ensign McCann is getting reacquainted with life within the Federation, using both holodeck technology and non synthaolic beverage to do so.

2015 - September

Seeing the fight turning against them, the commander of the enemy carrier hailed the Wolverine and requested to negotiate term for the end of the engagement. Against Commander Beliveau and Counselor o’Broin’s wishes, Captain Cherenzhenko and Dr. Belaran pushed to see those negotiations happen. Reluctantly, the Wolverine’s XO agreed to have a party from their ship meet with delegates from the raider on a small planetoid near by. Being in command of the Wolverine prevented Commander Beliveau to lead those negotiations, so Commander Vorik and Dr. Belaran were chosen to go to the meeting.

Suspecting the negotiations were only a ploy to buy the raiders some time, the acting Captain ordered Commander Barrett to sabotage the enemy carrier, making sure the raiders couldn’t escape. On the Mirvat, the Wolverine’s chief engineer worked her magic, successfully ejecting the carrier’s core and fooling it’s main computer into thinking there was currently an epidemic onboard, and by doing so, shutting down it’s transporter systems. Back on the Wolverine, Ensign Coulder was put in charge of main engineering while Commander Barrett was away on the enemy ship.

Sensing she was more needed in sickbay beside the restless Captain Cherenzhenko, counselor o’Broin left the bridge and joined her friend.

As they all knew, the negotiations meeting was a trap. As soon as they could, the raiders turned on the Wolverine delegation and the Bothulian Russek revealed himself. A jamming signal was engaged, cutting off the Wolverine away team and the boarding party away from their ship. On the Mirvat, Commander Barrett got into motion to find a way off the enemy carrier. Meanwhile, Captain Chenrenzhenko and Commander Beliveau were left to deal with a predictable hostage situation, with Dr. Belaran and Commander Vorik in the line of fire...and unknown to all of them, the undercover Starfleet intelligence operative in their midst.

2015 - October

After the trap unfolded on the Wolverine’s away team, they were cutted off from the ship thanks to an advanced jamming device deployed by Russek, revealing himself from within the ranks of the raider delegation.

Reacting to the raider’s betrayal, Commander Beliveau ordered the Wolverine to destroy the carrier’s ejected warp core, trapping them in the system. The mastermind of the attack, Russek, attempted to negotiate the Wolverine’s withdrawal of the sector with the lives of the hostages. Unfortunately, things turned sour and a fight broke off. Ensign Ryka, the young security officer assigned to the away team, was killed as they took cover from their assailants.

Forced to blow his cover, crewman Jake Hannigan stepped up and fought his raider associates. As he was taking a severe beating, Dr. Belaran grabbed a phaser and shot his attacker, killing him instead of stunning him. Seeing the tide was turning, Russek engaged a personal cloaking device and fled. The jamming system was disabled and the Wolverine beamed back their away team and Hannigan.

The Talok arrived shortly after, deploying soldiers on the small planetoid to find Russek. Their search succesfull, the Bothulian was taken into custody. The Romulan commander accepted to surrender Russek to the Wolverine but only after negotiating her terms. Not in a position of power, Commander Beliveau reluctantly agreed.

Back on the Wolverine, Dr. Belaran patched up crewman Hannigan and since his identity wasn’t yet confirmed, he was held under guard. In sickbay, Captain Cherenzhenko met with her first officer and Commander Vorik, wanting a full debriefing of the last events. Unsure if Hannigan could be trusted, the Captain ordered him to be transferred to the brig.

On the Mirvat, Commander Barrett maintained her efforts to get everybody off the doomed carrier.

2015 - November

The away team left without Russek, but with the addition of an Intelligence Officer, Jake Hannigan. Dr. Beleran struggled with taking a life while on the surface. The Romulans came to the aid of Lt. Commander Barrett as she continued to struggle taking over the Mirvat ship. The Talok had been successful in retrieving Russek before he was able to leave the system. Now that their mission had been wrapped up, the Wolverine started the journey home not before negotiations happened between Commander Beliveau and the Romulan Commander, after which he set in motion the preparations for the Wolverine's repairs in Dock.

Counselor o'Broin made a couple of house calls once the Wolverine docked back at Azeri Base before everyone left for Shoreleave. Captain Cherenzhenko enjoyed some time with her family once docked. Upon arrival, Dr. Beleran discovered that her husband had been died protecting the ambassador in an attempted assassination attempt. The crew were all starting to find their own way of grieving for the loss of Darius Cole.

Ensign Coulder finished up her reports to spend time with her family not before she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Jake Hannigan was confirmed and released from the Wolverine Brig upon their arrival at Azeri Base. Mean while, Ensign McCann found various ways to keep entertained while he waited for the Wolverine to come back into port.

2015 - December