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Mission 027 - Sensory Synch

TO: Commander Beliveau - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Sensory Synch
STARDATE: 38.0905

Commander Beliveau,

In light of recent missions, sensor upgrades, system replacements, and new crew placements, the Wolverine is to verify the accuracy of recent sensor installations by reviewing several nearby research sites (see accompanying file). These areas have been studied previously, which will allow for sensor verification, however, the sensor upgrades may reveal yet to be discovered details that will resolve lingering questions at these locations.

There is no specific timeline for these sensor tests nor a preference for the order in which the sites are scanned. You are also authorized to use this opportunity to conduct training exercises to evaluate the cohesiveness of your crew given recent changes.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2018 September

The time finally comes for the Wolverine's crew to venture back out with new mission orders. Still being held in an unknown location, Captain Cherezhenko is tortured for information on Leiu (who still possessed her) by Agent Flak even though she truthfully continues to tell him that she knows nothing. As Flak used waterboarding in an effort to pry information from Lily, Leiu came to the surface from keeping her from being killed once again and in doing so exercised his ability to manipulate the water that was just drowning Chrenzhenko. Flak's scientists make a discovery about the difference in neurotransmitters when Lily is controlled over when Leiu is in control. They figure out how to flip the switch between Lily and Leiu and use truth serum on Lily in order to get her to tell them everything truthfully. Jakes shows up to rescue Lily/Leiu from the facility and Flak.

2018 October

With the Wolverine departed for their new mission to proceed to several nearby research sites in order to verify the accuracy of the recent sensor installations, a simple enough mission after coming out of such a shake up. Two days into the mission, the ship receives a message for only Beliveau or Cole from Romulan Admiral Bardat letting them know they think they've found a way to separate Leiu from Lily. Thomas and Darius discuss Bardat's news and their priorities (Lily being the top one in their minds), they agree to bring Ensign Vois in on what happened to the captain in order for him to help them. With what happened explained to Vois, the Trill scientist agrees to help and won't report what they plan to do to Starfleet (or the breach).

Doctor Crewe thanks Beliveau for allowing her daughter on board and allowing for larger quarters. She spends time in the science lab with Ensign Vois, who invites her to the science mixer he was going to be putting on. Vois' get together goes over well with his department and he's able to show a bit more of himself to those he works with in an effort to make things a little easier all around.

In an unknown location, Jakes has Lily/Leiu out of Flak's torturous grasp. Leiu injures Flak and makes sure that he's left behind as they exit before dropping the building onto the hidden lab below crushing it. Back on Jakes' ship, the medic requests to sedate Leiu in order to see to some of the injuries that the captain sustained during her time in Flak's possession. All the medic can really do is keep her comfortable and sedated for the time being.

Jakes' ship catches up with the Wolverine and he warns Cole to be ready to receive what he's brought with him, which also means to put into place a protocol of radio silence for the time being. Captain Cherenzhenko is returned to the Wolverine in a dire state, including massive organ failure. Doctor Crewe and Wing along with their nurses tend to Lily/Leiu the best they can in order to first treat the most life threatening of conditions not wanting to overtax her system by doing too many things at once.

2018 November

With Captain Cherenzhenko back on board and the ship still on radio silence, the senior staff works together in order to meet every goal in the time they have allotted. The ship starts to head back to Apria 9 where it all began under no orders but their own in order to meet Admiral Bardat. Doctor Crewe and Wing are working constantly to keep the captain's health in the best order they can given the circumstances with the hopes of making it through their treatment list without any major complications. Tension is high on the ship and the senior staff and medical crew are getting sleep where they can. Counselor o'Broin is with Captain Cherenzhenko when she comes around, unsure if what she's seeing/experience is real or not at first and then says 'let go'.

Returning to Apria 9, Lt Commander Cole and three security officers beam down to meet with Admiral Bardat and go over what they need to do in order to separate Captain Chenrenzhenko from Leiu. Ensign Vois and his science team join shortly after once the surface is secure. The problem with the plan that Bardat gave comes to light, there was a part missing and it had to be jury rigged so there's definite risk to Lily and Leiu. Lily tells them to keep their promise to Leiu and Leiu will keep the promise made to her. They assemble everyone else, including the captain, to beam down to the surface in order to start the steps that will hopefully separate Leiu from Lily. It's clear that whatever they're going to do must be done quickly.

2018 December

On Apria 9, Lt Commander Barrett and Ensign Vois work on cracking the outer shell of the sphere with a specific frequency that is designed to open it. Something takes control of Counselor o'Broin and triggers a flurry of symbols. Captain Cherenzhenko and Leiu argued amongst themselves over promises made and how far to go...what the reasonable loss was before they were finally able to activate the device. Though the result was what everyone wanted, Lily and Leiu separated, the captain did not survive the separation no matter Doctor Crewe or Wing's attempt to bring her back. Everyone taking in the Lily's death differently, Cam and Jin see to those who have suffered any wounds from the knockback they all took.

Leiu presents himself a bit later, vowing to repay Lily's sacrifice. Leiu not only brought Lily back, but also repaired all damage that had been done to her save for the weight that had been lost during her time with Flak. Leiu also wipes her mind of everything that happened from the point he took over in the chamber so that Lily has no memory of everything she had endured including the torture that Flak put her through.

Darius puts it out to all of them that they never mention what happened to Lily (what was wiped from her mind) to her again for fear of what damage it could cause. Cobon brings up that the crew believes that she's dead so they need to come up with some kind of explanation for her miraculous return. Cam reluctantly agrees to this course of action.

Jakes points out that they can't just take Lily back on their ship because they're not even supposed to be there, so they have to come up with a plan to make it look like they weren't involved to Starfleet. Though Lily seemed to be in a stable enough state, Cam doesn't feel okay with just sending her off with Jakes without her or Jin there to monitor her even if Jakes has a medic on board. In the end, it was Jin who accompanied the captain back to Jakes' ship.

Leiu left them and took the sphere with it.

2019 January

With Captain Cherenzhenko and Doctor Wing on Jakes' ship and off to set it up to look as though the Wolverine's crew was involved in nothing, the Wolverine's senior staff is just waiting around until the time comes that they can scoop their captain (and assistant chief medical officer) back up. The wait is the hardest for them all. The Wolverine finally gets the signal to go in and 'rescue' their captain before returning to Azeri Base.

Once at the base, Commander Beliveau is called in by Admiral Bensen while Lt Commander Cole was confronted by Sloane on the involvement of the Wolverine with Captain Cherezhenko's miraculous rescue and return. Vois is also questioned on the subject by his former CO oddly. The entire senior staff is put on inactive status until they have mandatory counseling (not by Counselor o'Broin) before they can return to active duty and Counselor o'Broin is to return to SEPWA headquarters on Earth for her to be reevaluated and her contract to have the possibility of being renewed. When the captain is transferred to Azeri Medical, Doctor Crewe has the quick chance to talk to both Eman and Zach about Lily.

With Shoreleave under way, Cole and Sige discuss their plans which will take them in opposite directions rather together this time around. Lt Commander Barrett returns to her homestead to spend time there.

2019 February

As Shoreleave continues for the Wolverine crew, Captain Cherenzhenko, Eman, and Zach visited while she's in Azeri Medical by Lt Commander Cole and Counselor o'Broin. Lily is told that she was comatose for three months (instead of the actual truth). Darius and Sige ask Zach to look over Megan while they are busy elsewhere. Cole leaves to go off on his 'job' while Sige returns to Earth to reinstate her contract with SEPWA.

Lt Commander Barrett continues to enjoy time at her homestead and with the idea to build a greenhouse to withstand the winter. Doctor Crewe takes Eirwen and heads for her sister's ship the USS Magellan, unsure if she'll return with her daughter or not. Cam's sister and brother-in-law might be moving their family to Earth for a new assignment. Ensign Vois volunteers his services to Azeri Base as a pilot for whomever who might need it.

2019 March

Well into Shoreleave, Captain Cherenzhenko is still recuperating on Earth in Oklahoma with Eman, Zach, and Jamie. Once released from SEPWA, Counselor o'Broin goes out to visit with Lily. Sige is questioned and talked to about Leiu and what had happened to Lily by Zach. Lt Commander Cole is still on Cassius III on his 'job'. He finishes his job...two men seemingly angels disappear strangely and suddenly.

Lt Commander Barrett continues to enjoy time on her homestead and is surprised by Ensign Vois bringing her friend, Allen Quinn of the Pegasus, to visit. Vois stays long enough for coffee and a snack before leaving them to enjoy their leave. Allen agrees to help her build her greenhouse on her homestead. There's a message waiting once work is finished and she opens something labeled 'a gift'. There was a video that triggered a flashbacks of years prior in Alex as she seemed to have a seizure. Allen found her in that state and tried to keep her safe until she calmed, though injured from broken glass Allen managed to help her in that respect.

Doctor Crewe and her twin have a heart to heart about the future of things. The decision to leave Eirwen with Brynn, Tijal, and Rhea once again comes around...to give both Cameron and Eirwen time apart.

On Earth, Ensign Vois is summoned to visit Captain Cherenzhenko. Lily tells Cobon that he has a permanent position now as her chief science officer, it no longer being a temporary thing. Sige continues to be a good friend at Lily's side on Earth, but news of the death of Sige's mentor and friend - Adisa Olujimi. She must go back to Africa for the funeral and to make arrangements and requests that Lily and her family comes as well. When Sige gets to Africa, her husband is already waiting and she tells Darius that she's already put in her resignation to Starfleet and SEPWA.

2019 April

Shoreleave continues for the Wolverine's crew, but change is already afoot as Commander Beliveau finds himself being immediately transferred off of the Wolverine. Doctor Crewe returned to Azeri Base without Eirwen and ran into Ensign Vois. The two of them caught up a bit and go for coffee. Meanwhile, on Earth Counselor o'Broin mourns the loss of a friend and mentor. Captain Cherenzhenko and her family go to Africa to be with Sige and her husband during such a hard time. Sige tells Lily that she has to leave, that her place is on Earth now

At Barrett's homestead, she's sent Allen home while she finds that she also has a message from a now dead Vulcan intelligence officer. She asks Ensign Knight McCann, former Wolverine FCO, for help. He brings Barrett "dead" to be brought in as a bounty for the Syndicate. They run into Marcus Rainer, who recognizes Barrett. Alex finds the Vulcan officer alive (though she'd been killed and brought back many times). However, there are consequences to her actions.

With Captain Cherenzhenko back on the Wolverine, she finds that not only does she have to deal with the loss of Beliveau and o'Broin, but also Barrett as well. With all the changes in the senior staff, Lily is pleased that at least she'll know her new XO - her own Darius Cole.

2019 May

New faces appear on the Wolverine during Shoreleave to fill in the now missing senior staff slots. The first trade off is Counselor Keshan si'Grae, a civilian Nerusian, who meets with former ship's counselor Sige o'Broin-Cole on Earth. A new chief engineer in the form of Lieutenant Kaeserin Myrsk comes on board, an unjoined Trill. Meanwhile on Earth, Lieutenant JG Wheatleigh Stowe is reactivated into Starfleet's services and is assigned as chief security officer. Captain Cherenzhenko makes sure that Stowe knows that she is not going to have anything against her given her previous assignment record.

Lt Commander Cole says sort of goodbye to his security department and they cheer him on about being promoted to XO. Darius is re-introduced to Kaeserin, whom he had met once before during the war. Cole meets with Stowe after her introduction to the captain and the two of them discuss security and how it might be an adjustment. Stowe tries to settle into her new role on board the ship.

Counselor si'Grae enlists the help of Ensign Vois to pilot a shuttle in order to help him manually move his miraeya tiles from the ship he arrived on to the Wolverine. He bumps into Lieutenant Myrsk and has some time to get to know her in the mess. Keshan tries his hand at cooking as suggested by Sige and runs into Darius, who seems just amused by it all.

Ensign Vois requests the help of the chief engineer to help with a malfunctioning console as Barrett knows about the sphere, but instead of Barrett he comes face to face with an old 'friend' - Kaeserin Myrsk. They'd been in a relationship when they were younger, one that ended very badly but that was all before Cobon's joining along with his conviction of reassociation and exile. Later, Cobon confronts Kaeserin angry about her being on the Wolverine after he's just gotten permanent status and worried she's going to ruin it all for him, which turns physical and lands Cobon in Sickbay with a slight fracture. While Kae and Cam are having lunch together in the mess hall, they are interrupted by Cobon's spying which results in Kae taking him aside and having it out with him. Cobon feels like she's purposely trying to make friends with people he is already friends with and trying to ruin the relationships he already has with them. Though Kae has to leave for an engineering emergency, Cam starts to put the pieces together and confronts her later about what happened with Cobon's arm. Kae tells Cameron exactly what happened between them in the past.

Captain Cherenzhenko meets with Counselor si'Grae and they discuss the need for intake evaluations and the possibility of people having a harder time with the change from Sige to Keshan. Meanwhile, Keshan works on getting his office moved around including moving his miraeya tiles in and gets started with intake evals of the senior staff as well as seeing about medication for himself for when he cannot travel without Ji.

When there are problems with a containment field still not working after engineering promising to have it done, Vois goes down to talk to Myrsk about it because of a special shipment coming in that requires the field to be working. The two of them get into it where Myrsk had been working, but she tells him that she'll personally work on the repair. In the turbolift they get into it again and she tells him that she'll report him if he gets unprofessional with herself or her team in any way. The two of them managed to make it to the science lab and the containment field is finally fixed.