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Mission 028 - Relocation By Any Other Name

TO: Captain Cherenzhenko - USS Wolverine
FROM: Fleet Admiral T'Ana
SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Relocation By Any Other Name
STARDATE: 39.0527

Captain Cherenzhenko,

To acclimate new crew and senior staff, the Wolverine has been selected for the following mission:

A Federation authorized scientific research team has experienced engine failure on their transport vessel. Their arrival to the unique M class moon on The Rim cannot be delayed as the system experiences frequent and regular ion storms that disrupt the communications they will require to establish the colony. They must arrive ahead of the next projected storm. You are to take the research team, their families, and the supplies necessary to establish this colony to the moon and remain as long as is required to ensure the colony is secure, stable, and appropriately self-sufficient long-term.

All further details regarding this assignment are enclosed.

Fleet Admiral T'Ana
Azeri Fleet

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ END TRANSMISSION ›››››››

2019 June

Captain Cherenzhenko and Lt Commander Cole receive mission orders for the Wolverine. Something that doesn't feel like it fits their ship, but it is definitely a good trial run with so many new crew (especially senior staff members) and a captain back after such a traumatic event.

With seventy-three people and so many of them small children, it feels like a lot for an akira class ship to many. Captain Cherenzhenko finds herself having an impromptu housecall to her ready room by Doctor Crewe, who wants to make sure that she has her own scans done to ensure that Lily really is okay and tells her that she doesn't want her off the ship without a doctor with her.

With the need to get through counseling intakes, many of the crew and senior staff report into Counselor si'Grae for them. Ensign Vois meets with the counselor, they discuss the Vois hosts and Cobon before he was joined. Doctor Crewe meets with Keshan and it's very much feeling out how he counsels versus Sige or previous counselors she's had. Lieutenant Stowe comes in for a counseling session and is very curious about the miraeya that Keshan uses. Captain Cherenzhenko taking her turn with the new counselor and when she leaves, the miraeya shows some memories to Keshan that are part of the captain's missing time.

Getting the ship prepared and the colonists on as soon as possible is the captain's goal so that they can get on with the mission. Lieutenant Stowe questions Lt Commander Cole as to why the Wolverine, which she doesn't see as the best choice in transport for a family group of so many colonists, is being deployed in such a manner. Stowe and Myrsk discuss housing options for the colonists, since Stowe is concerned about security and keeping them lumped together.

Doctor Crewe and Ensign Vois talk and she finds out that he's thinking heavily about leaving the Wolverine because of Lieutenant Myrsk's presence and their past. He asks her to come over later and he'll cook her later. Lieutenant Myrsk continues to date James. While she's trying to get the cargo bays in order because of the colonists, she gets into it with Ensign Vois who is upset over his items needed for science projects (much of it sensitive) either being sent offship or not being moved in a way he feels like is safe. Doctor Crewe requests medical monitors be made going to Kaeserin for help in this situation. Kaeserin goes to Keshan after her latest interaction with Cobon in hopes to hear something to help the whole situation.

Counselor si'Grae comes into Sickbay to meet with Doctor Crewe in order to start trying the medication to help him breathe without Ji's assistance, giving it a trial run to give himself some peace of mind. When Stowe comes into Sickbay to get her physical, she mentions the security arrangements though Cam doesn't understand why it's so necessary. Myrsk comes through for Cam with medical monitors, so that she can feel more at ease with certain officers leaving the ship with constant monitoring. When Doctor Crewe shows up at Ensign Vois' quarters later, she doesn't realize until they're eating that their dinner is actually supposed to be a date. They decide to take things to friends with benefits while Cobon is still on board.

Lt Commander Cole comes to check in with Ensign Vois after hearing about him being extremely grumpy. He finds out that Vois and Myrsk have a past and are having issues being on the same ship together. Vois and Stowe go over what labs Lund and his people can use while they're on the Wolverine. Cobon goes to talk to Keshan about Kae and how his leaving is also going to affect a friend, but he's not really sure that it even helped talking to the counselor.

2019 July