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Personal Information

Name: Ophelia Beleran
Ophelia Beleran.jpg

Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Gender: Female
Age: 29 (Terran years)
Race: Betazoid
Birthplace: Betazed
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black
Physical Build: Ophelia has an average slender build. She is 5'6" and weighs 120 lbs.


  • Starfleet Academy: Major - Biology and Xenobiology
  • Starfleet Academy: Minor - Psychology
  • Specialist Skills - Biology, Biochemistry

Service Record

  • USS Wellington - Cadet Cruise
  • USS Exeter - Counselor
  • USS Bellerophon - Assistant Chief Counselor
  • USS Southern Cross - Chief Counseling Officer
  • Azeri Base - Medical Internship
  • USS Nightingale - Medical Officer
  • USS Pegasus - Chief Medical Officer
  • USS Southern Cross - Chief Counseling Officer
  • USS Southern Cross - Chief Medical Officer
  • USS Wolverine Cross - Chief Medical Officer

Missions Completed for Azeri Fleet


Ophelia led a mostly normal life for a Betazoid child. Her Mother was a diplomat for Starfleet. Because of this, Ophelia lived on a starship with her parents for a big part of her childhood.

She did however spend four years on Betazed for schooling before she would be allowed to apply for the Academy.

Both parents were avid lovers of Shakespearean Tragedies as was evident by the name they gave their only daughter. Only in later years, did Ophelia realise the irony in her name. She was named after a character that went insane before killing herself, only to later become a counselor.

During her time on Betazed, Ophelia met and fell in love with with the boy she was genetically bonded to at birth. They made plans to secretly elope together before leaving for the academy, rather than wait for a traditional Betazoid wedding. These plans were ended abruptly however when her intended was killed in a tragic accident.

It was during her grief that she learned her application to the academy had been accepted and approved. Not wanting to linger on Betazed any longer, Ophelia left immediately for Earth at the age of 18 and began her studies at the Academy.

Her classes went a long way to take her mind off of her loss and soon, she was making friends and getting involved in extra curricular activities. Her instructors and teachers were all impressed with her grades and test scores. Her parents could not have been prouder.

Ophelia went on her Cadet Cruise at the age of 21 and graduated the very next year at the age of 22. Her first assignment was on the USS Exeter where she continued to improve on her counseling skills and techniques. She remained for two years before being transferred to the Bellerophon as the Assistant CNS. This assignment only lasted a year before she received orders to transfer to Azeri Fleet where she would work aboard the USS Southern Cross as their new CNS.

During her year on the USS Southern Cross, Ophelia took Medical School Classes via a Federation Approved Medical Course Holo-Program. She then transferred back to Azeri Base to complete Med School training full time, via Holo-Med Courses and sub space lectures. She got several hours of clinical time in the Base's Sickbay where she also completed a one year internship.

She was then sent to serve her residency on the USS Nightingale where she served another year. After the Nightingale she served on the USS Pegasus as Chief Medical Officer before being transfered back to serve as the CNS aboard the Southern Cross.

Psychological Profile

= Report submitted by Dr. Post, Academy CNS =

I have never met a more delightful student. I had concerns at first, as Ophelia seemed to be in a state of mourning. After talking with this cadet, I have discovered that she did indeed lose someone close to her. I believe the Academy and interaction with other cadets has helped Ophelia progress naturally through her grief and she has moved on.

Ophelia, I am proud to say works well with others around her and is always ready with a smile. At the same time, she is devoted to her studies. I have seen very few cadets that devote so much to their studies. I firmly believe that Ophelia will do well in Starfleet.

Ophelia has been a bright and attentive med student. She shows a genuine aptitude for the material and a desire to learn medicine. It is clear to me that she will make a fine doctor.

Hobbies: Ophelia loves to cook and enjoys exotic cuisines. She is also an avid collector of books written by writers from all over the galaxy. She enjoys reading. She also enjoys participating in social gatherings and planning parties and important events.

Years of Service in Azeri Fleet

5 Year Ribbon1 Year Ribbon1 Year Ribbon1 Year Ribbon1 Year Ribbon

Character Awards

Original Thinking Medal
Awarded to characters for original thinking during a mission. This can be in battle, during a scientific mission or engineering related.

2008 September
2013 June
Medical Discovery Award
Awarded when a character, most likely medical, makes a medical breakthrough that helps carry out a mission.

2014 March
Medical Award
Awarded when a character does great work in the field of medicine.

2013 December
2015 June
T'Pol Commendation
Awarded to a character who consistently supports the crew.

2009 March
2010 September

Player Awards

Rookie Award
For a promising new player. Must be awarded during the players first mission.

2006 September
Nog Award
Encouragement to players whose efforts have been noted.

2008 June
2009 March
2009 December
2010 Match
2010 December
2015 September
Dax Award
Awarded to a player who has continuously helped with the flow of the "standard mission" when splits and inconsistencies have occurred, together with making new players feel welcome on their arrival.

2007 September
2007 December
2008 December
Harry Kim Award
Awarded to a player who takes an active role in creative areas within the "standard mission".

2006 December
2008 September
2009 June
2010 June
2010 September
2011 March
Odo Award
Awarded to a player who brings life to the game and whose influence boosts the creativity of other players in the unit they play on.

2007 June
2007 December
2008 December
2011 June
Allegiance Award
Awarded to a player who has shown dedication, to their ship, or the fleet.

2007 September
2010 December
Medal of Achievement
Awarded to players who consistently participates in their ship and who better the ship in some manner. It could be through recruiting, providing opportunities for fellow players to get involved more within the game, increases the quality of posting from other crew member, or for exceptional writing themselves.

2008 September

Special Awards

Aw special.jpg
Shatner Award - Meritorious Anger/Rage/Fury Post
2007 December - "The Road To Damnation" - (Brenda/Drew) #14912
2010 June - "The Princess and the Bully" - (Brenda/Gerhard) #19863
2010 September - "Anger Management" - (Brenda/Jeff) #20833
2010 December - "Unexpected Surprises" - (Brenda/Fryn) #21046
2015 December - "Your Sickbay, MY ship" (Brenda/Haili) #27469

Stewart Award - Meritorious Technical Post
2007 March - "Plans for Home" - (Brenda/Amanda) #13047
2011 June - "It's Not A Good Plan, But..." - (Brenda/Amanda/Dee/Haili) #22375
2013 June - "Geeks and Nerds Unite!" (Therese/Brenda) #24858

Brooks Award - Meritorious Plot Twist Post
2007 June - "Organic Fresh" - (Brenda) #13452
2009 September - "Age of Sagittarius" - (Brenda/Fryn) #18430
2011 March - "Heart, Mind, Soul... And Leaky Boobs" - (Brenda) #21629
2011 March - "Did You Hear Something?" - (Brenda/Dee) #21645
2011 June - "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" (Fryn/Brenda) #22263
2012 June - "And Moses said 'Let my people go' " (Brenda/Haili) #23823

Mulgrew Award - Meritorious Creative Subject Heading
2007 December - "Love, Sex, and Beer" - (Brenda/Michelle) #14528
2009 March - "Kindred Hearts and Pancakes with Bolin Chai" - (Brenda/Robert) #17196
2010 June - "Would You Like Fries With Your Shrink?" - (Brenda/Haili) #19952
2010 June - "G.I. Zoe" - (Brenda/Amanda) #20222
2010 December - "Keg Stands and Other Youthful Foibles" - (Brenda/Amanda) #21407
2012 September - "Psychobilly Cherry Soda" (Brenda/Dawson) #24129
2014 December - "Orion Syndicate The Sequel: This time it's personal" (Brenda) #26547

Bakula Award - Meritorious Comical Post
2007 September - "Boomarang" - (Brenda/Drew) #13896
2010 June - "The Best Moment Of My Life" - (Brenda/Amanda) #19847
2010 December - "Hell's Kitchen" - (Brenda/Amanda) #21015
2011 March - "Wounds" - (Brenda/Amanda) #21898
2011 June - "Uh, You've Got A Little Something Right... Yeah, There" - (Brenda/Amanda) #21982
2012 March - "Anyone for mud wrestling?" (Josephine/Therese/Brenda/Garry) #23416

Braga Award - Meritorious Action Post
2010 September - "Wild Wild West" - (Brenda/Amanda) #20251
2010 December - "11th Hour Rescue" - (Brenda/Amanda/Dee) #21002
2011 June - "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" - (Brenda/Fryn) #22263
2011 June - "The Storm of Blood" - (Brenda/Anna/Cydnee/Fryn/Jeff/Marc-Andre/Susan) #22090

Berman Award - Meritorious Arrival by a Character
2007 September - "Lost" - (Brenda/Dee) #14126

Troi Award - Meritorious Emotional Post
2007 September - "Klingon Matting Ritual" - (Brenda) #14364
2008 June - "Resuscitated in Holodeck 2" - (Brenda) #15867
2008 September - "The Voices Inside My Head Do Not Like You" - (Brenda) #16504
2008 December - "Warnings!" - (Brenda) #17031
2009 March - "Do Not Resuscitate" - (Brenda/Jeff) #17587
2010 March - "Cold Tea of the Heart" - (Brenda/Fryn) #19669
2010 June - "I and My Annabelle Lee" - (Brenda/Jeff) #19856
2010 September - "Detox: Special Delivery" - (Brenda/Fryn/Jeff) #20591
2010 September - "The Real Soluk" - (Brenda/Amanda/Cydnee/Dee) #20250
2011 March - "Baby-Saving Blues" - (Brenda/Amanda) #21747
2011 June - "All About Cho" - (Brenda/Jeff) #22288
2012 September - "Who's Your Daddy?" (Robin/Brenda) #24005
2013 December - "This is not goodbye" (Brenda) #25348

Kira Award - Meritorious Adventure Post
2010 March - "The Hunt Is On" - (Brenda/Dee) #19310
2011 June - "We Are the Uninvited" - (Brenda/Amanda/Cydnee/Dee) #22055

Chakotay Award - Meritorious Descriptive Post
2011 March - "Meet 'N' Greet" - (Brenda/Amanda/Anna/Fryn/Jeff/Marc-Andre/Nathan) #21539
2011 March - "End of Days" - (Brenda) #21921
2013 December - "In the eye of the beholder" (Garry/Robin/Brenda/Haili) #25519
2014 March - "Getting to the bottom of it" (Robin/Brenda/Kayla) #25670
2015 June - "Trauma in the ER" (Brenda) #27095

Roddenberry Award - Outstanding Post Award
2009 March - "Keep Talking" - (Brenda/Dee) #17459
2009 June - "No Children Harmed in this Hallucination" - (Brenda/Dee/Jai) #17935
2009 December - "Dark Tea Party of the Soul" - (Brenda/Cydnee) #19124
2010 June - "Truth or Dare" - (Brenda/Amanda) #20075
2010 September - "More Than Words" - (Brenda/Dee) #20879
2014 June - "There is no place like home" (Brenda) #25920
2015 June - "Sharing the bad news" (Therese/Brenda/Marc-Andre/Kayla/Margaret) #27106
2015 December - "Failed negotiations" (Brenda/Helen/Marc-Andre/Haili/Robin) #27421

Okuda Award - Exceptional Joint Post (JP) Award
2007 September - "Seeing is Believing" - (Brenda/Amanda/Dee) #14256
2007 December - "Making Contact" - (Brenda/Dee) #14849
2008 December - "T'Val cha'Soluk" - (Brenda/Dee) #16925
2008 December - "Darkness re-veiled" - (Brenda/Billy/Jeff/Jerry/Naya) #16823
2009 June - "Last Minute Suggestions" - (Shipwide) #18037
2009 September - "Coffee and Frogs" - (Brenda/Jai) #18372
2010 March - "Chicken Cacciatore" - (Brenda/Cydnee) #19621
2010 September - "Ice Cream and Cosmos" - (Brenda/Amanda) #20636
2010 September - "There Once Was a Moon in Sequille" - (Brenda/Amanda/Fryn/Nathan) #20806-20808
2010 December - "And So it Begins" - (Shipwide) #21191
2012 December - "Time and Eternity" (Garry/Therese/Robin/Brenda/Haili) #24310
2013 March - "Hashing it out" (Ship-wide) #24658
2013 June - "Prelude to a rescue" (Marc-Andre/Robin/Brenda/Therese/Kayla) 2 part beginning #24911
2014 March - "Up to speed" (Shipwide) #25637
2014 September - "I say meditation you say caffeine" (Kayla/Robin/Brenda) #26331
2015 June - "Regroup, rethink" (Shipwide) #27083

Player Participation Commendation

Aw p participation.jpg
Awarded each month to a player who contributes a post weekly for the entire month.

2007 July
2007 August
2007 September
2007 December
2008 January
2008 February
2008 March
2008 April
2009 February
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