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Personal Information

Name: Savannah Mirabella McCallister-Coulder
Savannah Coulder.jpg

Rank: Ensign
Position: Chief Operations Officer
Gender: Female
Age: 23 (Terran Years)
Race: Human
Birthplace: Lawton, Oklahoma; Earth
Hair Colour: Medium brown
Eye Colour: Hazel/Green
Physical Build: Broad shoulders to accentuate her slender, and usually athletic, build. People often refer to her as having a dancer’s body.


  • Starfleet Academy: Major - Computer Science
  • Starfleet Academy: Minor - Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Specialist Skills - Took an interest in security and public safety, and has a few core classes in security in her back pocket.

Service Record

  • USS Thunderchild - Cadet Cruise
  • Starfleet Academy - Research Specialist during her maternity period
  • USS Wolverine - COPs

Missions Completed for Azeri Fleet


Savannah grew up in Lawton, Oklahoma, raised by her mother, Suzie, a grandmother, Eleanora, an uncle, Craig, and a gaggle of her mother’s closest friends. Savannah’s father, James (known more commonly as Jimmy) passed away when Savannah was 7 in an accident. Savannah was in the accident, and spent many weeks in the hospital following the injuries sustained in the crash. Consciously, she doesn’t remember the crash or any details of the day that led up the crash, but Savannah has dreams in which she flashes back to the accident and those quick moments just after the accident. Inwardly she still suffers from the repercussions of the accident, but outwardly seems like your average 22 year old woman.

Savannah was your average girl growing up; if you could call it that. Since her third grade year of grade school Savannah was home schooled by Suzie. Her social realm centered on the other girls like her; the girls at her gym, the girls she met through the dance studio where she practiced, and in passing at the ice rink. Savannah yearned to be well rounded like the other kids her age were; she was intelligent and knew the arts, mastered the art of dance and gymnastics, and figure skating, but was awkward in social gatherings that didn’t involve competition. When she was 16 she met Ben Coulder; gentle but with a wild side, he indulged Savannah in the excitement she craved from life. He proved there to be more to life than competitions and her mother, and as a result Savannah fell in love. Despite his wild side, Ben became as obsessed with Savannah’s ‘performing’ career as Suzie had been; her rivalry was one Ben had only witnessed on TV and the thrill of the fight out on the ice, or out on the beams, was, he’d found, even more exciting to watch in person. He urged her to continue but Savannah had other plans in mind; she loved dancing and she loved gymnastics and figure skating, but ever a studious girl, Savannah yearned for another kind of adventure…a life on Starfleet where each mission and each thrill was totally different than the next.

She made good marks in school, passed through easily, and went on to Starfleet Academy right when she completed high school, majoring in Computer Science with a strong minor in Engineering, but also took an interest (and a few courses) in Security. There was only one thing that could hold her back should she let it: her love for, and the desire for his approval, Ben. He now worked for the government as part of the Private Sector Security—starting at a young age, following in his legend Father’s footsteps. The Private Sector was Ben’s life; he traveled the Earth world, fighting crime and making a name for himself… and Savannah knew this before taking their relationship to the next level. She tried to break away from them, make a name for just herself, but alas, her heart remained with Ben. Despite his original disapproval for her choices, he remained stationary for a while so Savannah could finish up school at the Academy, taking on minor assignments trips here and there.

The couple married when Savannah was 19, but there was no honeymoon; Ben had an upcoming ‘assignment’ and Savannah was hard at work on her cadet cruise on the USS Thunderchild. At 21, just after her cadet cruise, Savannah gave birth to her and Ben’s first child; a precious baby girl that they named Sophia Benaleigh Coulder. Ben’s career came to a halt when Sophie was born, and Savannah and Ben had never been happier. Savannah set to work on the Starfleet Academy base doing research; Suzie came to stay with Sav and Ben, and helped the young couple with their bundle of Joy. Finally, the young woman’s dreams of a complete family had come true! She reveled in the time she got to spend on base, and in the time she got to spend with her husband and daughter and mother. Things finally felt complete.

On the day that Sophie turned 8 months, Savannah came home from a trip out with her daughter to find Ben in their bed with another woman. That was it for Savannah; they’d been arguing as it was, but finding her husband in bed with another woman, in their bed, was too much for Savannah to handle. She packed up Sophie and herself and moved back home with her mother. Two months later, Savannah found Suzie dead in their house from unknown causes. By this point her grandmother Eleanora lived in Florida with her Uncle Craig, and with no one to turn to, Savannah knew it was finally time to take charge of her life. She’d recalled how much she enjoyed her Cadet Cruise, and she’d loved doing research from base at The Starfleet Academy after giving birth. Back in space is where Savannah itched to be; so once again she packed up herself and her daughter, this time for a more permanent situation. There was only one thing that could put a minor damper on her day, and that was her husband’s presence… and boy did he love putting dampers on her days.

Psychological Profile

Savannah has a strong will and has a thirst for life and adventure. She is grateful to be a member of the USS Wolverine Starfleet, and her excitement in her position is evident in every carefully thought out decision she makes. She's calmed down a lot since giving birth to Sophie, always thinking of not just the consequences that affect her but how each decision in her life will affect her daughter.

Savannah also has a serious side; she takes her work on the fleet seriously and is adamant about not letting anyone stand in her way from working her way up the ranks. The only person she lets distract her now is her daughter, though she wouldn't really consider Sophie a distraction, but a welcomed break from life.

Savannah can also be somewhat of a recluse; with the time that she gets off, she finds herself spending it with Sophie. She likes to read to Sophie each night before bed, she loves tucking her daughter in and giving her daughter a bath, and in general just doing the stuff a mother would do for her daughter. There is nothing in the world she wouldn't do for her daughter.

Savannah is not very outspoken, but she does have a tendency to stick up for what she believes in, which Suzie has always raised her to believe that isn't such a bad thing. Savannah is kind and gentle, and quite friendly. She loves meeting new people, but isn't quite the person to approach people on her own.

Savannah is also not one to give up easily…if at all. When she starts something she sees it through to the very end. She's hoping to instill the same passion and morals in her own daughter. And though she's dealing with her own personal demons regarding her mother's sudden death, her father's long ago death, and the secrets of her marriage, Savannah has no problem keeping her eyes on the goal.

Hobbies: Savannah grew up a dancer and a gymnast. Suzie herself had gone through Starfleet Academy, and had completed her Cadet Cruise, but when she became pregnant with Savannah, Suzie grounded herself home on Earth. Her life revolved around her daughter, even more so after Jimmy passed. Since she could learn to tumble Suzie had put Savannah through dance and gymnastics classes, even enrolling her in an elite gym. Suzie coached Savannah throughout her career, and Savannah came to love the art of dancing and the challenge of gymnastics; she loved that each routine was different in its own way, but similar in nature. And Suzie loved watching her daughter perform in competitions, big or small, win or lose (though she often won). As she got older, Savannah found that all her problems seemed to escape when she danced, and when she worked out at the gym, which furthered Savannah's passion for the arts. In her teen years Savannah took on figure skating as well, and found she got the same high on the ice as she did on the ground in dance or on the beam in gymnastics. She could have been an Olympic gymnast if she chose to be, but her heart remained with the academy. Savannah still has her moves, though, and when she gets free time, she loves to work on her dance moves.

Savannah also enjoys a good old work out; there's nothing better than the natural high she gets when she's exercising.

She enjoys a good book, and, as previously stated, all the time she gets with her daughter. She also enjoys the company of good friends, and, when she can, Savannah enjoys time with her god mother, Lily.


Savannah is *highly* allergic to pencillin; If she is given anything with penicillin in it, or eats anything that contains penicillin (like bleu cheese), her throat starts to close up and she winds up in Sickbay.

Years of Service in Azeri Fleet

5 Year Ribbon

Player Awards

Rookie Award
For a promising new player. Must be awarded during the players first mission.

2010 June
Nog Award
Encouragement to players whose efforts have been noted.

2011 June
2011 December
2012 June
2013 September
2015 September
Harry Kim Award
Awarded to a player who takes an active role in creative areas within the "standard mission".

2014 September
Valour Award
Awarded to a player who has provided additional work for the ship, crew or Fleet.

2010 September

Special Awards

Aw special.jpg
Stewart Award - Meritorious Technical Post
2010 June - "Contingency planning" - (Kayla) #19879
2011 September - "Briefing Pt. 1-3" - (Shipwide) #22805-22807

Brooks Award - Meritorious Plot Twist Post
2011 March - "Darkness looming" - (Haili/Therese/Josephine/Kayla) #21856

Mulgrew Award - Meritorious Creative Subject Heading
2015 June - "Subspace gumshoe" (Kayla/Haili) #27018

Kira Award - Meritorious Adventure Post
2011 December - "Going Down.." - (Dee / Therese / Josephine / Kayla) #23143

Chakotay Award - Meritorious Descriptive Post
2014 March - "Getting to the bottom of it" (Robin/Brenda/Kayla) #25670
2014 September - "They're good, we're better" (Kayla/Haili) #26336

Roddenberry Award - Outstanding Post Award
2010 December - "Something wicked this way comes" (Therese / Garry / Josephine/ Kayla / Haili) 3 posts beginning #21446
2015 June - "Sharing the bad news" (Therese/Brenda/Marc-Andre/Kayla/Margaret) #27106

Okuda Award - Exceptional Joint Post (JP) Award
2013 March - "Hashing it out" (Ship-wide) #24658
2013 June - "Prelude to a rescue" (Marc-Andre/Robin/Brenda/Therese/Kayla) 2 part beginning #24911
2014 March - "Up to speed" (Shipwide) #25637
2014 September - "I say meditation you say caffeine" (Kayla/Robin/Brenda) #26331
2015 June - "Regroup, rethink" (Shipwide) #27083

Player Participation Commendation

Aw p participation.jpg
Awarded each month to a player who contributes a post weekly for the entire month.

2010 December
2014 July