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|Rank=Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
|Rank=Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
|Position=Chief Security Officer
|Position=Chief Security Officer

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Personal Information

Name: Teras Retlaw
Teras 2.jpg

Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Position: Chief Security Officer
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Race: Human
Birthplace: Mars Base
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Physical Build: 6'2" 220 pounds - Athletic build with hair cut short.


Academy Major: Security Academy Minor: Ground/Infantry Small Unit Tactics Specialist Skills: First Aid & Guerilla Tactics

Service Record

Cadet Cruise: USS Ticonderoga Other Ships Served On: 1st Ship: USS Excalibur Security 2nd Ship: USS Gauntlet Security/Assistant CSO 3rd Ship: USS Valiant Assistant CSO 4th Ship: USS Wolverine CSO


Teras grew up on Mars base with his parents Dalor and Fohlena Retlaw. Dalor was the Chief Mechanic for the Mars Base shuttles and his mother was a nurse at Base Hospital. They both worked long hours but always had time for their son. He was active and involved in sports and other physical activities outside of his studies. His grades were always good, and he made friends easily. Every winter on Mars, Teras was sent to Earth to spend some time with his grandparents and other relatives. His grandfather was a chief chemist with Star Fleet during his younger days, specializing in DNA and Genetics. While Teras was on Earth, from the age of 3 to the age of 16, his Grandfather (Tallus) and Uncle Jonas made sure that Teras got a very specific diet and medication as well as plenty of physical activity. When Teras was 17, he heard that his grandfather had died suddenly in a shuttle accident. Dalor had his suspicions about the details of the accident but was unable to prove that it was anything more than an accident.

At 18, Teras followed the family tradition and entered Star Fleet academy. Rumors of war were everywhere and Teras hoped to be involved. When it started, and he found out that academy students wouldn’t be sent to the front, he requested a transfer to the Space Marines. It was granted after he passed both physical and mental tests. With his new assignment, Teras was off to boot camp.

After a year of combat, Teras was told of a Special Tactical Unit being put together. He applied and after rigorous physical and mental training, he was accepted into his unit, the 501st Special Tactical Assault Platoon. The platoon consisted of 4 Humans, 2 Vulcans, 2 Bajorans, 2 Andorians, 1 Klingon and 1 Ferengi. Teras was the Units Sharp Shooter and experts in hand to hand combat. The other humans specialized in various fields such as communications, electronics, sabotage and piloting (Ships and ground vehicles). The Vulcans specialized in languages, decoding, and decryption as well as combat tactics. The Bajorans were veterans of the Cardassian occupation and are experts in guerilla warfare, sabotage, and combat tactics. The Andorians were the best pilots in the unit, able to fly or drive just about anything. That, coupled with their weapons training made them a lethal and vital pair. The Klingon was the team’s hand to hand expert and an expert on Cardassian tactics. The Ferengi was the team’s second-best shot, as well as an expert at locks and poisons, both what they can do and how to stop them (or accelerate them).

The missions for the 501st varied from sabotage to prisoner rescue. They rescued down pilots and crew and attacked enemy headquarters taking officers prisoner if possible. Most of these operations were behind enemy lines, with transport provided by Klingon Birds of Prey. The unit became very familiar with a couple of the crews; elite ships with the best crews got the unit in and out of enemy territory repeatedly with only a few close calls to speak of. The missions, though, did take their toll on the team. Of the original 12 members, only 5 survived to the end of the war. Those 5 were an Andorian Riv Th'Zannat, the Klingon Thodric D'ghun, a Bajoran Tercen Banis, a Vulcan V'Lock, and of course, Teras was the only Human survivor of the original dozen. In all the unit lost a total of 20 members killed and 7 others badly injured. Though their missions helped end the war sooner, the scars still linger.

After the war, Teras returned to the Academy and his Security Officer training. Teras received top marks in his classes even though he was 3 or 4 years older than his classmates. His experiences taught him as much, if not more, then the classroom.

Psychological Profile

Teras has a strong character and is very close to his family. However, this strength of character was tested by what he witnessed and did during the war. Though he had excellent marks at the Academy, he also had some outbursts towards other classmates. A couple of these outbursts lead to physical altercations, not just shouting matches. He was sent to counselling where they began helping him find ways of coping with his memories and his anger.

These flare-ups continued through his Cadet Cruise. Even with his anger causing problems he graduated from his Cadet Cruise. This was because of his outstanding work ethic and performance on duty. This advancement also contained a stipulation that Teras continue to see the ship's Counselor on his next assignment. As Teras continued to see the Ships Counselor on the Excalibur his attitude began to show improvement. Unfortunately, he had one major blow up and put a fellow Ensign in the infirmary with a broken orbital bone. He was confined to his quarters and faced a possible Court Marshall. However, when the Ensign found out that Teras had served with his Uncle during the war, the matter was dropped, but the write up remained in his file.

After the incident on the Excalibur Teras was assigned to the Gauntlet. While there he continued to see the Ships Counselor and began to make much more progress. During these sessions, he opened up much more about what happened during the war. Especially about the loss of so many friends and “Good men and women”. Teras had always had bad dreams that caused many sleepless nights, but these began to subside as he opened up more. There were many horrors that Teras had seen that he has discussed, yet many more that he is reluctant to explore. Since his assignment to the Gauntlet Teras has advanced up the chain of command. He has shown a willingness and desire to help those under his command as well as those in other departments.

Since leaving the Gauntlet Teras has been a truly motivated individual. His outlook and attitude have improved dramatically. When the Chief of Security Position opened up on the Wolverine, the CSO and Counselor on the Valiant recommended Teras for the position. The stipulation of seeing a counselor now more of a recommendation rather than a requirement for the position.


Teras enjoys physical activities and can often be found playing sports, hiking, or horseback riding.