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Personal Information

Name: Thomas Beliveau
Thomas Beliveau.jpg

Rank: Commander
Position: Executive Officer
Gender: Male
Age: 32 (Terran Years)
Race: Human
Birthplace: Montreal, Canada; Earth
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Physical Build: Thomas is of average weight, with broad shoulders and a strong frame. He has short brown hair and a small pinch of matching color.


  • Starfleet Academy: Major - History
  • Starfleet Academy: Minor - Political Science
  • Specialist Skills - Anthropology, Archaeology

Service Record

  • USS Farragut - Cadet Cruise (Cadet)
  • USS Hood - Science Officer (Ensign)
  • I.K.S K'Var - Acting Tactical Officer (Ensign; Volunteer)
  • USS Hood- Assistant Chief Science Officer (Ensign)
  • USS Wolverine - Chief Science Officer (Ensign-Lt.Cmdr)
  • USS Southern Cross - Executive Officer
  • USS Southern Cross - Acting Captain
  • USS Wolverine - Exceutive Officer

Ct.jpg Azeri Fleet Command Training Completed

Missions Completed for Azeri Fleet


Thomas was born on Earth. His parents, Dominic Desveraux and Emma Beliveau, both civilian scientists, later moved to the New Salem colony when he was 8 years old. He had a normal and happy childhood with his older brother and later on his cousin Genevieve after her parents died in a shuttle accident. His parents had always hoped he would follow in their footsteps and maybe even seek a career among the prestigious scientists of the Daystrom Institute. His intentions to join Starfleet didn't please them at all. Nonetheless, he went forward with his decision and applied at Starfleet Academy. Upon his entrance at Starfleet Academy, Thomas legally changed his family name, Desveraux, to his mother's maiden name of Beliveau. He did this partly to acknowledge an argument he had had with his father, stating that no Desveraux would serve in Starfleet.

He moved back to Earth to attend his classes at the academy. Early on, he chose history as his major, political sciences as his minor with the intention of becoming a strategic operations officer. Since his childhood, he always had a fascination for history. He could listen for hours the tales of his grandfather, relating his adventures on the USS Victory. The old man's tragic death in service was the reason his parents grew to be hostile toward Starfleet. Thomas, on the other hand, had always respected his grandpa's choice to serve the Federation. During his cadet cruise on board the USS Farragut, he had a change of heart and transferred to the science branch, adding a year to his training to take some additional classes for his new professional orientation. He knew the old man would have been proud to see him wear the uniform, even if he was in blue and not in red like him.

Soon after his graduation and his first assignment on board the USS Hood, he dated then married fellow crew mate Be'lal O'Connell, a half-human, half-klingon security officer. She gave him one daughter, Luna, before they separated 4 years later. Through his marriage to Bel'al, Thomas entered her Klingon house. Contrary to his wishes, Bel'al's mother and the House leader, Vash'tak, didn't release him from her house after their divorce. Thomas know that Vash'tak only keep him in her house for political reasons. They both despise each other but remain on civil terms for both Bel'al and Luna's sake.

Before the Dominion war, Thomas was a vibrant image of the scientist stereotype. He had no reel martial skills and was not inclined to seek physical confrontations. The war changed that. After the USS Hood was boarded by Jem'Hadar soldiers, Thomas was caught in a skirmish and was left for dead after suffering a near fatal wound inflicted by a Kartakan, the traditional blades carried by the warriors of the Dominion. His best friend Noah, more physically inclined then Thomas, died to protect his fallen comrade. Thomas never forgave himself for being unable to fight back.

After he recovered, he trained intensely in various forms of combat arts, mastering many klingon blades. By the end of the conflict with the Dominion, Thomas had stood his ground on more then one occasion against the Jem'Hadar. This training also gave him a better appreciation for Klingon culture in general. This is why he spent more then a month serving on a Klingon bird of prey as a volunteer during a shortage of Klingon officer at the end of the war when Federation and Romulan ships were vulnerable to Breen weaponry.

Two years after his divorce, he was transferred to the Akira-class USS Wolverine, operating within the Azeri fleet. He took on the role of the ship's Chief Science Officer. He would serve under two captains on the USS Wolverine: Captain Samantha Morgan and Captain Elizabeth "Lily" Cherenzhenko. This assignment didn't just put him through various adventures but also helped him jump start his career. It is on the Wolverine that he started to date again, having a two years relationship with a young pilot, ensign Marsha Wallace.

A few of the Wolverine's missions would have deep impact on him. During his second year on the ship, it crash landed on an ocean planet, leaving the entire crew stranded and believed to be lost for almost a year. Another one of his defining moments on the Wolverine was during a mission on a small world called Turpara. The entire senior staff was captured and "memory stamped". This procedure consisted of superimposing programmed memories upon existing ones, brainwashing individuals and letting them believe they were other persons entirely. Before he was rescued by his fellow senior officers, he had lived as Arkin Tossum. Tossum was an up and comer artist and the husband of a top politician's aide. His "wife" was in fact a Romulan sub commander who had also been memory stamped by the planet's officials.

Tossum's personality had no moral compass, making him act as he pleased without any after thought regarding what was right or wrong. Some of Thomas's memories soon resurfaced in his paintings, depicting the other Wolverine personnel in them. He eventually realized that something was wrong with him and investigated his memories between twisted political plots devised by his wife and himself. He discovered that he had been time stamped and decided to bring his vengeance to those who had did this to him. Before Captain Cherenzhenko finally brought him back into the fold, he had gone into a rampage, killing several people.

Turpara had many consequences for him. Beside the psychological trauma and the fact he would carries the memories of his actions as Tossum, his "wife" left the planet pregnant. By the time the Wolverine docked at Azeri base, Dr. Netarr had already confirmed that it was Thomas's child. Sub commander Kaylara decided that she would keep it and raise it on Romulus. After their daughter's birth, Kaylara contacted Thomas and arranged to have the baby brought to him, having changed her mind about the child's well fare on Romulus.

A few month before he left the Wolverine, a bizarre incident made the consciousness of one of Lieutenant Joselyn Galyx's former host to find refuge in Thomas's head. The Wolverine being near her departure date for her next mission, Thomas and Joselyn Galyx we're unable to travel to the Trill home world to be treated by the Symbiosis commission's specialists. A few weeks after the incident, a commissioner sent by the Commission came on the Wolverine and successfully transferred back Jan's consciousness to the Galyx symbiont. The experience however left both Thomas and Joselyn with bits of memories from one another, making things awkward for them for a while.

A few days after the arrival of his newly born daughter, Lily-Rose (full name being Lily-Rose Caliandra Beliveau, named after both her grand-mothers and Captain Cherenzhenko), he received an offer to attend the Command School training back on Earth. With the presence of relatives that could help him to take care of his infant daughter over there, he decided to leave the USS Wolverine. This decision was a difficult one, having found on the Wolverine a home and friends he loved dearly. Nevertheless, he saw in this offer an opportunity to be a better father for both his daughters and a new challenge in his career. He made his goodbyes to his comrades and left for Earth. A month after settling in, he started his classes at the Command School.

Being back on Earth was strange for Thomas but not unpleasant. After his Command training, he took a few months sabbatical, learning to know his new daughter better and reconnecting with his eldest one, Luna, after she came to live with him following her mother's assignment as Chief of Security on the USS Temeraire. The Temeraire being a Defiant-class vessel, it was unsuitable for children. During his first month on Earth, he met a young artist, Navari Kara, in a park. Kara is a Bajoran who came to Earth to study it's paintings. After a few months, they started to see each other outside of artistic events. Although he had no intention of becoming romantically involved with her, things went otherwise. With his daughters and Kara, he has arrived at new stage in his life.

After a little more then a year since his departure from the USS Wolverine, Starfleet Command has ended his sabbatical early and is sending him back within Azeri fleet where he was assigned to his first assignment as XO on the USS Southern Cross. Lily-Rose stayed with his parents on Earth for a while and Luna, now 9 years old, joined him after he had settled on his new ship. As for Kara, she had promised to come and try to live on Azeri base when she would graduates from art school. Those plans never came to pass as Thomas and Kara broke up their relationship before the end of Thomas's tour on the Southern Cross.

On the Southern Cross, Thomas helped with his anthropological knowledge in a mission to relocate a pre-warp tribe to it's new home on Ryustin III after Federation scientists had contaminated their environment. The mission was difficult as the Southern Cross away team had to infiltrate the tribe. Other then the harsh climatic conditions and the native predators, the away team also had to deal with a generational conflict within the group they were guiding to their new home. During this mission, Thomas posed as the husband of his commanding officer, Captain Julie Ardis. After much hardship, the crew of the Southern Cross prevailed. The Rodavi Besaari were successfully relocated without the Starfleet away team breaking their covert story.

On the Southern Cross's next mission, the sovereign class ship accompanied the USS Pegasus and the USS Endurance to investigate a possible Borg incursion. Soon after arriving in the Drenthe system, Thomas had to assume command of the Southern Cross after Captain Ardis was incapacitated by some malfunction of her ocular implant. After it was established by the Cross's CMO that Captain Ardis wouldn't recover in time for the current mission, Starfleet Command promoted Thomas to the rank of full Commander and acting captain of the Southern Cross for the rest of the mission. It was soon confirmed that the Task force were indeed dealing with a Borg incursion as well as attempts by the Orion syndicate and the other major powers of the quadrant to put their hands on Borg technology.

On a personal level, Thomas's diplomatic skills were put to the test when he had to counter the Klingon's advance in the system. His biggest challenge was when he had to negotiate with the Borg Queen herself, hailing the Southern Cross directly to dictate terms of cooperation between Starfleet and the Borg Collective. Thomas bought sometime for the Task force by accepting to work with the Borg.

Eventually, the Borg broke off the temporary alliance and a fight broke off between a Borg cube and the task force. Thomas commanded the Southern Cross to the best of his capacities. The Cross spent most the fight taking damage, protecting her sister ship Endurance, who was full of evacuated colonists. The Cross's action bought enough time for the crew of the Endurance to release a virus feeding on technology that crippled the Borg cube. The Southern Cross then fired all weapons on the cube, destroying it. Unfortunately, the Southern Cross was caught in the cross fire of the virus, being also disabled afterward.

With the Borg forces defeated in the Drenthe system and the Southern Cross heading for refit for the many months to come, Starfleet Command decided to reassign Thomas to another executive officer's position. They sent him to a ship he knew well: The USS Wolverine.

Thomas has a specialization in klingon history and politics. He used to have a profound distaste for everything Cardassian, including the Cardassians themselves, as his grandfather died on the bridge of his ship while in a skirmish with a Galor Class warship. However, his time serving alongside Lieutenant Tanith Li on the USS Wolverine helped him put aside some of his misconception about the Cardassians.

During his years in Starfleet, he developed an aversion for small crafts. There is one exception however: Runabouts. Thomas enjoy spending time in those small and versatile vessel. He made sure to learn how to operate them and repair them properly.

He is a proud father and share custody of his daughter Luna while Lily-Rose remains on Earth with his parents. He used to want Luna to remain on Earth for her safety but has finally agreed to have her come with him on ships at her request.

Psychological Profile

Commander Beliveau seem to have come to term with many demons he used to have. The Dominion war and his ordeal on Turpara are well behind him. While it was apparent that his leaving from the Wolverine affected him, he is now looking forward in life.

Off duty, he is relaxed and quite friendly (with anybody of any species except Cardassian). He is very curious about other cultures, their history and political structures.Hobbies: Off duty, Thomas enjoys a variety of holodeck programs, from holonovels to Klingon opera, martial arts practices and famous humans ship battles. He also enjoy reading, writing and painting.

Hobbies: Off duty, Thomas enjoys a variety of holodeck programs, from holonovels to Klingon opera, martial arts practices and famous humans ship battles. He also enjoy reading, writing and painting.

Years of Service in Azeri Fleet

5 Year Ribbon1 Year Ribbon1 Year Ribbon1 Year Ribbon1 Year Ribbon

Character Awards

The Purple Heart
Issued to characters who are injured during combat missions.

2007 December
Exploration Ribbon
Awarded to characters that discover (create) new ideas, for example a new alien race or a planet.

2010 December
Diplomatic Advance Ribbon
Awarded to characters who improves a diplomatic situation.

2012 September
Original Thinking Medal
Awarded to characters for original thinking during a mission. This can be in battle, during a scientific mission or engineering related.

2006 September
2009 March
2011 March
Science Discovery Award
Awarded when a character, most likely science, makes a scientific breakthrough that helps carry out a mission.

2010 June
Science Award
Aw c science.jpg

Awarded when a character does great work in the field of science.

2010 September
T'Pol Commendation
Awarded to a character who consistently supports the crew.

2011 June

Player Awards

Azeri Fleet Command Training
This is to certify that this player has completed the Azeri Fleet Command Training successfully.

Rookie Award
For a promising new player. Must be awarded during the players first mission.

2006 September
Nog Award
Encouragement to players whose efforts have been noted.

2007 March
2008 March
2009 March
2015 September
Harry Kim Award
Awarded to a player who takes an active role in creative areas within the "standard mission".

2008 June
2009 June
2011 March
Odo Award
Awarded to a player who brings life to the game and whose influence boosts the creativity of other players in the unit they play on.

2008 December
Allegiance Award
Awarded to a player who has shown dedication, to their ship, or the fleet.

2006 December
2008 September
2012 December
2013 September
2014 March
Valour Award
Awarded to a player who has provided additional work for the ship, crew or Fleet.

2010 June
Azeri Citation
Awarded for excellent service as a command player (Ship GM / CO or Asst. GM / XO) of an existing unit by being instrumental in making the ship an active unit within the Fleet.

2010 December
2011 June
2015 June
Azeri Star
For outstanding service as a returning commanding officer.

2013 June
2015 June
Azeri Cluster
For excellent service as a veteran command player of a unit.

2012 December
2014 June

Special Awards

Aw special.jpg
Shatner Award - Meritorious Anger/Rage/Fury Post
2008 September - "Sixth Phase of the plan: Payback with a bang!" #16307
2015 June - "The Burdens of Command" (Marc-Andre) #27127
2015 September - "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" (Marc-Andre) #27278

Stewart Award - Meritorious Technical Post
2009 March - "Well, that explains SOME things ... damnit" (Marc-Andre / Haili) #17545

Brooks Award - Meritorious Plot Twist Post
2006 December - "Lurking in the shadows" (Brian / Marc-Andre) #12531
2007 September - "The Tale of the Ghost Ship" #14071
2009 June - "Broken behemoth" #17713
2013 June - "Updates and new situation" (Marc-Andre) #24744
2013 December - "Now you tell us?" Marc-Andre) #25537
2014 September - "Familiar moves" (Marc-Andre) #26302
2015 June - "Night call revelations" (Marc-Andre) #27214
2015 December - "How to catch a rat? Ask the Romulans" (Marc-Andre) #27448

Mulgrew Award - Meritorious Creative Subject Heading
2007 December - "It's okay, we're fluent in 'to-hell-in-a-handbasket'" (Cyrstal-Lee / Marc-Andre / Haili) #14813
2015 January - "Unsettling discovery" (Marc-Andre) #26888

Braga Award - Meritorious Action Post
2011 March - "For Queen and Country" (Marc-Andre) #21853
2011 June - "The Storm Of Blood" (Marc-Andre/Susan/Fryn/Cydnee/Anna/Brenda/Jeff) #22090
2011 December - "The hunt is on!" (Marc-Andre/Nathan/Fryn/Cyd) #22911
2014 June - "Blink" (Robin/Margaret/Marc-Andre/Garry/Therese/Haili) #25870

Troi Award - Meritorious Emotional Post
2008 June - "Sweet irony and a single tear" #15801

Kira Award - Meritorious Adventure Post
2007 December - "Tick Tock" (Cyrstal-Lee / Marc-Andre / Haili) #14817
"Why did I get us into this place?" (Josephine / Tom) #16868

Chakotay Award - Meritorious Descriptive Post
2008 March - "Back From The Sea" (Josephine / Tom / Marc-Andre) #14974
2008 September - "Soldiers, enemies and more questions" #16022
2010 June - "Rejoining" - (Josephine/Marc-Andre) #19787
2011 March - "Meet 'n' Greet" (Amanda/Marc-Andre/Nathan/Fryn/Anna/Jeff/Brenda) #21539
2011 June - "Departmental Visit" (Marc-Andre/Anna) #22272

Roddenberry Award - Outstanding Post Award
2003 September - "Diplomacy and Deception" #11650
2011 June - "A Different Kind Of Adventure - Traveling In The Blue Box" (Marc-Andre) #22350
2013 June - "The face of evil" (Marc-Andre) #24878
2013 September - "The gift of remembrance" (Marc-Andre) #25101
2015 June - "Sharing the bad news" (Therese/Brenda/Marc-Andre/Kayla/Margaret) #27106
2015 December - "Failed negotiations" (Brenda/Helen/Marc-Andre/Haili/Robin) #27421

Okuda Award - Exceptional Joint Post (JP) Award
2003 September - "Let's do Lunch at Chez Krotec" (Marc-Andre / Karen / Naya) #12206
2008 June - "Inquest" (Ship-wide) Series beginning #15521
2008 September - "Death within the dream of a memory or The doctor that wouldn't quit!" (Crystal-Lee / Marc-Andre) #16505
2010 December - "Remembering the past while contemplating an uncertain future" (Josephine/Marc-Andre)
2012 March - "On my mark (Susan/Marc-Andre/Nathan/Dee/Fryn/Cyd) #23497
2013 June - "Prelude to a rescue" (Marc-Andre/Robin/Brenda/Therese/Kayla) 2 part beginning #24911
2014 March - "Up to speed" (Shipwide) #25637
2015 June - "Regroup, rethink" (Shipwide) #27083

Player Participation Commendation

Aw p participation.jpg
Awarded each month to a player who contributes a post weekly for the entire month.

2006 October
2006 December
2007 January
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