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Personal Information

Name: Wheatleigh Stowe

Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Position: Chief Security Officer
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Race: Human
Birthplace: Salem, MA
Hair Colour: Black with copper highlights, shoulder length
Eye Colour: Dark brown. Wheatleigh is known for “The look”. While not menacing, it is a stare that tells someone they are very close to crossing the line and that caution should be taken. Her friends also refer to it as her “ Witches’ Stare”
Physical Build: Slim build, toned and flexible from martial arts and boxing. 5'8"


Starfleet Academy: Major - Tactical Strategies Starfleet Academy: Minor - Linguistics, Diplomatic Policy and Affairs Specialist Skills - Sniper & Marksman, Unarmed Combat, Leadership & small unit tactics

Service Record

Cadet Cruise: USS Vixon Department of Homeworld Security: Field Agent. Federation Secret Service; Protection Detail (Alpha Team) to the President of the Federation of Planets


Wheatleigh (Whit) and her twin brother Bradley were born into a very creative and loving family with a long history of military service dating back to Earth’s Revolutionary War. Their father, Mason, was tutor working with children of dignitary families and their mother, Pippa, was a cultural ambassador. While this allowed the children to be exposed to many cultures and languages (Wheatleigh speaks fluent French, Russian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Vulcan and Romulan) it didn’t foster a sense of stability or belonging due to constant moving, an issue Wheatleigh still experiences to this day. When the family did spend time together, it was at their ancestral home in Salem, Massachusetts where Wheatleigh and her mother would spend hours sketching and painting the historic buildings and expressive coastline. At one point it was Wheatleigh’s hope to attend the Sorbonne in Paris.

Fraternal twins, Wheatleigh and Bradley were very close and shared common interests which made Wheatleigh a bit more of a “tomboy” learning how to shoot various types of weapons, hunt and track and fight. Their family history of serving in the military also spurred on a sense of duty in both of them. At one point, she considered attending Starfleet along with Bradley but her mother’s disappointment is voiced causing Wheatleigh to pursue her diplomatic and artistic interests.

With Bradley slated to attend Starfleet Academy and Wheatleigh ready to graduate and follow her mother’s direction, the year that changed Wheatleigh’s life hit her with what her stoic New England family members described as “a series of unfortunate events”. Busy taking her final exams and her mother in Germany, Wheatleigh received word that her father and brother were killed in a shuttle accident on their way to Starfleet Academy. It’s only a few month later that her mother, unable to handle the loss, committed suicide. While she had many relatives for support, Wheatleigh felt abandoned and her focus shifted. Considering the history of the family, she changed her plans and applied to Starfleet Academy in honor of her brother and in hopes that this decision would offer stability and a sense of pride for the memory of her family and ancestors.

A sound and driven academic, Wheatleigh graduated in just under three years in Tactical Strategies as well as minoring in diplomacy and linguistics to honor her mother. Soon after graduating she was headhunted by Homeworld Security and joined the Federation Bureau of Investigation putting a few years in the field before being accepted into the Secret Service, Protection Unit (Alpha Team), an elite group tasked with protecting the President of the Federation, his family, Cabinet members and their families as well as visiting dignitaries. On occasion she was placed as temporary Unit Chief when department structures were altered due to a change in leadership. The core group she worked with became her family and while the job was stressful and challenging, it seemed to offer her the structure and support she was looking for. What it didn’t offer was a chance for a personal life but Wheatleigh accepted that, not wishing to subject anyone to the mental and emotional stress it could put on a relationship.

12 years of stellar service came to an end during another “series of unfortunate events”. A new Unit Supervisor and Assistant Director, Emelia Bennet, was assigned to the group. Having very different ideas about the department she is given, Director Bennet instantly started to make changes. While unsettling, the groups’ trust in each other mitigates the rising tension between Wheatleigh (whom many looked to for guidance/support) and Director Bennet. During an intense situation, Bennet inserted herself into a situation involving a disturbed young man who had an obsession with the President’s daughter. Wheatleigh and the team, having the situation almost under control, are derailed by Bennet (who was not a practiced Field Agent) who inserted herself into the situation changing the game plan at the last minute, muddling communications and resulting in the death of one of the team members and the young man who was later discovered to be unarmed. The media had a field day. When Wheatleigh confronted the new Director, Bennet threatened to lay the whole blame on the team, marking it in their files and split them up. The counter offer was for Wheatleigh to accept responsibility, resign and the team to remain intact. Seeing that there was no other option, Wheatleigh agreed and after a private hearing, she resigned, her team having only speculation as to her actions. While not an admission of guilt, many viewed it as such. She was allowed to attend the funeral of her fallen team member under the oath to not disclose the nature of her resignation.

Once more at a crossroads, Wheatleigh is almost set on “retiring” to Salem to draw and paint but can’t ignore the need and desire to protect and serve. Unbeknownst to Whit, a family friend, Chairman Archie Thompson, pulled some strings and called in some favors with a few Starfleet Admirals and she is surprised to receive a call from Starfleet informing her of her reinstatement into Starfleet and an open position on the USS Wolverine in the position of Chief of Security. While she hadn’t considered it an option, her desire to continue serving the Federation (and honoring her family) compelled her to accept the position.

Psychological Profile

Losing her team has been like losing her family all over and has stirred up feelings that Wheatleigh is, for the moment, unwilling to address afraid it will become too distracting for her to properly perform her new duties. Her new assignment on a starship, while she feels she is more than capable of handling, also gives her the feeling of being the “outsider” and not fitting in. Having had leadership changes that had adverse effects, she is more cautious in initiating change and relies on gathering as much information as possible before acting. This could make her appear hesitant but her shrewd ability to assess situations and respond quickly isn’t impaired given her Protection Detail training. The jump from one perceived mindset to another could be viewed by some as irrational and inconsistent.

Personality Profile Calm, selfless, and intelligent, Wheatleigh is very driven and is willing to put herself at risk for the safety of others as is proven by her career choice. She cares deeply about justice and shows a lot of empathy, perhaps more so than those in her position of security. Wheatleigh is calculating and handles her situations professionally always conscious of how her actions/reactions are being evaluated. If she has an issue with someone, she is more likely to address it in private than make a scene unless the situation is dire and calling for immediate reaction, then she can be direct without being insulting, clearly communicating her thoughts. There are those moments when discussion is all but useless and then, “The Witch's stare” as some have described it, is evident. It informs someone that talk is over and to further push a situation could lead to a very unpleasant encounter. Although she has trust issues due to her background, she has a sense of humor and a biting wit with those she feels comfortable around often playing up any good natured jibe about coming from Salem, being a witch and having a black cat. Given the nature of her job, she seldom has time for a relationship and the stress and strain only furthers her pulling back if she feels something is getting too serious having had enough relationships end in bitter arguments.

Starfleet CNS notes Despite experiencing the loss of her entire family over a short span of time, Cadet Stowe has used that grief and allowed it to burn as fuel to achieve her scholastic goals. It has, however, left little time for social growth and hobbies. Wheatleigh needs to be reminded to take time for herself and allow the grief process to be part of her growth. No doubt whatever path she takes, Wheatleigh will give her utmost effort with a firm conviction of fairness, loyalty and service.

Doctor Marlin Solis, Department of Starfleet Enlisted Psychiatric Wellness Administration (SEPWA) Once more facing a major upheaval in her life, Wheatleigh is using it as a catalyst to redefine herself in her new position with her new assignment. She is a capable and focused individual, as proven by her evaluations from her previous position which exerted extreme pressure and stress. This is not to say that circumstances regarding her dismissal from her previous position have not left its mark, but Wheatleigh is willing to do what it takes to accept things and move forward. A team player, Wheatleigh brings her experiences and willingness to learn to her new position. Given new responsibilities and surroundings, her challenge once more will be in finding a balance between professional and personal life.


While she participates in martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Savate, boxing) to keep in shape, she also enjoys fencing as well as biathlon. Some of Wheatleigh’s hobbies are more subdue such as yoga, painting/sketching, horseback riding and reading historical/horror novels (some of her favorite authors are Edgar Allen Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Mary Shelley to name a few). Coming from Salem, MA she has an interest in hauntings and the supernatural but doesn't consider herself "superstitious". Halloween is her favorite holiday. Wheatleigh has a 4 year old, 16 lb. black Maine Coon cat named “Rumi” or as she calls him, “Mr. Fabulous” and she jokingly admits it is the most stable relationship with a male she’s ever been in.